Atoyscasa drone test, photo, video, range and flight time

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 3.8 / 5

Today we will introduce you to another great drone for beginners that has an excellent price / quality ratio and can be controlled in FPV mode thanks to real-time data transmission over Wi-Fi.

The Atoyscasa camera drone is available on Amazon for around € 50, with the average rating being pretty good and the different flight modes impressive.

With a wide variety of functions, the quadcopter is suitable not only for experienced pilots but also for beginners.

The model can automatically maintain altitude and position in flight, it is especially powerful and easy to operate.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty, so you will definitely be safe with your purchase!

Atoyscasa drone technical data and facts

A firmly integrated 6-axis gyroscope that runs in the background and always balances the quadcopter. That way, if there is a light gust of wind, the drone will turn against it enough to stay in place.

There is also a 360 degree rotation function in 4 different directions. You can simply do this with a single press of a button, after which the aircraft will return to auto hover mode.

Alternatively, you can simply launch and land the drone without having any special skills. Both are done at the push of a button for maximum safety, especially when landing.

The built-in electric motors are very powerful, but they heat up quite quickly. Therefore, we recommend letting the drone cool down for about 10-15 minutes between flights, for example when changing the battery.

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We especially love the design of the Atoyscasa drone. There are different outlines and the color of the model is predominantly “gray”, otherwise different lines run along the model. The quadcopter is somewhat similar to an army drone.

The Atoyscasa also folds easily, which saves a lot of space. Front left and right of the camera are LED headlights.

In addition, each electric motor has an LED light on the outside as a warning light so that the drone can be seen better.

When unfolded, the dimensions are 23 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm, and when folded, it is about 13 cm x 13 cm x 8 cm.

In terms of weight, around 148g we are in the range where you still need additional drone license plates.

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The camera is very good in terms of price / performance ratio, but the professionals will not particularly like it. It is not suitable for particularly spectacular shots, but it is perfectly suitable for a hobby.

It has a resolution of about 720P, and the image can be transferred from the camera to the smartphone in real time. There is also an app for this that you can download for free from the store.

There is also an AR game where you can shoot down virtual enemy planes. The app is suitable for both Android and iOS!

Battery and flight time

The drone comes with 2 battery packs, each of which runs on 3.7 volts and has a capacity of 800 mAh. These are lithium batteries. The drone can be in the air for 6 to 7 minutes per battery, after which you need to replace the flight battery or charge the battery.

Pros and cons


  • An easy-to-use entry-level drone
  • Folds up very quickly and transports anywhere
  • Includes 2 battery packs
  • 720P WiFi Camera for FPV Transmission
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • AR virtual game
  • 360 degree flip function
  • Headless Mode
  • Takeoff and landing at the touch of a button


  • Unfortunately, one charge only lasts for 6-7 minutes of flight.
  • Unfortunately no 4K camera


If you’re still looking for a good entry-level drone, Atoyscasa is very good advice. The model is quite inexpensive, offers many modes, advantages and excellent features.There is also a 12 month warranty and the manufacturer is always available for questions.

Considering the overall positive rating, we can definitely recommend this quadcopter.

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