Arshiner Quadcopter XT001 test: flight behavior, battery life, functions

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Flight behavior
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Overall rating 4/5

The small Arshiner Quadcopter XT001 is a mini drone with a bracket as protection. It is especially suitable for beginners who do not have much flying experience because the roll bar protects the small helicopter from collisions with other objects or drones. In addition, this model is very inexpensive and so small that it won’t take as much damage if dropped.

The XT001 is especially suitable for indoor use as it is protected both horizontally and vertically.

It is controlled by a 2.4GHz 4CH remote controller. The range is not very great, but at some distance the drone is barely visible.


Unfortunately, the Arshiner Quadcopter XT001 doesn’t have many features. For this, the drives operate powerfully and reliably.

The package also includes some accessories and everything needed to take off with the drone, including 4 spare propellers, a USB battery charger, detailed operating instructions, a crossbar and a remote control.

However, the remote still requires 6 AA batteries.


As mentioned in the beginning, the cross-bar design is very unusual, but we believe that this design is quite safe for beginners and is probably the best way to master drone flying.

The dimensions of the quadcopter itself are 130 x 130 millimeters, and the height together with the transverse bar is about 100 millimeters.

Each of the propellers has a diameter of 54 millimeters and a relatively large diameter. We offer the following sizes for motors: 7 mm in diameter and 20 mm in height.

You can of course also disassemble the arc if you don’t like it, but this makes sense for beginners and we recommend leaving it on first. The safety bar easily absorbs shocks and forces acting on the quadrocopter without damaging the model itself. It is also surprisingly resilient and can withstand heavy loads.

Remote control

The remote control works like any classic 4-channel remote control. The throttle is on the left, which means that if you push the left stick up, the rotor speed increases and the aircraft rises.

And of course, on the right side there is a joystick that is responsible for controlling the alignment on the plane.

The button in the upper right corner is used to perform cool drone stunts.

In principle, the control method is very simple, intuitive and self-explanatory.

Range and flight behavior

The transmitting power of the remote control is 50 to 60 meters. It also depends on whether there are objects between the transmitter (remote control) and the receiver (drone). The drivetrain power alone is sufficient for this small model.

Unfortunately, the Arshiner Quadcopter XT001 does not have a GPS system, but it automatically stays in the air. The built-in gyroscope is responsible for this. You quickly get used to how to maneuver the drone to avoid colliding with objects, people, or a wall.

Battery and flight time

There is a 390 mAh battery with a voltage of 3.7 volts, which is quite enough for this small drone and small motors.

You can fly for 6 to 8 minutes on a single charge, after which you need to charge the flight battery, which will take about 40 minutes.

Pros and cons


  • High safety standard thanks to high-quality steering rack
  • Cool design and solid construction
  • Ideal for beginners as the drone has a built-in gyroscope and offers more safety.
  • Powerful small motors as drives
  • Despite its small size, the range is up to 60 meters.
  • Replaceable rotors included
  • Good value for money


  • For our taste, a flight time of 6 to 8 minutes is not enough.
  • The roll bar looks a little cumbersome but can be removed
  • Unfortunately, there is no built-in camera and no FPV


The Arshiner XT001 drone makes a pretty good impression on us, despite some flaws. With its safety arc and gyroscope system, the drone offers extensive protection for beginners because the model not only flies steadily, but almost always eludes it in the event of a collision.

Compared to other drone models, the XT001 is not that interesting, the only thing that immediately catches your eye is the safety arc, which some do not consider that big and therefore disassemble.

Nevertheless, we really like the drone, the manufacturer has something in mind. The model is very inexpensive and meets high safety standards, making the Arshiner XT001 drone ideal for beginners.

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