DRVM 4K WIFI Action Cam: Test, Photos, Videos and Battery Life

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Video quality
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Overall rating 4.2 / 5

20 megapixels, 4K video at 24 frames per second, and waterproof (up to 30 meters). These features frame a DRVM action camera with built-in Wi-Fi and remote control.

It is ideal for water sports and extreme sports and has several interesting features.

Of course, every manufacturer would like to try to make their cameras special, but this often comes with many hurdles as cameras are getting cheaper and the price pressure is now quite high.

Some companies are trying to give cameras a different look. If you look at the technical details, you will see that the electronics used are often very similar or even the same. This is especially true for cheap models (from 50 to 100 euros) of action cameras. So here it is worth taking a closer look and weighing whether the price is justified in terms of quality, accessories and general configuration.

Technical details

Camera with housing

The DRVM Action Camera has a lot to offer and is definitely a lot of fun to use. This is also reflected in Amazon customer reviews. There he has more than 4 stars out of 5 and more than 200 ratings, which speaks in favor of the model.

In terms of design, the camera does not really stand out from other devices. It has a typical shape and also does not have a special color scheme.

However, having an extensive set with multiple brackets is beneficial. DRVM gets another plus from us because it comes with 2 batteries. You can use it to record even longer videos.

Image sensor, resolution and memory

The heart of the camera is a photo sensor with an incredibly sharp 20 megapixel resolution. This is quite a lot compared to other models in this price range. DRVM Cam is one of the highest resolution video action cameras.

You can set several different resolution formats for photos: 20 MP, 16 MP, 12 MP, 10 MP, 8 MP, 5 MP, 2 MP, and VGA are available as a selection in the menu.

In the video area, 4K is set to 24fps by default, but you can also choose between different formats and frame rates. These include the following resolution values:

  • 4K @ 24fps
  • 2K @ 30fps
  • 1080p @ 60fps
  • 720p @ 120fps
  • 720p @ 60fps

Since the camera lens has a wide angle of about 170 degrees, this angle can also be changed as follows: 170 degrees, 140 degrees, 110 degrees, 70 degrees.

Micro SD cards up to 64GB are supported as storage media; they must be grade 10 or higher. It is recommended to format them before use.

Battery and run time

The package includes 2 large 1350mAh batteries. Each of them provides a runtime of about 60-90 minutes. In total, you can shoot with it for a maximum of 180 minutes, you only need to replace the battery once.

Wi-Fi, remote control and smartphone connection

The set also includes a remote control that can be worn comfortably on your wrist, start / stop recording and take photos.

You can also connect the camera to a smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is download the corresponding app and you can get live image to your device and make various settings.

scope of delivery

scope of delivery

A feature of this camera is not only a high-quality photo sensor, but also an extensive set. In total there are more than 19 accessories included.

The kit includes the following parts:

  • 1x underwater housing
  • 1x remote control for hand carry
  • 2 batteries for action cameras, 1350 mAh each
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x bike mount kit
  • 1x multifunctional clip
  • 1x instruction manual
  • 1x wrist strap
  • 2x stripes
  • 2x tape
  • 2x 3M glue
  • 2x rope
  • 1x cleaning cloth
  • 1x housing bracket
  • 7 multifunctional brackets

Pros and cons


  • High quality photos thanks to the 20-megapixel photo sensor
  • 4K video recording at 24 frames per second is possible
  • Wi-Fi connection with smartphone
  • Extremely extensive range of accessories
  • Memory cards up to 64 GB can be used.
  • 2 batteries with a capacity of 1350 mAh included
  • Many different recording modes, including frame recording, loop recording and burst recording.
  • 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens – Choose from 140, 110 and 70 Degree
  • Waterproof case (depth up to 30 meters)
  • Very good value for money


  • Strong image noise in low light conditions


The DRVM camera has a lot to offer. Many buyers speak positively about the cam. Sure, some people always have something to complain about, but we think the action cam for this price is absolutely great. Of course, you shouldn’t expect quality from a GoPro, but in this price segment it should be taken for granted.

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