EACHINE E32HW test, photo, video, range, flight duration and stability

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.3 / 5

A drone that has almost 5 total stars on Amazon, is especially suitable for beginners and has a very high quality finish, is the Eachine E32HW.

We especially liked the cool and modern design of this model. Moreover, the price is extremely low. It has a 720P camera with WiFi FPV and a 6-axis gyroscope to ensure the most stable flying position.

Plus, it has a variety of flight modes, LED navigation lights and an extensive package.

In particular, the headless flight mode is very suitable for beginners as the drone responds directly to control commands, regardless of the position of the head.

Technical data and facts

The E32HW FPV RC drone itself is uniquely one of those models where the price, depending on the configuration, has decreased compared to other products.

Not only is it equipped with an FPV camera, but also equipped with various stabilization systems, and can perform excellent 360 degree flips.

The drone can automatically maintain its altitude as it has a built-in altitude barometer, which is especially useful when you want to take a photo or start video recording. The drone maintains its height even when the joystick is released.

There is also an automatic take-off and landing function at the touch of a button. You can launch and immediately land the model with the push of a button.

Camera and FPV function

This drone was equipped with 720P HD camera and FPV function. You can connect your smartphone to the quadcopter and display live recordings on the screen.

Photo and video recordings are more than satisfactory for this price point!


We love the sleek design of this drone. This makes her a little manly and aggressive. And that’s how it flies.

In addition, each propeller has a collision guard to protect the drives.

The camera is built into the front and is almost invisible.

There are LED lights under each wing. Some blue in the front and some red in the back.

Battery and flight time

Identical batteries are installed in the remote control and the drone. This is very beneficial because it allows you to exchange them. If the battery is completely discharged, the charging time is 2 hours. It is quite long, but the flight duration is also considerable.


For you to be able to launch the drone, you just need to charge the flight battery, insert it and connect it to the drone with a cable.

Then turn on the remote and connect it to the drone. Now you can pair your smartphone with the quadcopter and take off.

Flight behavior and range

The drone model can be controlled in all directions. Thanks to advanced safety systems, it flies very stable and calmly in the air. The rest will be done by the 6-axis stabilization system and the automatic altitude hold system.

Once you have completed the 360-degree stunt, the drone will stabilize again, in our opinion the Eachine E32HW is ideal for beginners.

The remote control has average transmission quality. The maximum transmission distance is acceptable for the price segment, but it could well be a little longer. This is a maximum of 80 meters. Depending on the state of charge of the remote controller and objects between the remote controller and the drone, the maximum distance may be only 50 meters.

Pros and cons


  • 720P FPV camera with Wi-Fi transmission to smartphone
  • You can do cool flips and drone stunts
  • Simple controls and excellent flight behavior
  • Headless Activity Mode for Beginners
  • Cool LED lights for flying in the dark
  • One key home to get back
  • Very good value for money


  • The range could be slightly larger


This is where you get a great drone that’s perfect for beginners. In addition, the model is very easy to operate and has a particularly low price.Average costs are usually slightly below 100 euros.

We are accustomed to good quality at a reasonable price from the Eachine manufacturer.

However, we are a little worried that the range, unfortunately, is only about 80 meters. However, this is not so bad, because from such a distance it is still difficult to see.

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