Delkin action camera test: photo, video, battery life

Photo quality
Video quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.2 / 5

In this post, we will introduce you to the extremely affordable Delkin Action digital camera with high definition video function and 1.5-inch display.


Of course, this is a low-budget camera and you shouldn’t expect too much from it. For people who are short on money and would like to have a camera that takes the best pictures, this works well, but there are some drawbacks.

For example, the camera cannot be turned off while it is still in the case, but must be removed first.

It is also well suited for extreme sports and has a variety of settings. The supplied cover is waterproof up to 30 meters.

Design and appearance

The camera doesn’t have a typical camera design, but rather rounded corners and edges, which makes the look significantly more feminine.

On the front left is the camera lens, above some of the settings, a 1.5-inch display on the back, and on the right is a cover for inserting the battery.

A car charger cable and regular charger are also included for charging.

Otherwise, there is not much to say about the appearance, the cam is available in black. Plus, it only weighs 85.1 grams.

Image sensor, resolution and memory

The Delkin Action digital camera uses an 8 megapixel sensor as the image sensor. Videos can be recorded in 1080p HD resolution.

The camera has 3x digital zoom and a 150 degree wide-angle lens.

Also included is an 8GB micro SD card for storing images and videos.

scope of delivery

The set has everything you need to create effective recordings with an action camera.

Among other things, the scope of delivery includes the following items:

  • 1x 8GB micro SD card
  • 1x waterproof case
  • 1x mobile charger
  • 1x conventional charger
  • 1x helmet
  • 1x normal bracket
  • 1x sticky clip
  • 1x steering wheel bracket
  • 1x component cable
  • 1x connector

Pros and cons


  • Very lightweight and compact action camera
  • You can also attach the camera to drones or remote controlled aircraft.
  • Memory card included
  • Extremely cheap, yet good performance and quality
  • For this price, the camera has a fairly extensive set


  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to simply turn off the camera while it is in the case, it must first be removed.
  • Bulky removal of the camera from the case
  • Display is not easy to see in bright sunlight


Overall, the Delkin Actioncam is a great camera with many accessories and a surprisingly good value for money. It’s simple and easy to use, provides good recordings, and is available for less than € 30!

However, you really shouldn’t expect too much from this model, it is still a very cheap camera, versatile, but it cannot be compared to the more expensive camera model.

You can see the model here on Amazon! *