Selfie drone

Apart from toy drones, there are also so-called selfie drones in the mini drone segment. These drones are mainly used for taking selfies from different heights and distances quickly and easily. Quality drones, such as those from DJI, also have similar features. Selfie drones often have a follow-me function where the drone informs you in … Read more

Mini Drone

Mini drones in comparison Under the term “mini drone” you will find an almost endless selection of different drones and toys on the Internet. In recent years, real competition has flared up between manufacturers. From fun jumping drones like the Parrot Sumo to DJI’s high-quality “Spark” selfie drone, you can find just about anything your … Read more

Hubsan Drone

Hubsan is a Chinese drone manufacturer. The company was founded in 2010 and has been developing good drones that you can buy on a slightly lower budget. We tested the following Hubsan drones:

Drone Ordinance 2021

More and more drones are popping up and in the meantime there are many flying models available at different prices for beginners, advanced and professionals. Since a large number of people had the opportunity to fly to great heights with a flying object, it was only a matter of time before tightening drone laws in … Read more

What is gimbal and what are its functions on a bilstabilization drone?

Many modern drones with cameras, mini drones and FPV drones have a gimbal system that stabilizes the image and provides balanced photo and video recording. But what is mechanical or software gimbal? We will clarify these issues in the next article and show you the differences between the related terms. Gimbal from English and translated … Read more

Drone for GoPro: the best drone for GoPro cameras

When it comes to buying high quality ActionCam cameras, GoPro is the top brand. Since you can expect high recording quality and durability when purchasing a camera from a manufacturer, it certainly makes sense to buy a drone for GoPro cameras. Drone GoPro Karma There are a large number of drones on the market that … Read more

Drone with camera test

Modern drones with cameras not only provide high image quality, but also have good flight stability and usually a gimbal system that provides jitter-free recording. The quadcopter with camera is ideal for video recording, photography and even capturing images for FPV flights. When buying a drone, it should be clear in advance if it should … Read more

Entry-level drone with camera

In this review, we’ll show you what we think are the best entry-level drones with cameras and reliable controls. Of course, the price should not exceed your budget, especially for beginner drones. However, we do not recommend buying the cheapest drone. We tested many models and therefore chose the best aircraft for beginners. A quadcopter … Read more

Top professional drones review and head-to-head comparison

In the drone market, it is often difficult to distinguish between good affordable drones and real price blocks, which, however, do not really matter in terms of quality. We have set ourselves the task of introducing you to the best professional camera drones in more depth and highlighting what you can expect from the corresponding … Read more

Buy a drone: This is something to consider before buying a drone.

The decision to buy a drone raises a number of personal requirements that should be carefully analyzed and studied before purchasing such an expensive technical device. In our buying guide, we give you a tool with which you can explore in more detail what parameters are important for buying a drone. The most decisive argument … Read more

Foldable drone for beginners, advanced and professionals in the test

The foldable drone is ideal for travel as it is compact and fits into any backpack. We’ve tested a range of quality foldable quadcopters for you. Below we will briefly introduce you to these aircraft and once again take a closer look at their features, value for money and unique advantages. DJI Mavic Pro The … Read more

What to look for when working with drones

Everyone is talking about drones. Whether for personal recordings, professional photo shoots or just for fun, drones are fascinating more and more people in the USA and around the world. Reason enough to look at the legal situation in the USA and the relevant drone regulations, which is a must for anyone looking to fly … Read more