AEE Drone Sparrow 360 Kit Selfie Quadcopter with High Quality Camera

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Overall rating 4.1 / 5

The AEE Drone Sparrow is a quadcopter with propeller drives fully protected from mechanical impact. In appearance and design, one would think that this drone is especially suitable for beginners.

According to the manufacturer, the drone has a camera for capturing images and video footage and another camera under the aircraft, which works in a similar way to a visual positioning system and is supposed to keep the drone in the correct position in the air.

sparrow 360

In the next report, you can find out what specifications, gadgets and special features await you after purchasing the AEE Drone Sparrow and if it really costs money.

Technical data, features and more

The AEE Sparrow can be classified as a selfie drone and has a typical design and different functions. The scope of delivery includes additional elements for converting the body or cage. For this, the kit includes silver spacers with which you can transform the black body and thus change the appearance of the quadcopter.

Battery and flight time

Sparrow battery

The supplied battery is a flying lithium polymer battery. 2 of them are included in the scope of delivery. This is actually the first time we see a battery that also has a very cool design. Someone made an effort. But is there also performance in this?

Apparently! Since the battery doesn’t drain as quickly during flight, it keeps the drone aloft for a full 10 minutes, supplying it with ample power. According to reviews, you can fly for 8-10 minutes on a single charge.

How long you actually stay in the air depends on your flying style. But since the battery is replaceable, you can extend the flight time at will. The second is included, so you can fly for 20 minutes with a stopover and a single stopover.

The 1200 mAh battery itself has an operating voltage of 7.4 volts. It is simply placed on the charger, the flight battery is simply closed with the charger and can be charged.

Control, range, sensors and flight behavior

Smartphone control

Unfortunately, the remote control is not included in the package. The AEE Sparrow drone can only be controlled via a smartphone. What we consider to be a shame, there is hardly anyone without a smartphone, but the fact that you absolutely need one to be able to take off speaks against this quadcopter.

However, it should be said that this is a selfie drone anyway, they usually do not have additional transmission systems, but mostly they are only controlled via a smartphone or tablet via a touch field.

The communication range between the drone and the smartphone should be only about 30 meters, which is slightly less. The 720p FPV signal is also transmitted to the end device and displayed on the smartphone in real time.

Camera sensors

Infrared sensors are located on all sides of the copter. They can be seen in small squares arranged in pairs, which are located on the side.

One of the control issues is that the AEE Sparrow drone looks pretty much the same from every angle. The manufacturer tried to mark the back with a yellow sticker, and there are 2 LED indicators on the front that can be used to identify the front and back, with a quick maneuver solution when the drone is at a certain angle to you, which could lead to one problem.

In theory, you can fix this by sticking colored sticky tape on the sides so that you can better classify the drone’s current “direction of view”. Plus, of course, FPV picture will help you.

Sparrow 360 bag

There is a compartment in the middle where you can insert a rectangular battery. Then you need to launch the Sparrow drone using the red button on top. Then it automatically connects to your device if you’ve already launched the app on your smartphone.

The drone can now be launched both from the palm and from the plane. In theory, you can also let it land on your hand again. However, experience has shown that it can sometimes go wrong and therefore is less recommended.

Indoors, the drone flies very calmly and smoothly, great for selfies. However, when outdoors, we advise you to fly only when there is no wind, because, in our opinion, the system does not resist the wind currents strongly enough, which is probably due to the aerodynamic design of the copter. We’ve already noticed this with other selfie drones. They are primarily designed to take selfies and not fly in strong winds.

Camera, memory, photo and video recording

Camera with lighting

There is a micro USB input and a micro SD card slot on the back at the yellow mark. Here you can use memory cards up to 64 GB.

The photo sensor is located on the opposite side, surrounded by 4 LED headlights. The lens has a wide angle of 120 degrees, so you don’t have a fisheye that produces wasted images, on the contrary, the photos really look really good! In addition, the camera can be moved approximately 90 degrees downward in a vertical position.

The camera provides Full HD video at 60 frames per second and photos at 12 megapixels. Unfortunately, the video recordings are not stabilized either mechanically or programmatically using a gimbal system.

In our opinion, the gimbal could at least have been configured on the software side, which is very annoying because the camera sensor is actually pretty good despite its small size. The photos are very sharp, neither too light nor too dark, and they do not have a gray veil, but rather provide a decent color depth, which definitely speaks in favor of this drone. All recordings can be viewed on a smartphone connected to the aircraft.

Pros and cons

To help you make your purchasing decision easier, we have summarized the most important points that can make a difference when buying.


  • You can launch the drone manually
  • Recognizes obstacles
  • Up to 10 minutes flight
  • Real-time FPV transmission
  • Recordings can be viewed on a smartphone
  • Images are generated at 12MP resolution
  • Full HD video recording at 60 frames per second
  • Front panel LEDs and blinker
  • The rotors are quite well protected due to the design
  • Very high quality graphic and video material
  • Good value for money


  • No remote control (can only be controlled via smartphone and APP)
  • Sufficiently susceptible to wind
  • Sometimes the application crashes
  • Charging time for one battery up to 120 minutes


The AEE Sparrow 360 is now available for less than € 100. For the price, the camera is really pretty darn good. It is suitable for selfies, but videographers use the drone less often. Because the short range of the drone and its susceptibility to wind, as well as the lack of a harness can be a problem for the drone pilot.

However, it should be said that it is definitely worth it, but we recommend that you fly the drone indoors for quick selfies.

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