Eachine EX2H brushless drone test: photo, video, flight time

With FPV goggles and versatile features, the Eachine EX2H Brushless 5.8G is a fairly inexpensive quadcopter popular with beginners.

In the store you can choose different sets, including with a camera, without a camera and with a camera + FPV monitor + FPV goggles.

With its powerful brushless motors, the drone is extremely powerful and can move quickly through the air.

The flip function is really cool too. This ensures that the drone rotates once 360 ​​degrees around its own axis.

All in all, a pretty cool remote controlled plane with tons of features and a heck of a price tag. In this report, we want to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the drone, as well as some of the technical features.

You can watch the first part of our video review here:

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In our opinion, this model is very suitable for beginners, as it has many features that keep the drone in balance even when you take your hands off the controller.

It uses an altitude barometer and a 6-axis gyroscope system. After takeoff, the flight model will simply be able to float freely in the air without your conscious intervention.

Even after 360 degree rotation, the aircraft will stabilize fully automatically.

In the store of this model, you have a choice between a package with a camera and a package without a camera. You can also opt for a set that even includes an FPV monitor and goggles.

Eachine EX2H size and design

Drone with camera

The drone itself is relatively large and has the following dimensions: 44.5 cm x 44.5 cm x 14.5 cm.

In general, the model looks very modest, but at the same time modern. The outer casing is made of extra strong plastic. Under the arms that hold the rotor blades are pairs of LED strips that glow in different colors. The pair is light white in the front area, blue in the back.

The Eachine EX2H drone is powered by 4 MT1806 1800kV brushless motors.

Battery, range and flight time

A flight battery with a capacity of around 1800mAh is also really cool for this price. It operates at about 7.4V and powers the quadcopter for about 17 minutes, assuming it is fully charged. What scared us was the long loading time, about 300 minutes.

However, charging the battery slowly is quite economical and a longer shelf life is guaranteed.

The maximum range that you can control the drone with the remote controller is about 300-500 meters. in the USA, it is allowed to fly only on models of quadrocopters within sight, after 100-150 meters the copter will be practically invisible.

Pros and cons


  • Long enough flight time thanks to the powerful 1800mAh battery
  • Large range
  • 5.8G Receiver Monitor
  • The largest package even includes FPV goggles
  • Extremely powerful brushless motors
  • Simple and stable hovering function thanks to an extensive sensor system
  • Cool design with attractive LEDs
  • Different sets are available in the store
  • Extremely good value for money


  • Unfortunately, the loading time is very long (about 5 hours).


Drone in flight

We’ve already taken a close look at other models from the Eachine brand, but the EX2H brushless drone is really tough to move forward in terms of value for money. In this price range, not only the long flight times, but the overall equipment are exceptional.

Ideal if you also read the reviews in the store to get an even better opinion.

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