Blade Nano QX BNF Drone test: cool tricks and great flight performance

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.3 / 5

Pretty damn cheap, sporty and cool design too. These features make the Blade Nano QX BNF drone powered by 4 powerful coreless brushless motors.

The small size and weight of only 18 grams suggests that this is a mini drone. It doesn’t have a camera, but it’s perfect for beginners because the cost of a quadcopter is quite reasonable. So the start-up costs for drone craze are pretty low.

Flight behavior

Flight behavior

You can have fun with your friends and acquaintances, because the quadcopter is so small that you can easily take it with you to any place.

Due to its small size, RC aircraft can also fly in very tight spaces. You do not need to have any special flying skills to do this, because the Nano QX has quite sophisticated software that supports the balancing of the aircraft, provided the stabilization mode is enabled.

In stability mode, the Nano QX automatically enters hover mode, you don’t need to do anything else and you can release the control sticks, the drone remains in the air as if nailed to it, except in high winds.

Here we come to the main drawback of this drone. Because in the open air, with its light weight, it can hardly withstand a strong gust of wind.

Although it resists, there is not enough power to balance the strong wind perfectly. Therefore, the Nano QX is more suitable as a gadget drone for indoor use.

Anyone with a lot of flying experience can go into agility mode. Higher flight speeds and greater maneuverability are possible here.

The SAFE system provides a stable flight here, but the quadcopter is much more maneuverable in this mode.

For example, you can do cool flips and rolls, but only in agility mode. In stabilization mode, the tilt angle of the drone is limited, but it flies much safer (highly recommended for beginners).

Technical data and design

Quadcopter Nano QX BNF

As mentioned, the model weighs only 18 grams and also has the following dimensions: rotor diameter: 50 mm, model length: 140 mm, model height: 30.

For flight, a 1S 3.7V 15 LiPo 150mAh battery provides enough power to keep the quadcopter in the air for several minutes.

Usually, the package contains 2 stylish cases with a cool design.

The heart of the Nano QX drone is the SAFE system. SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope. In other words, “touch control flight”.

The drone has not only complex software for this, but also extensive on-board electronics. This electronic component is also called a DSMX 4-in-1 receiver / controller / mixer / safety sensor and ensures stable flight.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each drone has its own advantages. Therefore, we have listed the most important positive and negative facts for you. This will make your purchasing decision much easier.


  • Ideal for beginners (stability mode) and advanced (agility mode)
  • In agility mode, you can perform flips, rolls and other tricks.
  • Thanks to the SAFE system, a stable position in flight is guaranteed.
  • Cool futuristic design
  • Good value for money
  • Low purchase price


  • Short flight time
  • No drone with camera
  • No live FPV image
  • Very susceptible to wind

scope of delivery

scope of delivery

The package contains everything you need to take off with a drone:

  • 1x Blade Nano QX BNF with motors, controller and SECURITY
  • 1x battery
  • 1x charger
  • 4 spare rotor blades
  • 2x case


Nano QX

We can especially recommend this model to beginners who want to quickly gain experience and then perform acrobatic stunts. The SAFE system does its job well and works very reliably.

While the Nano QX does not have a camera and therefore no live FPV transmission, acrobatics and agility are the focus of this drone.Don’t forget that the Nano QX is a mini drone.

For little money, you can dive into the drone world and have an inexpensive experience. So later, you will have enough skills if you want to buy a drone with a larger camera.

The Blade Nano QX BNF drone delivers safety, thrill and fun at an incredibly low cost.

You can find Nano QX on Amazon here! *

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