Denver 4k Actioncam in hands-on test: photo and video quality, battery life and material verification

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In this post, we will introduce you to the Denver 8060W 4K WiFi Camera. Could a 4K action camera with a wide range of accessories be so cheap and high quality? We researched this issue. In the next Actiocamtest, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

Overview and specifications

In terms of equipment, it is not much different from other ActionCams. It contains a microphone and a 1100mAh lipo battery. The store also has a free camera app. We think the slow motion and time-lapse features are pretty cool.

The battery compartment on the underside is easy to open, so you can easily replace it at any time. However, the charge usually lasts for many hours.
There is a button on the right side of the camera to turn the microphone on or off, and under the other button you can activate Wi-Fi. On the opposite side is the SD card slot, HDMI and micro USB interface. You can use it to transfer photo and video data to your PC or laptop and charge the battery.

Completeness – what’s inside?

One point that we think is important is that there are as many cam holder options as possible. Denver 8060W is of no help. Includes helmet, bike and suction mount. In addition, there is a waterproof casing. So really everything you need to reliably use your camera outdoors.

In addition, of course, the package contains a quick start guide, 2 adhesive pads, a camera frame like the GoPro 5, as well as a lithium-ion battery and the Denver 8060W camera itself.

Denver 8060W quality and features

The battery is shipped fully charged. However, we recommend that you charge it again for a short while as it does not last as long as some competing products. If your WiFi is on, the battery only lasts for half an hour, but if it’s off, you can shoot with the Denver 8060W for almost an hour. We recommend that you be sure to take 1-2 spare batteries with you on day trips.

For less than 80 euros, the image quality is decent. But if you attach great importance to quality recording, then we recommend the action camera GoPro 5 or GoPro Hero 6. Compared to other cameras, the Denver8060w has no problem in the dark, capturing enough light from weak light sources. Be good at picking up items.

Unfortunately, the microphone quality cannot be compared to the more expensive ActionCams. With a camera like this, however, the focus is usually not on the quality of the microphone recording, so we weren’t too critical here. However, background noise can be very annoying and voices are harder to recognize than with other cameras.

At 1080p, the camera records 60 frames per second, which holds up well. FPS does not drop, so slow motion recording can be done reliably. 8.0MP CMOS is also used as a sensor. The following values ​​apply to video recordings:

• 4k – 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second
• 2.7k @ 30fps
• 1080p – 1920 × 1080 pixels adjustable at 60 or 30 frames per second

These values ​​apply to photographs:

• 16 MP – 4608 × 3456 JPG
• or 12 MP – 4000 × 3000 JPG

The shooting angle is 130 degrees, which is the normal angle. There is also a 1.77-inch (4.32 cm) LCD on the back of the camera, where you can review your recordings and monitor live images. The data is saved on the SD card. You can use the SD card slot with cards up to max. Insert and use 32GB. 16 GB equals approximately 1.5 hours of 4K recording. If you record at a lower recording quality, the recording time will increase accordingly, but you should definitely bring one or two spare batteries with you.

The camera is protected by a waterproof protective casing at a depth of 30 m.You can also take them with you for swimming, snorkeling or diving. However, we have not yet been able to conduct an underwater test, as I have not dived anymore since my last vacation in Egypt.

Application and different modes

You can easily connect Denver 8060w to your smartphone. Hence

you need an appropriate application. When downloading an app from Denver, you must be careful to install the correct app and not the app for another device, as there are several.

If the app is installed on your smartphone, the camera can be controlled via the smartphone in the navigation menu. However, this option does not always make sense as it requires a lot of battery capacity to connect to Wi-Fi.

With the camera, you can also shoot in slow motion and slow motion, so you don’t need to edit the source footage on your PC to create a slow motion or slow motion function. These functions complete the product a little. You can use it to create highly personalized and varied videos.

ActionCarm advantages and disadvantages

To be able to make a clear buying decision, you should consider both sides of the coin. The Denver8060w camera also has its drawbacks. But first, let’s get down to the benefits:

• Very cheap, for the price you get a good action camera.
• Good quality recording in the dark
• Water resistant up to 30 m (in case)
• Excellent modes (slow and fast motion)
• The operating instructions are very extensive.
• Lots of accessories

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages:

• Communication between the smartphone and the camera may be lost.
• Battery only lasts 30 minutes with WiFi.
• Micro quality is not very good.

Conclusion on Denver 8060W

A reasonably inexpensive action camera perfect for getting started. However, we believe that this is not enough for particularly professional recordings, as the microphone quality cannot be compared to other ActionCams. An alternative would be a camera from the leading manufacturer GoPro. Denver Electronics has extensive experience in developing a wide range of electronic devices, but GoPro specializes in action cameras.

For less than 80 € you can also get a lot of accessories here. So much for unlimited action camera use. It is very suitable for cycling, diving, swimming, as a DVR in a car or motorcycle. However, if you value high quality audio and / or video while exercising, another action camera may be more suitable for you.

=> Click here for Denver8060w camera

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