Drone DBPower in practical test: range, flight time, photo and video quality

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.6 / 5

The entry-level drone attracts with a low price tag of less than one hundred euros, and its mission is to take great pictures.

In addition, the WLAN signal should be stable and work without problems.

We have taken a close look at the mini drone and will show you in our detailed hands-on test if the purchase is really worth it.

Quality of materials and workmanship

At first glance, the drone makes a very good impression, and the material seems valuable.

Bumpers, also known as bumpers, help the drone cope with an accident.

The drone is very light, weighs only 181g and does not need to have a license plate. This commitment has to be fulfilled only from 250 BC.

Despite its light weight, the drone is relatively large: it measures 30×30 cm when fully assembled and is about 10 cm high.

The drone can also be used in FPV mode with virtual reality goggles such as flying the Fatshark Predator V2.

However, this requires a little flying experience, otherwise the drone can quickly land on a nearby tree.

Also, you should never fly alone in FPV mode, but there should always be another person on site to check the terrain for obstacles.

LED navigation lights are attached to the drone so that it can be sufficiently recognized even in low light conditions.

Drone camera: photo and video quality

In my opinion, the photos are good, but you shouldn’t expect Hollywood shots from a quadcopter in this price range.

The camera can shoot video in HD, that is, with a resolution of 720p.

This quality is definitely enough to take pictures of the most beautiful places during your vacation, and then put the photo in your photo folder.

It should be noted that the pictures were taken in JPG format and that the lighting conditions must be good.

If it’s dark enough, the picture quickly starts to make noise. There are also no settings in the application, for example, the ISO value or exposure can be adjusted.

Photo from the U818A quadcopter

The videos are really good for a budding drone and can inspire your next family birthday.

However, demanding pilots or filmmakers and photographers should look for another model like the DJI Spark or the UPair 4k drone.

These unmanned aerial vehicles offer significantly better technologies, both in terms of flight parameters such as flight time and photo and video quality.

Supports SD cards up to 32GB.

Flight behavior and operation

The UDI U818A is surprisingly relaxed in the air and responds directly to commands given to the drone from the remote control.

The drone is about to take off

Taking off and landing is especially easy as it can be done simply with a button.

The UDI rises to a height of almost 1.5m and awaits further flight instructions.

We have crashed the drone very often and so far we can rightfully say that this FPV drone is very stable (similar to the Syma drone) and can even withstand a drop from a height of several meters without damage.

However, the U8181A cannot cope with the stronger gusts of wind, it simply lacks the weight and other sensors to ensure a stable position in flight.

However, the built-in barometer does its job well and keeps the drone in the air.

Drone in practical flight tests

In our test, we were able to achieve ranges up to 30m wide and 30m high, which is definitely enough for capturing impressive photos and videos.

The drone flies in the 2.4G range. In this case, 5.8G cannot be used as is, for example. with the Mavic Air that is.

The package includes 2 batteries for an effective flight time of just under 12 minutes.

The batteries can be charged using a USB charger for both the drone battery and remote control.

Charging the drone battery

It takes about 75 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Quadcopter flight modes

The drone offers a number of different flight modes, which I will briefly explain.

The Gravity Introduction mode allows you to control the drone using your mobile phone.

If you tilt the cell phone forward, the drone will fly forward as well.

If we tilt it to the side or tilt it towards us, the drone will respond accordingly.

This control works well, but should not be used in tight spaces.

In headless mode, the drone always flies exactly in the direction you aim with the remote control.

It doesn’t matter which direction the drone’s head is pointed.

If the head of the drone is directed to the left and is full throttle forward, the drone flies forward, but nose to the left.

When the drone’s battery runs out, it will emit a beep, signaling that the landing process will soon have to begin.

Conclusion on a mini quadcopter

I think the U818A has a really great value for money and is a great gift especially for beginners and inexperienced pilots alike.

The drone will definitely survive the first accidents and become a great introduction to the world of drones.

Thumbs up for this very cheap flying object and a great deal in the drone market!

The drone is currently available on Amazon at a very affordable price.