AOSENMA CG003: test, photos, videos and more – the perfect drone for beginners

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 3.7 / 5

Compared to other drone models that we consider ideal for beginners, the budget of the AOSENMA CG003 is larger in the upper price segment. However, it also has an automatic suspension system that works in 2 axes.

The flight time is also significant – up to 25 minutes, and this, of course, also affects the price. The maximum flight range of the drone cannot be neglected either.

You can receive real-time photos and videos on your smartphone, for this the drone has a corresponding WiFi system.

We briefly introduce the AOSENMA CG003 to you in this report, and also put you in touch with a store where you can get a drone very cheap.

Quadcopter technical data and facts

It uses 2300kW brushless electric motors. This makes the drone even more powerful. Besides, the material is made of ABS plastic, which has many advantages. Thermoplastic ternary copolymers provide a stable and strong shape that can withstand collisions without problems.

Particularly unique to this drone is the 360-degree orbit mode, with which you can take perfect selfies.

In addition, there is a headless mode that makes flying much easier. In particular, beginners have many advantages and don’t get disoriented so quickly.

There is also a built-in alarm that goes off as soon as the drone stops receiving power. In this case, you need to fly back and land the quadcopter carefully.

Of course, a return home button is also installed. In this case, the drone quickly and without detour returns to the starting point.

There is also a Follow-Me function, which greatly simplifies high quality recording for your leisure time.


It has a built-in 1080P camera that provides high quality picture and video material.

The entries can definitely be seen. In the store, you have the option to choose between a Wi-Fi camera with a simple or 2-axis gimbal. Alternatively, you can also buy the basic version without a camera!

AOSENMA CG003 drone design

With the propeller guard, the design looks a little bulkier than with other drone models, but you can also take them apart easily.

The gimbal and camera are perfectly protected from vibration by a pair of rubber buffers.

In terms of color, the AOSENMA CG003 drone dominates in black.

At 315 g, the weight of the quadcopter exceeds the 250 limit. So you definitely need to put the drone’s license plate. The dimensions of this model are 33.5 cm x 33.5 cm x 19 cm.

Battery, flight time and range

The battery is a 3200mAh lipo battery. It operates at around 7.4 volts and provides a flight time of 20 to 25 minutes.

The maximum range is 1000 meters, both for control and for FPV.

Pros and cons of the drone


  • Ideal for beginners
  • There are different versions, including a 2-axis harness.
  • Up to 25 minutes of flight
  • Powerful motors with 2300kV
  • Uninterrupted transmission of remote control signals thanks to 2.4 GHz technology
  • Dual GPS and Advanced Follow Me
  • Smart Orbital Imaging Mode and 360-degree One Key View
  • Headless Mode – Ideal for beginners
  • 6-axis gyroscope for a more stable and flexible flight position
  • Many more great features
  • Gimbal system and great camera for great shots


  • The camera does not have 4K resolution, only 1080P.
  • Charging time is 120 minutes (this is common, however).


In conclusion, we can say that the AOSENMA CG003 drone is perfect for beginners. Although the price is slightly higher than other models, it is worth buying. We can recommend this quadcopter to everyone.

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