Eachine E016H mini drone testing, flight behavior, flight range and 2 batteries

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.4 / 5

In today’s test report, we introduce you to the Eachine E016H mini drone. This is an extremely secure design with propeller guard, removable guard, and easy operation.

The drone is especially popular because it comes with 2 batteries, the drone can be used for 360-degree stunts and has LED lighting.

In the next report, we’ll tell you what else the Eachine E016H is capable of and how good the price / performance ratio is. You can watch our detailed video review here:

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All technical data and facts

Flight performance, performance, material structure and design speak in favor of this model. The extremely low price cannot be despised, which especially attracts newcomers to the purchase of such a model.

The package is pretty clear and everything is included so that you can fly with the drone right after charging. The quadcopter is, so to speak, “ready to fly.” We think it’s great that you even get 2 batteries for this unbeatable price.

A 6-axis stabilization system and automatic height control are installed. Therefore, if you release the throttle, the drone will level itself at a certain height. This greatly simplifies management. Especially newcomers benefit from this.


The rugged construction is particularly impressive. It also protects children from the propeller drives and prevents minor injury from the rotor blade.

Otherwise, the drone will have a cool acid green color. There is also an LED night light on the front, so you can control this model in the dark.

Don’t shoot?

Unfortunately, the Eachine E016H drone lacks a camera, which is normal in this price segment. Very few models available for less than € 50 have a cam.

But the quadcopter has many other great features.

All about remote control

The remote control is very compact and handy. It is ideal for kids with small gripping hands, and has a great design in acid green and black colors to match the quadcopter.

The remote control requires 2 AA batteries as power source, which are unfortunately not included in the package.

There are several trim buttons in the middle, as well as under the control sticks, which allow you to perfectly tune the model in its stable flight.

For example, if the drone is drifting to the left, you need to make fine adjustments with the right trim button.

There are also 2 more buttons on the back of the quadcopter. With the right button, the drone can perform great stunts and flips. The left button is for setting the drone at 3 different speed levels.

In our range test, we were able to fly the Eachine E016H so far that it was barely recognizable, after which radio communications were gradually interrupted. In this case, i.e. if a connection cannot be established, the drone will crash land. So you don’t have to worry about losing it completely.

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To supply power to the model, the drone has a flight battery on the underside. You can change it very easily by pushing it out.

The package also includes a USB charging adapter, so you can charge the battery using any USB charger or power bank.

Depending on how discharged the battery is, the total charging time is 80 to 90 minutes. It also depends on which power supply / charger you are using.

When the battery is low, the Eachine E016H will crash land. In addition, drones indicate a very low battery level when their LEDs start flashing.


To get the drone ready to go, you need to connect the white battery cable on the back. Then the blue and red LEDs will flash. Then you should turn on the remote control. To connect the remote to the drone, you need to pull the left joystick up once and then to the lower left corner in the corner.

You can find out if the drone has successfully connected to the remote controller when the LEDs on the quadcopter stop flashing.

If you want to start the flight model, you just need to lower the right and left joysticks.

Flight behavior

After takeoff, the drone must always be calibrated first. This works easily with the trim buttons on the remote and usually takes 10 to 15 seconds.

When you are done calibrating, the aircraft will be very calm and relaxed in the air.

We recommend that you fly the Eachine E016H only in absolute calm or within your four walls. Due to its low weight, it is very sensitive to even the slightest gusts of wind.

Flying at 3 different speed levels works great and you can get closer to higher speed levels step by step.

As already mentioned, the drone can perform cool flips and tricks in all 4 directions. However, it should be borne in mind that the quadcopter always loses a little height after a flip.

Beginners in particular will have a lot of fun flying the Eachine E016H.

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Pros and cons


  • A very high quality mini drone at an extremely affordable price
  • Low battery alarm function
  • Relatively long flight time (8 minutes per battery charge)
  • Cool tricks like 3D flip function
  • Simple and intuitive operation thanks to headless mode
  • Pretty beginner friendly – you can set 3 different speed levels
  • High quality propeller protection to prevent damage to property and people
  • This drone is definitely funny.


  • Sufficiently susceptible to wind – especially in strong gusts of wind
  • The drone needs to be calibrated briefly after each launch (takes 10 to 15 seconds).
  • Camera not available

Conclusion: worth buying

We have already tested several models from the manufacturer Eachine. These include the Eachine E511S GPS Dynamic drone, the Eachine Tyro99 drone, the Eachine EX2H brushless drone, and the Eachine E58 DroneX Pro drone. All models of this brand are distinguished by an exceptionally good price / quality ratio.

So it’s no surprise that the E016H mini drone is even available for less than € 30, depending on which store you buy it from. At the same time, the model has a lot to offer.

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Maybe take another look at the list of advantages and disadvantages before you finally decide to buy this model. The cons really aren’t a big issue. We recommend that you put it in the living room and you will quickly get used to calibration. However, if you are interested in a slightly larger drone with a camera, take a closer look at the Hubsan drone we are testing.

With the Eachine E016H mini drone, fun is guaranteed even without a camera.