Cheerson CX-20, range, flight time and more

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Overall rating 3.9 / 5

Our Cheerson CX-20 drone report gives you all the important data and facts. It is a 2.4G drone with 6-axis gyroscope and GPS system.

This is why it is especially easy for beginners to play with the model as the drone automatically balances itself.

The quadcopter is very easy to fly. It is identical to the Rocket 400 GPS drone and the price / performance ratio is excellent!

If something breaks, that’s not a problem at all. You can purchase an extensive range of spare parts and accessories online very cheaply.

Unfortunately, there is no German manual in the package, it is only available in English, which is a bit of a shame.

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The Cheerson manufacturer will not seem particularly familiar to many of you, and we did not know it. Therefore, it was important for us that the drone was processed of a particularly high quality, so that we can get a good impression of the brand.

You can conveniently charge the drone’s battery using the supplied charger, which takes about 2 hours. The package also includes a 2700mAh Lipo battery.

The model has, among other things, a GPS hold system, an automatic return to home position function and is easily controlled in all directions.

The remote control is a 2.4GHz 4-channel remote control. Among other things, there is headless mode and the drone comes “Ready To Fly”, so it is 100% ready to use after unpacking with a fully charged battery.


The Cheerson CX-20 drone looks like a UFO and therefore gives the impression of a toy drone. Landing curves are a bit like the DJI Phantom drone.

The outer shell also impresses with its stable construction, as the chassis is made of impact-resistant plastic.

There is no camera for this drone and it is not included in the package, but there is a removable camera holder that you can insert, for example, a GoPro camera.

There are multiple LEDs under each control stick, so you can make great night flights and stay focused while flying. You can also use the camera holder to mount the LED light there. It then serves as an additional light source.

The drone measures approximately 30cm x 30cm x 20cm.


As already mentioned, the camera is not included in the kit, there is only the ability to install the camera. There is a corresponding parenthesis for this.

We recommend the following action cameras:

  • Action camera GoPro Hero 3
  • Action Camera Go Pro Hero 4
  • Go Pro Hero 5
  • Sony Full HD Action Camera

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Battery, flight time and range

A powerful 2700mAh lipo battery is included. With it, you can fly for about 15 minutes with a fully charged flight battery.

In addition, the drone has a long flight range, which is about 300 meters.

Flight stability

Thanks to the GPS tracking system, the Cheerson CX-20 drone remains very stable in the air. There are other features as well, such as Home To Return and Headless Mode.

In Headless Mode, you can steer the drone straight in all directions without worrying about how the model is aligned.

So if the Cheerson CX-20 is sideways towards you and you pull the right stick towards you, it will fly sideways towards you.

Cheerson CX-20 drone advantages and disadvantages


  • Reaches high speeds – up to 10 meters per second
  • GPS retention system
  • Range 300 meters
  • Powerful 2700 mAh flight battery and 15 minutes flight time
  • The remote control operates at 2.4GHz
  • Auto reset function
  • Very suitable for beginners
  • The camera mount fits many Action Cam models.
  • Favorable price and very good price / quality ratio.


  • No camera included


The drone exactly matches the description in the store and is definitely worth the money!

You can use them in different ways, beginners can use them, for example, to get their first flight experience.

The bracket can also use cameras in a variety of ways. The UFO design may take a while to get used to, but it definitely grabs attention.

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