AirDog drone test: range, flight time, flight behavior and quality assurance

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The AirDog drone is the perfect companion for active sports. You don’t need a remote control for this model, the main task of the copter is to follow you wherever you go, whatever you do.

This quadcopter was developed by a small startup in Riga, Lithuania.

At first glance, AirDog reminded us a bit of Lego. The design is rather unusual, but the specifications and functionality are also rather odd compared to other drones. AirDog is a fully autonomous flying robot.

There is software installed here that knows many different sports and is perfect to follow you as you play them. In the beginning, you just need to choose your activity and you are ready to go, the drone starts up and follows you.

Unfortunately, the AirDog drone doesn’t have a fixed camera, but the system is designed in such a way that you can mount a GoPro camera. It is very comfortable. Plus, the model can be folded like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. So the drone can be easily packed into a backpack.


When folded, the drone measures 21.5 x 38 cm.When fully unfolded, it looks quite large and measures 51.6 x 35 cm.

We really think it’s really cool that the drone records GoPro cameras using a gimbal system. Thus, the images are not very blurry, and the AirDog drone is one of the few models with a gimbal that has a GoPro mount.

These models are AirDog compatible:

  • GoPro Hero3
  • 3+ Black
  • Silver
  • White (slim body)
  • Hero4 silver
  • GoPro Black (standard body)

There is also an adapter for the GoPro Hero5 camera as an accessory.

The placement of the propellers is quite unusual, with most propellers pointing upwards and in rare cases pointing downwards.

In AirDog, one pair is at the top and the other at the bottom, as you can see in the images. Looks pretty cool. This does not adversely affect flight stability.

To keep the propellers off the ground, the drone is 3 feet tall, the middle frame or landing gear must be unfolded in advance so that the AirDog has a secure stance.

The power of the drone is also convincing, overall this model has a top speed of 64 km / h and can withstand wind speeds of up to 50 km / h. This means that the AirDog can be used on windy water without any problems.

Unfortunately, the battery only lasts 15 minutes, after which the flying fun ends and the drone can no longer follow you. It can now be landed at the touch of a button, or it will automatically return to the home point (auto home function).


The included control unit is interesting. The AirDog aircraft can be controlled not with an app or a standard remote control, but with a small, handy device, which, for example, can be worn on your arm during sports.

This allows you to film yourself all the time and at the same time be able to fully focus on your activities.

Other drone models also have autonomous tracking modes, but they are nowhere near as reliable as the AirDog.

With this quadcopter, it always aligns with the control box, even if there are objects between the device you are carrying and the drone.

Sounds simple at first, and it’s somewhere, because the AirDog just follows the transmitter of the small control unit, and the chances of losing that signal are pretty small.

On the other hand, conventional visual tracking techniques very often lead to visual glitch. Thus, the AirDog autonomous tracking system is much more reliable!

Overall, the technical method for tracking this drone is very complex. The system constantly detects where you are, how fast you are, and tries to calculate future movements in advance.The drone will then always fully automatically move and align with you.

There is even such a thing as return home mode. Assuming you are surfing, AirDog follows you and all of a sudden the battery runs out, then it is possible to pre-set a landing point on the beach where the drone should land when the battery runs out slowly. The system is so smart and knows how much battery power is still needed for the return flight.

While the drone is following you, you can use the control buttons to choose how high and at what angle it should fly.

You can also set the different flight patterns that AirDog should fly when shooting, such as whether the drone should fly around you in circular motions or statically record tracking at a certain distance at a fixed point.

It can also be adjusted in 45 degree increments, even when you are doing sports. Thus, you can always flexibly change any position and angle of inclination of the film.

The system always maintains a sufficient distance so as not to injure people. It takes off and lands automatically when a button is pressed. Quite cool actually, we’ve never seen anything like it before.

The operation itself is actually so simple that anyone can customize the drone as they wish.

The control box is also waterproof and can be attached to fit comfortably on your hand or wrist. Various data from the measuring instruments are also shown on the display of the control unit.

Pros and cons

It is clear that this drone will not inspire everyone, so we compared the most important facts for you, which we found positive or negative. This way you can even better decide if AirDog is right for you or not.


  • A unique model with a unique character
  • Fully autonomous fly and shoot while doing sports
  • Has a waterproof control box
  • Its angle and flight pattern can be changed quickly and easily.
  • Has a suspension system
  • The maximum speed is 64 kilometers per hour.
  • Withstands wind speeds up to 50 km / h.
  • An extremely reliable tracking method without undo
  • Return to home function (starts automatically)
  • Compatible with many GoPro cameras
  • The drone is foldable and can be easily transported anywhere.


  • The battery only lasts for a maximum flight time of 15 minutes.
  • For normal drone flights, an external remote control is not possible – the quadcopter can only fly autonomously

scope of delivery

The package contains the most important things you need to launch the drone:

  • 1x Drone Airdog Auto-Follow (AD10)
  • 1x AirLeash control box
  • 1x wrist loop
  • 1x gyroscope for camera stabilization
  • 1x lithium polymer battery
  • 4x propeller
  • 1x charger
  • 1x power cable
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x USB cable
  • Manuals


AirDog is not a drone with which you can play a lot and have fun, but a flying robot for athletes who want to film themselves during their activities.

You may be wondering what happens if you find yourself in a forest, for example, where a drone is bound to crash into a tree.

But the developers from Lithuania also came up with something clever for this. AirDog has a very precise Follow Me function in which it follows you very precisely. This means that it flies in much the same way as you, for example, on your bike.

So far, 10 different sports have been added to the model, so the drone immediately knows how to behave. The manufacturer announced that it will add even more such sports profiles in the future.

Unfortunately, the AirDog quadcopter has a proud price tag. You will definitely write down four numbers. But it turns out a decent drone robot. The starting price at the beginning of 2016 was around € 1,700, but the price has already dropped significantly and is only around € 1,000 on Amazon.

Here you can buy a fully autonomous AirDog drone on Amazon! *