Eachine 4k EG16 WINGGOD drone test: photos, videos, range and flight behavior

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Overall rating 4.2 / 5

In today’s review, we introduce you to the Eachine EG16 WINGGOD drone. It features ultra-stable flight, a 4K camera and is currently priced below € 100.

Different scope of delivery are possible: one with one battery, 2 battery packs or even 3 flight batteries.

If you buy a model here in a store, it will be shipped within 24 hours.

Overall, we really liked the Eachine EG16 WINGGOD GPS 5G drone. We took a close look at this model in a detailed test. In this report, you will learn all the important data and facts about the quadcopter.

In our two video reviews, you will find out what the drone is really capable of in practice. In the first test, we will show you in more detail the scope of delivery and the capabilities of the application. We also conduct first-range tests and evaluate flight performance:
In the second test of the Eachine 4k drone, we present all flight functions in detail and conclude about the quadcopter:

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If you look at the technical data of the Eachine EG16 WingGod drone, the model looks super modern and beautiful. It remains to be seen whether the technical improvements and benefits will work in the long term and work in practice in the long term. Everything went well in our test.

The drone has a GPS positioning system, 2 cameras and an optical sensor.

Although the camera is listed as 4K, this only applies to photos, videos can be captured at a maximum resolution of 2K.

The motors are Coreless 1021 brushed motors, some shops claim they are completely brushless drives, but this is not true.

Despite these small inconsistencies, this little flying model is definitely worth the money.

The top speed is a remarkable 60 kilometers per hour, the drives are very powerful and propels the flight model to this high speed in a very short time.

The bottom camera is a 0.3MP optical lens with 480P resolution.

Drone structure

This model has the same folding wings as the DJI Mavic. When folded, the Eachine EG16 WINGGOD measures just 13.5cm x 18.5cm x 6cm.

When unfolded, the EG16 has an excellent dimensions of 30 cm x 26 cm x 6 cm.

Since the quadcopter weighs only about 210g, you do not need an additional drone license plate, only for 250g.


The camera in the front is very high definition and 4K. It sends data at 5G frequency and has a 120 degree wide angle. It can also be operated at a 90 degree angle. This works through the built-in servo.

Unfortunately, you cannot record 4K videos with it, they only have 2K resolution.

The photo resolution is 4096 x 3072 pixels and the video resolution is 2048 x 1080 pixels.

All recordings are recorded on the micro SD card. With its 5G WiFi function, the drone can also easily send real-time photos and videos to your smartphone or tablet.

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Remote control and range

As for the FPV system, the maximum range here is from 200 to a maximum of 300 meters. Unfortunately, the transmission power of the remote control is sufficient only at a distance of no more than 200 meters.

Battery and flight time

This drone has a powerful 1800mAh battery, it is powered by 3.85V, it is a Lipo battery.

The maximum flight time is 14 minutes and the battery takes a long time to charge. This takes up to 210 minutes if the flight battery is completely discharged.

Other great features of the Eachine EG16 WINGGOD drone

With GPS positioning system, the quadcopter can balance using GPS data. There is also a gyroscopic system in which the drone is balanced with a 6-axis balancer.

Then comes the positioning of the optical flow, which makes the flight model very easy to fly indoors.The built-in altitude hold mode does the rest, making automatic hovering even easier.

There is also a Follow Me mode, in which the drone follows a specific target. It is also possible to make the drone fly in a circle around a specific object.

In addition, you can draw a specific line on the screen of your smartphone in the application, which the drone will follow in a targeted manner.

Another feature we particularly liked was the gesture controls. It is convenient to control the quadcopter using gestures and gestures.

The model itself is also very beginner-friendly. There are a total of 3 different speed levels with which a beginner can slowly adapt to faster drone commands and responses.

If the flying object collapses, this is also not a big problem, because the drone is very gentle, as it is made of high-strength and resistant material. This is a special engineering plastic.

There is an interesting flight mode so that beginners can better navigate the drone at the beginning. This is called headless mode. The quadcopter can be controlled regardless of its orientation. This means that if the drone is sideways to you, and you move the joystick forward, the flight model will fly not to the side, but forward.

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Pros and cons


  • It is very easy to use and therefore ideal for beginners.
  • Easy GPS positioning
  • Modern dual camera
  • High flight speed up to 60 kilometers per hour – can be set in 3 levels
  • Advanced gesture control for better quadcopter performance
  • Anti-jamming 2.4 GHz remote control for secure transmission of control command data
  • Transmission range from 200 to 300 meters.
  • Interactive app with universal flight modes


  • 4K resolution applies only to stills – videos are only Full HD.


The Eachine EG16 WingGod drone is ideal for beginners. You should really consider buying this model. Even with 3 battery packs included in the delivery, the quadcopter can be purchased for less than 100 euros.

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