Airbot TD215 quadcopter test, FPV video and light body

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.1 / 5

Today we will introduce you to another racing drone that also has an FPV camera.

This model has only been on the market for a few months and combines state-of-the-art high-end electronics with a durable carbon frame.

You will definitely have a lot of fun with the quadcopter because the drives are designed for high speeds and fast acceleration.

Beginners will first have to get used to the odd handling and typical flight behavior of a racing drone. But once you master it, you can leave your competitors behind in the quadcopter race.

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Technical data, features and facts about the drone

The Airbot TD215 uses the Omnibus F4 flight controller. With this electronic component, you can customize various flight modes.

Depending on your experience level, you can set the flight mode that suits your skills.

We especially liked the FPV feature of the Airbot TD215. FPV live video transmission is very stable, there are almost no image errors. The Caddx Turbo EOS camera works in conjunction with the VS600 5.8G VTX.

The VS600 is designed so that users can change settings even at low power (1mW). The pit regime is responsible for this. This means that tests can also be done during the race without disrupting the live FPV broadcast.

The drone supports lipo input from 3 to 6S. So you have a large selection of possible flight batteries for your quadcopter.

Design and appearance

The design is very similar to that of other quadcopters. The top and bottom plates are made of carbon fiber, with a PCB in between with some electronic components. The shoulders protrude from the body, and brushless electric drives are located at each end.

The manufacturer thought a little about installing the antenna. It does not project completely horizontally or vertically from the drone, but is attached to the end of the drone in a horizontal position and can easily be bent upward.

The voltage input is on the right side, and there is also a capacitor that prevents voltage surges when connecting the PCB to the battery.

As for the color, we are dealing with black because of the carbon material. In some places, however, purple is present here and there.

Since the Airbot TD215 drone does not have a real canopy, it is important that you only fly the drone in dry weather, otherwise the electronics may get wet.

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This is a white Caddx Turbo EOS2 CAM with a power of 1200 TVL. The resolution is pretty good for an FPV drone and provides a clear and colorful picture while flying.

The photosensor is 1/3 “, which is the standard format!

There is a clear difference in picture quality and sharpness between the 700TVL and 1200TVL, so the purchase is definitely worth it. What is remarkable, however, is that the camera produces a slightly reddish image with reddish colors.

Usually we are not used to seeing such good FPV material on a racing drone, usually image quality in this area is of secondary importance. However, we really liked this model!

Flight performance, battery and flight time

Thanks to its powerful electric motors, the Airbot TD215 is very well suited for experienced pilots who also want extremely high performance capabilities.

Installed 4 pieces of Gx2306 type each 2700kV. The motors are brushless and therefore can reach fairly high speeds.

With a flight battery, it turns out that you need to buy another one! Here you can choose between different battery compositions. Batteries from 3S to 6S are possible.

Who is the Airbot TD215 drone for?

The Airbot TD215 drone is actually for everyone.However, we recommend every beginner to seek help from a more experienced drone pilot in order to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Pros and cons


  • High Resolution 1200TVL FPV Camera
  • Very good value for money
  • The Omnibus F4 flight controller has a lot of great features.
  • Suitable for beginners, advanced and professionals
  • Direct control and immediate response of the drone
  • He flies quickly, nimbly and nimbly through the air.
  • The drone is extremely powerful despite its light weight.
  • You can use different rechargeable batteries or flight batteries (3S to 6S possible)
  • Robust and stable carbon frame construction


  • No battery and remote control included
  • Not suitable for flying in the rain


We can absolutely recommend this model to you. Note, however, that neither the transmitter nor the battery is included in the package. These items need to be purchased.

Otherwise, the Airbot TD215 is ideal for spectacular drone races, and also has an excellent price / quality ratio!

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