Akaso Dashcam Full HD Test with Parking Monitor and Loop Recording

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Video quality
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Overall rating 4/5

Today we once again present you with a great car camera. This time we chose the Akaso dash cam with a 170 degree wide angle lens. The cam is very cheap and compares favorably with competitors.

Installation is fairly straightforward, with the camera attached to the inside of the windshield with an adhesive bracket.

If you buy the Akaso V1 car camera, you can count on many practical features and functions. Among other things, there is GPS, WiFi and an accelerometer. There is also night vision and a parking monitor.

GPS is especially useful, you can use the dash cam to record your route, longitude and latitude, and driving speed. At the same time, the state-of-the-art Sony IMX323 CMOS sensor records all the details in front of your vehicle with Full HD 1080P resolution and 30fps.

Akaso Dashcam technical data and facts

Technically, Akaso Dashcam can definitely keep up with the competition. We were especially impressed with the car camera’s excellent night vision. Photos are shown very clearly and license plates are easy to recognize.

The camera continuously records in loop mode. The oldest file is permanently and completely automatically overwritten by the new record.

If the dash cam detects a collision through the G-sensor, an emergency lock is triggered and the cam locks the file before removing the loop to provide evidence.

The built-in GPS is also really ingenious, thanks to which you can identify a lot of valuable tracking data.

Then there’s the WiFi system. You can connect your mobile phone to it and easily control the Akaso Dashcam through the app.

You don’t need an extra GPS antenna module or whatever. All electronic components are permanently installed in the Akaso DVR.

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The design is very special. The camera tapers towards the front while the display is on the other side.

So far, it is only available in black, which of course makes it very inconspicuous.


A Sony IMX323 CMOS sensor is installed with a high resolution of about 1728 x 1296 pixels, which is quite enough for a DVR and is normal in this price range.

With Wi-Fi real-time transmission, you can view live image data on your smart phone if it is an IOS or Android device.

Micro SD cards up to 32GB can be used. However, a corresponding 16 GB card is included in the package.

Pros and cons


  • Sony IMX323 Advanced CMOS Sensor
  • 170 degree wide angle lens
  • GPS tracking data with distance, driving speed, longitude and latitude data
  • Very good night vision
  • Driver’s field of vision is not impaired
  • Loop recording
  • Very easy installation
  • G-sensor emergency lock
  • 16GB micro SD card included


  • Only micro SD cards up to 32GB are supported.


When it comes to quality, Dash Cam can keep up very well with the competition. It has even more options than other models in this price range. You usually don’t get a GPS module for money that is fully integrated into Akaso.

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