DJI Mavic Mini test: pros and cons, photo and video recordings, features and more

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If you are looking for a small, comfortable drone with particularly long flight times and high flight stability, you should look to the DJI Mavic Mini. The model was recently released and has many great features.

The technical advancements are in line with the latest technological advances in the drone sector. The new € 399 foldable quadcopter is definitely available.

The DJI Mavic Mini delivers breathtaking aerial photography despite its small size. Therefore, it is great for spontaneous trips, because when folded it fits into almost any trouser pocket.

The model is very handy because the DJI Mavic Mini is full of technology, although it is very small.

With its compact and lightweight design, you can take it with you wherever you go. Weighing 249 grams without propeller guards, the DJI Mavic Mini does not require a US registration and drone license plate.

You can watch our detailed DJI Mavic Mini video review here:

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DJI Mavic Mini Drone Scope of Delivery

DJI has been generous with the Mavic Mini’s scope of delivery. The compact mini drone comes with all kinds of accessories:

  • DJI Mavic Mini drone
  • remote control
  • Battery (2400 mAh)
  • Charging cable
  • one replacement propeller included
  • screwdriver
  • Screw protection
  • Smartphone cable
  • Instruction in English

You can also purchase the Fly-More Combo package. The Fly-More package costs € 100 and includes a gray DJI bag, three pairs of spare propellers and a DJI DIY kit. With the DIY kit, you have several stickers that you can color and paste on the drone.

When unpacking, the first thing that catches your eye is the gray DJI Mavic bag. The bag gives a high quality impression and looks good with the Mavic Mini.

Your bag has more than enough storage space to safely transport your drone and accessories. The only thing we lack in the Mavic Mini’s package is an SD card. You must take care of this yourself.

By the way, the DJI Mavic Mini supports a maximum of 256 gigabytes of memory in the drone’s camera slot.

Here’s an overview of DJI recommended SD cards:

We were surprised by the design of the propellers as they are not screw free as usual from DJI, but should be screwed on.

In our opinion, this is a minor flaw, but it is worth mentioning, since we are not used to it in the same way as DJI.

You don’t need to assemble anything with this model, once the drone is unpacked and the battery is charged, the Mavic Mini is ready to use.

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New app available for DJI Mavic Mini

What makes us very happy is the fact that DJI is releasing a new app with the Mavic Mini that can be used to control the flying model. It is called DJI Fly. This makes it easier for drone pilots to control the drone. For this reason, it is also ideal for beginners and beginners alike.

Here, I’ll show you how to create cinematic videos with the Mavic Mini:

Compared to other apps, the new DJI Mavic Mini app looks much cleaner and cleaner. You can quickly navigate the service, which is an absolute plus.

You can find app links in the Mavic Mini drone manual, or go to the GooglePlay or AppStore and search for DJI Fly.

After we installed the application on our smartphone, we wanted to take a closer look at it.

So that even power users and professionals don’t miss out on this app, DJI has developed the Fly app, which is very user-friendly to make flying easier.

Despite its simplicity, this application has many functions, so the user interface has been designed to be simple yet intuitive and functional.

Anyone can make breathtaking recordings with it, DJI says.

First about the interface.Parameters such as distance, altitude, flight mode, battery level and signal display are all captured at once.

DJI Fly app interface

There are also some settings for the camera, but unfortunately only for the camera. Videos only work with factory settings (2.7K / 30FPS). Therefore, the Mavic Mini cannot yet shoot lower resolutions at higher frame rates.

The DJI Fly app also offers the following features:

  • Find your drone with sound and flashing functions to find your drone easily again.
  • GEO zones (commercial vehicles, etc.) Are displayed on the map in the app.
  • DJI Community (Forum & Store)
  • Update the drone firmware
  • Change the controls
  • Flight safety settings (maximum flight altitude, range)
  • Display of all relevant flight data such as current speed, altitude, connection
  • Record photos and videos and their various settings such as resolution and frame rate
  • Direct download of video to smartphone via WiFi connection
  • Cutting videos and editing photos right from the app
  • Emergency stop and boot mode
  • Gimbal Settings (Speed ​​and Tilt Smoothness)

Screenshot of application settings

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Remote control

The DJI Mavic Mini remote controller is also fairly lightweight. Of course, there is a holder in which it is convenient to hold a smartphone.

The connecting cable between the smartphone and the camera runs along the smartphone clamping bracket. There are three in the box, namely a micro-USB cable, a USB-C cable, and a Lightning connector cable for Apple devices.

The cable lies well and does not interfere with the remote control, and the mobile phone clamping mechanism works perfectly.

In addition, there are of course 2 joysticks, a button for the return home function and a button for turning the flight model on and off. Otherwise, there are no other buttons, joysticks or buttons, which is also very convenient for beginners.

This time, as is often the case, DJI has decided not to integrate an additional information display into the remote, which is not a problem as all important data is clearly displayed in the app.

Additional technical details

The drone has extremely high flight stability, even if you don’t keep your fingers on the handles, the flight model will remain stable in the air. Precise hovering makes it especially easy for beginners to fly.

There are several positioning systems that ensure that the quadcopter is always balanced even if a gust of wind hits it. This is provided by a pair of permanently installed sensors and GPS on the DJI Mavic Mini. In addition, despite being lightweight, the drives are strong enough to balance the DJI Mavic Mini even in strong winds.

The drive is also not too loud. Many mini drones cannot sound like mosquitoes. DJI Mavic Mini doesn’t have this problem. Of course, the flight noise is higher than that of larger drones such as the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

But compared to other small drones, the Mavic Mini also makes a very good impression here:

DJI Mavic Mini Model DJI Mavic Spark JJRC X12 Drone
Sensors Optical flow, ultrasound, barometer Optical flow, barometer Optical flow, barometer
Maximum speed 47 km / h, 29 km / h or 14 km / h 50 km / h or 21 km / h 21.6 km / h
the size 140 × 82 × 57mm (L × W × H) folded
245 x 290 x 55mm (L x W x H) with propeller
143 x 143 x 55mm (L x W x H) 177 x 90 x 55 mm
Weight 249 gram 300 grams 415 gram
Marking requirements no icon required
A responsibility
Badge required
A responsibility
Badge required
A responsibility
Flight time 27-28 minutes 16 minutes 25 minutes
Control modes Gestures
Mobile (smartphone)
Remote control
Mobile (smartphone)
Remote control
Mobile (smartphone)
Remote control
frequency 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz 2.4 GHz
Transmission power 18 dBm at 2.4 GHz
14 dBm at 5.8 GHz
18 dBm at 2.4 GHz
14 dBm at 5.8 GHz
18 dBm at 2.4 GHz
Range 2000 meters 300 meters, 5.8 GHz
500 meters, 2.4 GHz in Europe (CE)
1000 meters at 2.4 GHz
price 399.95 euros
499.95 € with Fly-More Combo
349.95 euros € 299.95

If you are interested in the DJI Mavic Spark, you can also find the Spark test report on the drone-check website.

Thanks to GPS, the flight model can also be found anywhere at any time. The flight model can only be lost when there is no GPS, otherwise you can retrieve the drone at any time with the return to home function. If the return to home function has been activated, it will fully automatically return to the starting point.

Launching the drone and setting up the app is as easy as we are used to with other DJI drones. The model almost never drifts while hovering, so the pilot never has to deliberately intervene.

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Drone range and battery

In our drone test, the battery lasted 30 minutes as stated by the manufacturer. In windy conditions, the average flight time drops to 27 minutes, which is still a very good figure for this small drone. The Mavic Mini also handles strong winds well:

According to the manufacturer, charging via a regular USB port takes 4 hours and 30 minutes. With a USB3 or USB power supply and 5 volts, charging took only about two hours in our hands-on test.

Negatively, we noticed that when the battery level is 20%, the drone constantly gives an alarm that the battery is low. Unfortunately, this cannot be disabled in the settings, which is a shame. This is very annoying, especially when flying around the apartment.

With the Mavic Mini FlyMore package, you have two extra batteries and a charging station. That gives you a little over an hour of flight with this small drone, even in adverse conditions.

The DJI mini drone also performed very well in the range test. HD video transmission range is up to two kilometers, which is quite remarkable for such a small drone model.

The model achieves a long range using the antennas on the remote control. The antennas must point vertically upward so that they radiate in the direction of the drone.

Please note that the tip of the antenna should not be pointing towards the drone, but should always be pointing towards the long side of the antenna. For example, if the drone is flying vertically above the pilot, the antenna can be aligned forward and horizontally upward for optimal reception.

Correct antenna placement is very important to achieve a maximum range of about two kilometers. At such a great distance, make sure you are always within sight of the drone. This is what the German drone regulations require.

Within a year, EU directives will again change drone rules. This is not the case yet. Details of the EU Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Regulation 2021 can be read in detail here.

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All about the camera

In our opinion, the photos and videos are impressive. Although the camera cannot display 4K resolution, 2.7K resolution is available, meaning only 2704×1520 pixels. The built-in camera delivers this resolution at 30 frames per second.

In Full HD mode, even up to 60 images per second is possible.

MavicMini cameraDJI Mavic Mini Photos

The photos are also in line with the high image quality we’ve come to expect from DJI. The small camera’s 12 megapixels are definitely noticeable and provide a high depth of field.

Contrast and color saturation complement the drone’s camera image. You can say that the manufacturer guarantees in all respects that high quality photo sensors and cameras are installed on all models.

Sample Mavic Mini Image

We were pleasantly surprised by the high quality video and image of the drone. However, the color matching could be slightly better for our taste.

If the default camera settings are not enough, the app has several configuration options. For example, you can correct your photo settings and be able to set the ISO value, exposure time, and EV value.

We also really liked the high performance of the gimbal. The camera is perfectly balanced even though the system is so small. With this model, DJI shows once again that they have a lot of experience in the design and construction of drones.

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If you look at the overall package, you can only welcome the manufacturers of this drone. Extremely light weight, extremely low price and technically great parts make this drone the absolute leader in the current market.

In terms of price / image quality, it’s hard to beat even other DJI models. Of course, there are other drones out there that provide the best photo and video footage, but at a price many times the DJI Mavic Mini.

While 8-bit footage of the Mavic Mini is not enough to ultimately please the pros, the drone certainly meets the demands of social media.

MavicMini camera

Chamber technologies in comparison:


Model: DJI Mavic MiniDJI Mavic SparkJJRC X12
Camera sensor / sensor size Sony 1 / 2.3 inches Sony 1 / 2.3 inches Sony 1 / 2.7 inch
Video resolution 2720×1530 / 30 pixels
1920×1080 / 60p
1920 × 1080 / 30p 1920 × 1080 / 25p
Video codec H.264 codec H.264 codec H.264 codec
Video bitrate 40 Mbps 24 Mbps 12 Mbps
Image Resolution 4K / 12 Megapixels 4K / 12 Megapixels 4K / 12 Megapixels
Image compression Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg
Image stabilization 3-axis suspension 3-axis gimbal 3-axis gimbal
lens f / 2.8, 24mm, 83 ° f / 2.6, 35mm, 81.9 ° f / 2.6 35mm, 80 °
Information carrier Micro-SD card, max. 256 GB. Micro-SD card, max. 64 GB. Micro-SD card, 32 GB max.

Mavic Mini Video Modes

You can control the DJI Mavic Mini drone in different modes. In normal mode, the model can fly a little slower. Compared to the larger DJI Mavic, the top speed is also slightly lower. If you really want to have some fun, you can switch to sport mode in the app settings. In addition, a CineSmooth mode is available, which makes it easier for you to capture beautiful and professional-looking videos.

FPV mode

Of course, the DJI Mavic Mini has a state of the art FPV mode. FPV stands for First Person Flight. This allows you to fly and control the drone from a first-person perspective. The picture for this is displayed on the display of your smartphone.

Quick shots

Thanks to DJI’s so-called QuickShots, there are four different pre-programmed flight maneuvers on board that the Mavic Mini performs fully automatically.

You select the QuickShot feature in the app and then you get the following options:

Droni: Droni is a simple flight maneuver, the drone slowly moves away from the drone pilot using ActiveTrack and rises slightly in the process, but keeps its starting point in the background.

Application screenshot

Rocket: The name of this flight maneuver already reveals what it is. The drone flies vertically upward from the starting point and rotates the gimbal and bow to create a 90 ° bird’s eye view.

Rocket function in app

Whirling: Whirling is as easy as it sounds. The drone just circles around the point. There is not much to say about this.

Spiral: The spiral maneuver is a combination of circles and a rocket. The drone rotates around the target, slowly rises into the air, and rotates in a circle as long as the target remains in focus.

Helix flight mode

You can see QuickShots in the YouTube video at

CineSmooth mode

The DJI Mavic Mini is slightly softer when flying in Cinema Mode. Both acceleration values ​​and braking maneuvers are reduced or decelerated.

For example, CineSmooth is very suitable for displaying whole landscapes. This setting provides a smooth, slow, and smoother image. This makes it all, as the name suggests, cinematic.

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DJI Mavic Mini advantages and disadvantages

The DJI Mavic Mini is extremely easy to operate, and this is the model’s biggest advantage and should especially benefit those new to you. Even beginners can create perfect stills and videos with simple controls.

Since the flight time is about half an hour, it is easy to learn new flight maneuvers gradually, and the obvious advantage is accessibility for beginners. Plus, the Mavic Mini is a very compact drone, so it’s easy to put in your pocket.

Another huge advantage is, of course, the fact that the drone is not subject to marking. However, the DJI Mavic Mini must still be insured for the USA this is a must, regardless of the weight of the model.

Of course, in this case, DJI made a compromise. Because the light weight of this model must come from somewhere. The case is open and some cables are extending outside the case. This will not affect the drone and its flight performance in any way as long as it is not raining.

The cables are also covered with mesh and are thus protected from environmental influences. In these places, only the drone is open, so water can penetrate in during the rain. DJI itself states that you cannot fly with this drone in the rain. The device is also not splash-proof according to IPX4 or higher.

To help you understand better, we have clearly shown you the biggest advantages and disadvantages.


  • About 30 minutes flight
  • Intuitive controls and a new modern app – ideal for beginners
  • Due to its low weight, no marking is required.
  • Very suitable for beginners
  • The model has very good flight characteristics and balances fully automatically.
  • Modern and sophisticated suspension system
  • Ideal for VLOG
  • The DJI Mavic Mini can be folded down and stowed away easily.
  • Extra lightweight construction
  • Various flight modes available
  • FPV mode possible via smartphone and modern app


  • Sorry, no obstacle detection
  • No micro-USB port
  • DJI Mavic Mini does not detect obstacles
  • no IPX certification, no water resistance


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We really liked this drone. The quadcopter is quite lightweight, and the heaviest parts are the battery and gimbal system, including the 12MP camera.

Since the drone is so light, you might think it has safety and stability issues in the air. But even at an altitude of 100 meters and with mild to moderate wind gusts, the DJI Mavic Mini will not bother you.

If you fly calmly and modestly, a 30 minute flight is not a problem. If you are constantly flying in sport mode and performing acrobatic stunts, the maximum flight time will be slightly less. How long you can actually stay in the air continuously depends not only on the flight mode, but also on camera use, flight altitude, and outside temperature.

If the battery runs out, the drone will land automatically and will not fall to the ground like a stone. Overall, the DJI Mavic Mini is a complex system.

The flight model is small, foldable and very lightweight. Plus, the drone is very easy to fly and available at a relatively attractive price. Therefore, we highly recommend the Mavic Mini.

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