Conthfut C16W drone test, photo, video, range and flight time

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4/5

The Conthfut C16W drone is an inexpensive entry-level drone that you can buy for around € 50 at various stores.

The quadcopter has some great features that should be of particular interest to beginners. Here’s an example of counting headless mode and automatic altitude hold.

You can simply fold the drone like the DJI Mavic. This makes the drone even more compact and you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

It is controlled either with a remote controller, which is also included in the package, or, alternatively, you can control the drone yourself via your smartphone / tablet and mobile app.

Here, too, we find ourselves in a particular feature that enhances this model particularly strongly. This is an FPV flight function. In some shops you can buy the drone for 45-46 euros, and while it has a 720P HD FPV camera that transmits images to your smartphone in real time.

In our report, you will now find out everything else you need to know about this model.

Technical data and facts

Despite the No Name brand, this drone makes a pretty good impression. The specs are pretty impressive for this price point and speak very clearly about this model.

The kit includes a controller operating at 2.4 GHz and more than 4 channels. The range is up to 30 meters, depending on whether objects are between the drone and the remote control or electromagnetic fields interfere.

The quadcopter has a speed control and a child safe battery compartment.

You can also replace the flight battery and simply order multiple Lipo batteries so that flight times can be extended if needed.

The drone responds without hesitation to control commands, and you can even remove your hands from the joystick to prevent the model from crashing, as it uses different systems to maintain the balance of the drone.

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The design is relatively shabby, but the folding function is very handy if you want to take the drone with you on trips or events.

The package includes, among other things, several bumpers, that is, 4 rotor protectors that you should definitely wear before your first flight, especially if you are still a beginner and a little inexperienced.

The 720P camera, providing high quality images, is located at the bottom front. However, there is no gimbal system here, neither mechanical nor software. Therefore, a slight vibration or shaking can be seen on the recordings.


A permanently installed 720P camera is enough for hobby use in terms of recording quality, unless you really want to shoot especially high quality VLOG files. If so, we recommend a high quality camera drone like the DJI Mavic Pro!

Despite the slightly lower resolution, you can capture memorable moments with your camera and save them for later.

Flight functions

In addition to being controlled by a remote control or mobile operation, you can also enjoy some other functions with the Conthfut C16W drone.

Automatic altitude control works, for example, with the built-in altitude barometer, thanks to which the drone not only stabilizes in flight, but also automatically maintains the altitude you set.

In headless mode, flight is also greatly simplified. If the drone is in this mode, it will follow the remote control no matter how the model’s head looks at you. For example, if the quadcopter is hovering in the air so that it is standing to the side and you pull the right stick towards you, it will fly straight towards you.

The 3D flip function should also be especially fun for children and also for fun.Many fun drones now have this feature. You just need to press the shutter button on the remote, then the drone will do a somersault and then return to auto hover mode. The altitude barometer and the 6-axis gyroscope are especially important here.

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Battery and flight time

The flight battery of the Conthfut C16W drone is truly amazing. Flight times in this price segment are typically 5 to 10 minutes, but this model lasts a full 20 minutes thanks to its powerful battery.

The package includes a 1000mAh battery that runs from 3.7 volts.

You can also buy replaceable batteries, but they have a lower charge capacity (500 mAh), then the flight time is 10-15 minutes.

Conthfut C16W drone advantages and disadvantages


  • Very good flight behavior – balancing itself and therefore ideal for beginners.
  • Transmit live FPV image directly to your smartphone
  • Extensive scope of supply
  • Short charge but long flight time
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • Replaceable flight battery
  • Headless mode and 3D flip function
  • Various safety features to make the drone safer for children
  • Takeoff / landing with one button
  • Low battery alarm function


  • Not suitable for professionals


In our opinion, the Conthfut C16W drone is definitely worth the money. It has many flight features that really impress us at this price point. The scope of supply is extensive and the flight characteristics are very good.

In addition to cheerfulness, the drone is really easy to control and responds quickly to control commands. Thus, the work is done especially quickly and safely.

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