Blade 720 Drone Test: Range, Flight Time, Performance, Photo, Video

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The Blade 720 drone is said to have the same features as the DJI Mavic Pro and cost ten times less. At first glance, the drone really looks a lot like the Mavic series, and the drone folds just like its big brother.

Nevertheless, there are some obvious differences that are not noticeable at first glance, but later will be unpleasant to every buyer. We reveal what is really behind the Blade 720 drone.

Blade 720 drone – strong resemblance to the Eachine E58

The Blade 720 is another Mavic clone that aims to build on the success story of DJI’s touring drone. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out that this is the Eachine E58, which is sold on the German market under a different “new” name. Other well-known names that companies market the Eachine E58 under include DroneX Pro.

The Blade 720 is another Mavic clone that is being actively marketed online under a new name. The drone meets the same technical standards as the entry-level Eachine E58 drone we have already tested. You can watch our video review here:

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The only difference between the Blade 720 and the Eachine E58 is, according to our calculations, a new controller that looks a little different but offers the same feature set. The Eachine E58 drone actually offers the following:

  • Flight time from 6 to 7 minutes on one battery charge
  • Photo with low quality resolution
  • Videos in HD resolution in very poor quality, always blurry, as there is no gimbal to stabilize the video
  • Headlights and lack of obstacle detection, as common in some stores
  • Flying and shooting at night is an illusion, the headlights are too weak
  • In addition, the camera does not have a large sensor for good quality night images.
  • No GPS, i.e. the drone always blows a little in the wind
  • There is no return home function, the drone only tries to fly the previously traveled route in the opposite direction, but in practice this does not work very well.
  • Features not comparable to real Mavic Pro
  • The range is almost 30m, after that the connection becomes bad

The Blade 720 Drone is an entry-level drone that is actually a slightly modified Eachine E58. The video above shows what features the model actually has and what quality photos and videos can be expected from this model.

Blade 720 Drone Test

Conclusion on the Blade 720 drone

The Blade 720 drone is an entry-level drone that sells for a variety of prices, usually just under € 100. However, the Eachine E58 is already available on for just under € 40 with two extra batteries.

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Drone pilots who are inexperienced in flying and just want to test how the drone feels in practice can try the Eachine E58 drone.

However, all pilots who expect a professional drone with the same or similar performance as the original DJI Mavic Pro will be disappointed. Flight functions are significantly inferior, and photos and videos can in no way compete with 4k video footage of a large touring drone.