Eachine Tyro99 test, range, battery life, photos and videos

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Material quality
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Overall rating 4.3 / 5

In this report, we will introduce you to the homemade version of the Eachine Tyro99 copter. This is a ready-made drone model, not a kit that is slightly cheaper but requires a lot of skill.

The Eachine Tyro99 drone kit is not for beginners, as some craft skills, soldering experience, and know-how are sure to be required here.

For the price it is quite cheap, because the kit with all the elements does not even cost 90 €!

Those with experience can expertly assemble a drone in half a day. If you would prefer to receive a kit, we recommend that you ask someone to help you with the assembly if you have not already assembled the quadcopter yourself.


When the Eachine Tyro99 is ready, it weighs around 330 grams.

You should keep in mind that there is no 6-axis gyroscope or other aids to balance the aircraft and assist in flight. It takes several skills to keep such a drone stable, safe and elegant in the air. Here practice leads to perfection.


Overall, the Eachine Tyro99 drone is very suitable as a racing drone. The engines do really well at 2150 rpm and have a lot of power with 1050g of thrust.

The camera could be slightly better in our opinion, but it’s well known that racing drone cameras are never that good.

The package also includes an adapted F4 flight controller, the main control chip of which is STM32F405.

Various acceleration sensors are also integrated to improve flight performance.


Camera angle

The frame kit has a wheelbase of 210mm and a frame arm thickness of about 5mm. The frame material is composed of 3K carbon fiber and 6065 aluminum.

Overall, the color design is also very eye-catching, with the metallic orange combined with the black rubber overlays definitely looking good.

Sure, the drone looks like a racing drone, with printed circuit boards, wires and solder points in some places, but this is completely normal and racing pilots usually find this design very attractive. The large antenna in the middle at the back of the drone is also very conspicuous.

Unfortunately, the wings or levers cannot be folded or unscrewed so easily overnight. However, the drone is not that big at all. Its compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, just a small backpack or bag is enough to transport it.

Camera performance and recording quality

Okay, there are no glossy shots, but you can’t compare the Eachine Tyro99 to standard drone cameras, it just isn’t for that!

The camera is a 700 TVL CMOS camera with a total of 1020H x 596V PAL pixels (about 0.61 megapixels). There is also the following video output: 1.0 Vp-p / 75 ohms and automatic gain control from 0.25 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.00 to 55 dB. You can turn white balance on or off.

The electronic shutter speed is 1/50 (1/60) – 1/100000 s, and the objective operating voltage is 12 volts DC.

The video image itself looks like an old TV, it flickers and flickers slightly, but the depth of field is very suitable for flying with FPV goggles.

If you control the roller and look into the sun at the camera, the white balance ensures that the image turns black and white for a short time, but then the color returns. This can happen with fast flips and is also not uncommon with other camera models in drone racing.

All in all, the Eachine Tyro99 does a really good job and meets all the requirements of a racing drone, of course this model is not designed for great panoramic shots, sunsets, beach shots, etc.

Receiver module

Different transmission ranges are available to you depending on the power output. Installed 5.8G 40CH 0mW / 25mw / 200mW / 600mw transmitter. Here’s an overview of the ranges:

  • ≥2 km @ 600 mW
  • ≥1 km at 200 mW
  • ≥0.5 km @ 25 mW

The module also has a power output self-test function.

How well can a drone fly?

Drone in flight

If this is your first time flying a drone, it can be a very bad ride, especially if you only have experience with supported quadcopter models.

In order for you to better control your remote controlled flight model, you need to practice and set up your camera so that you can handle it perfectly. The best setting that has proven itself here is the tilt angle of the camera, which deviates very little from the plane and does not protrude too much into the sky.

If this angle relative to the plane is too great, it may happen that someone misinterprets the tilt of the helicopter from a first-person perspective, making it difficult to fly.

With a little practice, you will quickly become comfortable and able to fly over fields or halls with others.

Advantages and disadvantages

Quadcopter from behind


  • Very powerful motors for maximum traction
  • Great for drone racing
  • This model (DIY) no longer requires assembly
  • Cool design and stable construction
  • Only high quality materials were used, especially for the case.
  • Powerful receiver module providing long transmission distance
  • Very compact so it can be easily transported
  • You can set the camera angle individually


  • Not so good for newbies
  • The camera could be slightly better and have even higher resolution
  • You need flying experience to be really good at owning this drone


Most of the drones that you can buy in the racing quadcopter sector need to be built and flown by yourself. Save a lot of work with the Eachine Tyro99 DIY Kit and get a racing drone you can take off with right away.

In terms of price / quality ratio, this model is really very good and we can recommend it to everyone. But keep in mind that you will need practice!

This is the way to the store where you can buy the finished version of the Eachine Tyro99! *