Action Cam JEEMAK WIFI Test Report

Photo quality
Video quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.6 / 5

Nowadays, action cameras are very popular with buyers of all ages. Thanks to their particularly robust design and reliable functionality, they also document the outdoor experience and participation in various sports or fun activities.

Thus, action cameras are an extremely valuable and in-demand companion for sports and recreation, and of course also on vacation. In this general trend, which has long been characteristic of our country, it should also be attributed to the JEEMAK WIFI action camera presented.

New design for use in sports and combat

As mentioned in a nutshell at the beginning, this is also the designated area of ​​the JEEMAK WIFI action camera, especially for sports and entertainment, and of course always outdoors.

To this end, according to the manufacturer, it was brought to the market in a new and much more functional design, which is intended to significantly improve the usability of the device and, of course, life expectancy.

One of the particularly impressive and ultimately impressive from a purely technical point of view features of the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam is the fact that this helmet camera is a tool that allows the user to freely move with both hands and still use them. Cam to create impressive still images and overlay video streams.

Thus, using the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam during mountaineering or safari tours when both hands are urgently needed is realistic and possible.

As mentioned, Wi-Fi and the ability to generate 4KB data volumes via Helmcam are also among the device’s features, as of course the remote control, which is always important for outdoor use.

Therefore, at this stage, it is worth highlighting the device’s ability to resolution 16 MP Ultra Full HD, as well as the fact that the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam is waterproof up to 30 m in an underwater housing.

Two batteries, which then provide the device with the necessary power at any time and are extremely reliable in practical use, last about 2 hours for recording movies in Full HD and 50 minutes for 4k.

The standard JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam package also includes an irreplaceable carrying bag and various other useful and convenient accessories, which are also provided free of charge.

The cam weighs only 581 g. The package also includes two lithium-ion batteries, as well as a cleaning cloth, instruction manual, wireless remote control, 1 steering wheel bracket, 3 additional brackets, a waterproof cover, 2 helmet support plates, 3 connectors, 1 adapter, 4 Velcro, 2 clips, 1 protective case and of course the irreplaceable USB cable.

The manufacturer recommends using the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam, in particular for all imaginable outdoor activities and, of course, for extreme sports in its various fun forms.

Impressive camera technology

The JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam features a particularly impressive state-of-the-art camera technology inside, which should make a comfortable, reliable and rugged device especially interesting not only for filmmakers and outdoor enthusiasts, but also for proven professionals.

The device can record not only the obligatory 4K videos, but of course the corresponding slow-motion movies on demand.

This is provided by the built-in 1080p technology. Thus, with the help of the device, you can easily create frame-by-frame recordings and, of course, endless loops, which have recently become more and more popular among amateur filmmakers.At home, images and videos recorded with the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam can then be played back in correspondingly high quality and shown to the family. The quality standards that are always easily achieved with the device reach the level of home theater.

Especially high usability

All outdoor enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts in particular will quickly recoup their money with the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam. As I said, the unique design and construction as well as the characteristic operating mode allows the operator to stay free when using the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam. Thus, in use, particularly impressive high-resolution video sequences can be created.

Of course, remote control of the helmet camera is completely wireless and is carried out from the wrist of the respective user. This not only promises particularly high practicality in practical use, but also presents a certain level of safety for the user if he can fully concentrate on the action and the cam control of his helmet is carried out almost automatically at the same time.

An indispensable and at the same time always indispensable accessory is the fully wireless 2.4G remote control, which comes standard with every JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam. The range of this unique and fully wireless remote control is specified by the manufacturer and is 20 meters. Another feature is that the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam remote control mentioned and briefly presented here proves to be absolutely waterproof up to 5 meters in practical use.

Photo and video recording from an action camera

Jemaak’s 4k videos at 30fps look really smooth and crisp. Additional customization options: 2.7k at 30fps and Full HD at up to 60fps. Compared to other action cameras in this price range, this is almost the only camera that can display 4K at 30fps. Apeman, SJ5000x Elite and TecTecTec only work with Ultra HD at 24 frames per second.

However, the difference is clearly visible, as the tape recordings look smoother and more dynamic, even if overall just 6 frames per second more (30 frames per second). We especially like the zoom feature that can be used with the buttons on the right side of the device. Unlike the GoPro, it’s even better from our point of view, the images are still crisp and not blurry and pixelated like we had with the Hero 5, for example.

When the zoom was set to Narrow, which is the highest zoom level, it was clear that the image was no longer sharp and there was some noise. He still looks very good with Jeemak, however, as the following photos show.

Photos can be captured at 16MP (GoPro only supports 12MP, even the latest Hero 6). If the lighting conditions are poor, such as when shooting against the sun or in very dark conditions, the ISO settings should be improved.

Despite all photography skills, images can be a little noisy in the dark. However, I had the same problem using GoPro models, so this cannot be called a minus.

Mini Actioncam Jeemak 4k underwater housingJeemak 4K Actioncam Photography: Camera BodyDrone camera recorded with ActioncamDrone camera from P3 Professional. Taken in Jeemak 4K 16MP PhotoPhantom 3 Professional recording with Jeemak 4k action cameraPhantom 3 Professional recording with Jeemak 4k action camera

As with all action cameras, the quality of the built-in microphone is not the best. However, an action camera is not designed to produce high quality sound recordings. However, if you are interested in producing high quality sound recordings, you will either have to buy a GoPro and connect an external microphone, which is not possible with Jeemak, or switch to a single lens reflex camera or a regular c
amera. But this is just a small part, most action cam users will not worry about the sound quality.

Display and Battery Charge on JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam

The manufacturer has installed a 2-inch HD display on the device with a 170-degree wide-angle lens. This display is used in real time to view the recording object. The wide-angle lens guarantees extremely clear images as well as crisp film or image material correction for general images or video streams that are much closer to reality.

The water resistance of the cam is enormous, totaling up to 30 meters. Such an impressively high and impressive value can be achieved in practice with the so-called case included with the JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam. Underwater photography or

Still images of underwater fauna and flora of impressive quality are possible.

Every type of modern action cam costs and falls, of course, ultimately considering the battery life and the time it takes to fully charge the battery, which then greatly limits and limits the applicability.

The JEEMAK WIFI Action Cam manufacturers know this by including 2 rechargeable batteries in the package. With a Class 10 micro SD card up to 32GB in size, the usability of this action camera can be greatly expanded and improved.

Overall rating and conclusion on Jemaak 4k Actioncam

For me Jeemak 4k is the secret test winner among the cheaper action cameras under 150 euros. This is not only because of the smoother video, but also because the condition runs faster and smoother than competing models. From my point of view, this is a very clear advantage when it comes to quick action.

Unfortunately, there is no such voice control, for example, this is the case with the GoPro 5 or 6. However, you should not expect this at a price of 60 euros.

I am completely satisfied with the action camera and can only warmly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality action camera and wanting to save a lot of money: best value for money! Here you can buy Actiocam at a good price!