Eachine EX4 drone test: photo, video, range, flight time

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.4 / 5

In this review, I will introduce you to the Eachine EX 4 GPS drone – WiFi 5G, the brother of the JJRC X12.

And show the advantages and disadvantages of this drone, as well as which drones it is an alternative. You can watch a video review of the JJRC X12 twin of the Eachine EX4 on the Drone – Check YouTube channel.

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  • Foldable and therefore easy to transport
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilization for balanced video recording
  • Long flight time 25 minutes in optimal conditions
  • Replaceable battery
  • Active track / orbit mode / waypoint mode / gesture mode / video effect mode
  • Long range transmitter 1.2 km
  • Record 1080p video and 4K photos – even without fisheye effect
  • Bag included
  • The drone develops high speeds up to 36 km / h or 10 m / s.


  • 1080p / 24fps video only instead of 30 or 60fps

Eachine EX4 vs. DJI Mavic Spark in comparison

Eachine ex4 DJI Mavic Spark
Weight 435 g 300 g
Folded dimensions (L × W × H) 177x196x70 mm 143 x 143 x 55 mm
Positioning system GPS GPS / GLONASS
other systems Optical flow + ultrasonic sensor Optical flow
Camera 4K photo / 1080p video 24fps 4K photo / 1080p video 30fps
Image stabilization 3-axis gimbal 2-Axis Gimbal + Ultra Smooth Electronic Image Stabilization
Bitrate 8 Mbps 12 Mbps
Photo sensor 1 / 3.2 “CMOS 1 / 2.3 ″ CMOS
maximum range 1200 meters 500 meters
Maximum. speed 36 km / h 50 km / h
Flight time 25 minutes 16 minutes
Battery capacity 2400 mAh 1400 mAh
Point value € 249.99 € 299.95

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You can already see that the Eachine EX4 is a good competitor to the DJI Mavic Spark. The price level is about the same, and the technical characteristics of both copters can also be compared with each other.

Eachine ex4

Drone delivery scope

Eachine comes of course with a foldable drone with propellers, remote controller, battery (2400mAh) and charging cable.

The package also includes a drone bag, instructions in English and screws for attaching the propellers.

Attention, unfortunately, there is no SD card included in the package. Of course, the drone has such a slot. The maximum size of this SD card is 32 gigabytes.

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Details on technical aspects

Technically, the drone is actually almost in the next price range, because for that price, the possibilities a drone offers are enormous.

The maximum range of 1200 meters is the end of this price range. Even the DJI Mavic Spark doesn’t keep up.

However, please note that it is illegal to fly that far in the USA. For several years now, there have been stricter laws here, which, among other things, stipulate that drones can only fly within line of sight!

In terms of flight range, this model is clearly ahead of everyone, and the flight time is more than acceptable – 25 minutes.

With a 2400mAh 3S Lipos battery, you can stay airborne until you have to change the battery. Which operates at 11.4V just like the JJRC X12.

You can also order batteries from the manufacturer to further extend your flight time.

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The Eachine EX4 drone is a state-of-the-art drone, so the appropriate sensors are built into this flight model.

First of all, it is the GPS system. This allows the drone to stand in the air without manual calibration.

But two additional sensors are also at the start. Namely, an optical flow sensor and an ultrasonic sensor. This means that the drone is also immune to obstacles inside and can find its way to stay calm in the air until an order is received from the drone pilot.

Don’t rely too much on built-in sensors, especially in low light conditions or even in the dark, the optical flow sensor quickly reaches its limits.

Despite this criticism, the level of high technology installed here shows how high quality and modern this drone is.

Of course, ultrasonic and optical flow sensors are also used outdoors. Together with a barometer, an ultrasonic sensor and a GPS, the drone is really nice and calm in the air outside.

The interaction of the systems ensures a fantastic and sophisticated flight.The systems also benefit less experienced pilots and make it much easier and more comfortable to fly this model.

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Camera and recording

As shown in the review above, you can capture 1080p videos and take 4K photos. The videos are 8 Mbps at 24 frames per second and 1080p.

The camera is held in place by a 3-axis gimbal, so stable shots are guaranteed!

The Eachine EX4 also has a zoom lens like the JJRC X12. This keeps focusing stability. Using the lens, you can quickly adjust the focal length without changing the position.

The only criticism from my side of the camera is the video bitrate. The 8 Mbps speed looks partially blurry, and 24 frames per second is even slightly noticeable to the experienced eye.

But the photos are in 4K, and the video resolution of 1080p is fine for this price range.

Writing a test pattern

Flight control

Drone controller

The drone is controlled over Wi-Fi, please note that the drone is addressed using the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

You should pay attention to whether your smartphone supports this standard. In particular, older models may be affected. It’s best to read your smartphone manual or ask the manufacturer if you’re not sure.

The remote control also has a built-in Wi-Fi amplifier (see Antennas in the figure). In this model, you connect to the remote controller via Wi-Fi, and then the remote controller automatically establishes a connection with the Eachine EX4.

High range is achieved only by amplifying the signal.

You also have some functions on the remote control. First, the “M” button in the upper left corner. This disables GPS, which is better on the inside, because GPS is inaccurate to the meter, let alone centimeter range.

Using the button on the left under the on / off switch, you can start or land the drone by briefly holding the button and then releasing it.

Using the other button to the right below the On switch. / Off. You can take a photo with a short press, or press and hold it to start video recording.

There is also a small wheel in the upper left corner above the M button, this wheel is used to set the tilt of the camera gimbal.

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Eachine EX4 drone uses the Enjoy Fly app. The app provides features such as Follow Me mode, waypoint, FPV video, altitude hold mode (while standing in the air), and multiple effect settings.

Also important: the drone will not take off until you connect your smartphone to it via the app. Therefore, your smartphone must support the aforementioned standard!

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After installing the application on the mobile phone, the pairing request first comes. The pairing code can be found in the instructions for the drone.

When I complete pairing, the app will automatically connect to the drone. At least it looks for a connection with the drone, as soon as the drone turns on, the connection is automatically established and you can see this image:

The app has successfully connected to the drone

Here you can see the height and see a small map, you can also take a photo or start a video. In addition, there are settings that I will show you in the next image.

Application settings

There is a beginner mode here which is nothing more than a headless mode, and it’s definitely a great thing for beginners. You can also set the maximum height (100 meters in the USA).

With Voltage you can see the current battery level of the drone and set at what battery level the warning should be issued. However, this parameter does not fall below 10% or above 80%.

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In addition, GPS can be calibrated using compass calibration, and additional sensors can be calibrated using gyroscope calibration.

Flight behavior

As far as flight behavior is concerned, I cannot complain about anything. The drone stands motionless in the air, and thanks to the sensors, even the wind cannot affect the fixed position of the drone in the air.

The modes available in the application are stable.Except for temperatures in the minus range. Do not fully exhale -10 degrees, because the sensors can fail in advance with the appropriate flight duration and cold weather.

Headless Mode, or Beginner Mode, as the app calls it, is also easy to control. In general, control is very direct and has little delay. In my opinion, control that can be seen and which is pleasant.


Like the JJRC X12, it remains a very good alternative to the DJI Mavic Spark and other drones in this price range. During the test, we were concerned about the poor quality of the 1080p video recording.

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Since the recordings are only recorded at 24 frames per second and have a relatively low bit rate of 8 Mbps, the video could
look much better, a slightly higher bit rate would be sufficient.

On the other hand, 4K photos are very clean and leave no room for complaints.

Since the drone is available for as little as 250 Euros, not much can go wrong with this model. For novices, but also for experienced pilots, the drone is definitely worth considering and with its extensive sensor system it can almost compete with professional drones – at least in terms of flight enjoyment, the camera, as I said, is the only subject. criticism.