APEMAN WIFI Sports Cam Action Camera Test Report

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Video quality
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Overall rating 4.8 / 5

This innovative and state-of-the-art device, which is primarily used as a helmet camera for all outdoor activities and then of course also for many extreme sports, is a particularly high resolution instrument. understands.

While most of the action cameras available today in mainstream electronics stores or on the internet are only 12MP Ultra Full HD, the APEMAN action camera featured here already knows the WIFI Sports Cam with a total 20MP Ultra Full HD resolution. an expectation that should also quickly inspire semi-pro users and even proven professionals to the device.

Apeman Actioncam high quality packaging Ultra HD camera

Other interesting features and properties of the APEMAN Action Camera WIFI Sports Cam are its amazing water resistance, which should make this equipment the best choice for underwater filmmakers and photographers, as well as underwater archaeologists, divers and treasure hunters.

In addition, a total of 2 significantly improved and included rechargeable batteries or batteries, as well as a convenient and useful carry bag and various other accessories included in the delivery, contribute to the very convenient use of this package.

A detailed test report in our video review:

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Camera technology and features

It has already been mentioned and shown as an example at the beginning that the APEMAN Action Camera WIFI sports camera can also be used and used as a helmet camera and of course as an underwater camera.

Actioncam caseApeman Action Camera Suitcase Set

Thus, the 20-megapixel camera guarantees 4K resolution. The built-in waterproof housing allows the respective user, even without a special and additional case, to successfully use the camera in impressive water depths up to 30 meters. can.

Pressure resistance is always fully guaranteed without additional tools.

Not only extreme sports, but above all outdoor activities related to water sports, therefore constitute the special applications and uses of the popular APEMAN WIFI Sports Cam.

This includes, for example, diving, swimming, surfing, sailing and rafting, or of course water skiing.

Integrated camera functions

In addition to the interesting waterproof performance, APEMAN Action Camera WIFI Sports Cam also has other functions and technical solutions that enhance the usability and open up a wide range of applications for the user.

The WIFI functionality, specially integrated and built into a modern device, guarantees the user always a suitable connection for his helmet or action camera.

Using the application, you can transfer images or entire video streams in real time. The app is called “Final Cam” and is free to download for both Android and IOS. This is what the application interface looks like:

The connection with the application went smoothly. The file downloader from the camera’s memory card worked fine too. Only remote camera control via the app did not work.

Interval recordings are possible at 100 ms, 200 ms, 500 ms, 1 second, or 5 seconds.

In addition, you can use the camera to identify an object and direct the video focus to it. Sound recording can be turned off.

For example, then it makes sense if the action camera is hung on a drone with a camera, so to speak, and the noise level is otherwise unacceptably high. You can read here which drones are suitable for this.

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Loop recording, that is, recording in a continuous loop and overwriting an older recording when the memory is full, works in cycles of 3, 5 or 10 minutes.

The camera also features a built-in gyro sensor that provides electronic stabilization of video recording. This should always be on, as a clear improvement in recording can be achieved at the expense of no jitter.

Wide dynamic range can be turned on or off. This means that the camera automatically makes the most of the scene, whether it be a photo or a video, when the difference in lighting between light and dark is especially large.

The camera can provide the following levels of video quality:

  • Ultra HD at 24 frames per second
  • 2.7K @ 30fps
  • Full HD at 60 or 30 frames per second
  • HD at 120, 60 or 30 frames per second
  • WVGA @ 30fps
  • VGA @ 240fps
  • VGA 30fps
  • QVGA 30fps

Only 4k 24FPS, Full HD 60 and 30 FPS, spwoe HD with 120 FPS for slow motion recording are really useful here.

You can set a date for each recording, which will then be displayed on photos and videos. If you don’t care, I would always disable this feature because it might ruin your picture.

The angle of the camera can also be adjusted. Since an action camera usually has a wide angle lens, 170 ° is always preset. However, 140 °, 110 ° and 70 ° can also be used.

If the camera is left unattended for more than 5 minutes, it will automatically turn off. This feature can also be set to 1, 3 or 10 minutes.

The Night Scene function is available, so you can also make night recordings. This should be chosen for shooting in the dark.

Of course, the action camera also supports burst mode, so a so-called burst mode must be selected.

The quality and sharpness of photos and videos can also be adjusted via the menu. The difference is clearly visible.

White balance can also be adjusted. The following options are available:

  • car
  • Solar
  • Cloudy
  • Artificial light
  • Neon lights

The color can be color, black and white, or sepia.

The ISO value can remain set to Auto or increase to 100, from 200 to 400.

The exposure value can be rotated from + 2 to -2. This will adjust the brightness of the image.

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There is also an anti-shake mode. This can be used when recordings are particularly sharp. As a result, the best is already evident during video recording (camera shake is slightly compensated).

The menu can be switched to German. In addition, the frequency of the 2 “screen can be set to 50 or 60 Hz.

The recording format can be saved in NTSC or PAL.

Connections on APEMAN WIFI Sports Cam Action Camera

The connection, which has already been mentioned and shown as an example, seems to have been one of the central endeavors that served as the inspiration for the design and initial concept of this device.

Various HDMI, AV and last but not least of course the always irreplaceable USB connections ensure that the APEMAN WIFI Sports Cam action camera always makes sure that this advanced and innovative technology is always connected to a wide range of equipment, such as personal computers. from laptops and tablets, as well as, of course, from smartphones and mobile phones, from televisions, from projectors and from entire home theater systems, if necessary.

Mini Cam supports 32, 64 as well as up to 128 large SD cards. We are using this SD card from SanDisk and we have no problem with the action camera.

Endless loops and so-called loop recordings are also supported by APEMAN Action Camera WIFI Sports Cam, which, for example, can be used as a state-of-the-art car camera or as a practical webcam.

Technical data and parameters of APEMAN WIFI Sports Cam Action Camera

What’s especially remarkable about the modern APEMAN Action Camera WIFI sports camera is that it has a slightly lower operating weight than some other devices in the same price range.

However, this does not negatively affect the overall usability and stability of the APEMAN Action Camera WIFI sports camera.In fact, the opposite is true, because this light weight is especially designed for use in extreme sports and for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Its own operating weight 43 x 52 x 21 cm is only 349 g.

The dimensions of the device are stated and indicated by the manufacturer as 43 cm x 52 cm x 21 cm (length x height x width).

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Since the possible use of the Action Cam, which is also intended for outdoor use, is always limited by the idle time and charging time of the respective built-in rechargeable batteries or batteries, it is usually especially beneficial to purchase a second or backup battery for the camera. so it is practically possible to ensure continuous online availability and never miss a recording or sequence.

When using the APEMAN Action Camera WIFI S
ports Cam, which mainly works with 2 lithium-ion batteries, it is recommended to always carry multiple backup batteries or, when using rechargeable batteries, an appropriate charger for outdoor use. …

For videos shot in Ultra HD. the battery life is about 50 minutes. If you are shooting in Full HD, the battery lasts for 2 hours, if not cold, and as a result the battery will lose voltage. The battery life is quite comparable to that of the GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4. The battery charging time is about 3 hours, so it’s relatively long.

Main Features of APEMAN WIFI Sports Cam Action Camera

In addition to a high level of water resistance and numerous connectors and sockets built into the device that guarantee and enable what can in fact be described as all-encompassing communication, other technical features and functions include, above all, anti-shake tool and electronic image stabilization. … perform.

The manufacturer indicates the possible video resolution in the amount of 4K, the resolution of photos and still images in the amount of up to 20 MP. The selectable resolution guarantees the respective user and user always extremely clear image and video quality for a wide variety of applications and possible camera uses.

Video format – Mp4, video compression format – h.264. Photos can only be taken in JPG format, so unfortunately there is no RAW format. Only the GoPro Hero 5 or Hero 6 offers this. However, they cost € 300 more.

The built-in 2-inch HD screen allows you to view captured still images, photos and video sequences in real time. The ultra-wide angle lens up to 170 degrees is already the international standard for cutting-edge action cameras and underwater cameras.

A built-in self-timer and associated self-timer, which can be set up to 60 seconds, also allow you to use the device to take great selfies. The sheer volume of accessories that can be ordered in stores or alternatively on the Internet impresses with a wide range of up to 24 useful and practical accessories.

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Practical use

The camera is small in size, fits comfortably in the hand and responds quickly to every command using the two buttons on the right side of the camera.

The app link also works fine.

4K recording is really good for a camera in this price range. Sure, they are not comparable to the popular GoPro, but are perfect for every amateur filmmaker looking to film an action movie on vacation.

Battery life of 2 hours with Full HD and 1 hour with 4k is enough. The package includes 2 Actioncam batteries, so you can shoot for at least 2 hours, even in Ultra-HD.

With 20 megapixels, images are really sharp and sometimes better than competitors that only offer 12 megapixels (GoPro). Here are some shots:

The only drawback is really the brightness of the light.If the image is relatively dark, it may become “noisy”, but this is completely normal.

The following 4 images show the zoom of the camera and the corresponding quality:

Normal image without magnification2x zoom3x zoom4x zoom

The quality, while the maximum result of the camera’s upscaling, is definitely impressive. Comparable images with Gopro will have significantly poorer quality when set to “narrow”, which is the maximum zoom value.

The range of accessories is very extensive and meets all requirements. Everything is thought out – from the German manual to the cleaning cloth.

The small action camera case also feels high quality and protects the camera during transport.

The only thing that, in our opinion, can be criticized is the sometimes slow switching between photo / video and menus. It may take a second or two, but it’s almost negligible.

The camera remained dry during our dive to a depth of 10 meters.

You’ve already seen the videos above.


The right device for the discerning hobbyist, but also for the proven professional. In our opinion, with this value for money, you can’t go wrong! This camera is currently available on Amazon for € 80.