EHANG Ghost Drone 2.0 with VR Goggles – Perfect FPV Experience

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The EHANG Ghost drone with FPV and VR goggles is a rather unusual remote controlled aircraft. It has a pretty interesting design, with the propellers pointing downwards, but otherwise has similar features to the Phantom 1 from DJI.

It is suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots as it has a sophisticated stabilization system and a high-precision 3-axis harness.

A pretty cool feature that’s almost a unique selling point is the included VR glasses. The gimbal gimbal not only provides a shake-free image, but also allows you to control camera movement by tilting the VR glasses.

If the pilot looks down with the goggles, the camera will also move down in the same direction. This principle also works from the bottom up, and this is what makes the EHANG Ghost drone so unique.

Technical details, specifications and features

good flight behavior

Many drone enthusiasts love to use DJI models, but there are many other quadcopters from other manufacturers, including the Hubsan drone, Parrot Bebop 2 and a few others. What makes the EHANG Ghost so special is not only its FPV goggles, but also the details. More precisely in the technical specifications. You have an incredibly powerful camera, accurate flight characteristics and reliable modes.

Camera, live image, VR glasses and recording quality


A 12-megapixel 4K spherical camera is installed, with which you can create professional 4K videos at 30 frames per second.

The 3-axis gyro system balances the image relative to the flight position so perfectly that gusts of wind or changes in aircraft movement are not visible in video recordings.

The live image is sent directly to your smartphone or tablet, and you can follow the recordings in real time. In addition, the live image can be viewed with FPV goggles. As mentioned, the drone’s camera can be controlled by the angle of the VR glasses. If you look down, the camera will also move down and vice versa.

There is another camera in front of the VR glasses to additionally observe the outside world. You can switch between the VR glasses camera and the drone camera with a single button press.

The visibility inside the glasses is good, the image is not blurry, there is no color cast. This provides the drone pilot with an optimal flying experience.

The weight and size of such glasses are average, they do not put pressure on the nose, they sit well. You may need to adjust the eye relief slightly, but this is usually not a problem.

VR glasses do not have a range, the maximum range of the transmitters is about 500 meters. The package includes 2 transmitters: one with a 2.4 GHz transmission frequency and one with a 5.8 GHz transmission frequency.

Since the transmitters are marked, you must be careful to install them correctly. You cannot swap them or the VR glasses will not work. The 2.4 and 5.8 GHz markings are located on the transmitters and the VR glasses themselves, once you screw both in the right place, the glasses are technically ready to use.

Battery and flight time

The maximum flight time of the EHANG Ghost drone is impressive. It takes 25 minutes to charge the battery. The flight battery is very high quality, it has a large charging capacity and only 4500 mAh, which corresponds to about 67 Wh. Charging a fully discharged battery takes about 60-70 minutes. An integrated sensor system prevents the current state of charge. In addition, you will be informed in real time of the charging status via LEDs.

The smart charging systems we see in this drone are standard for market leader DJI and have proven themselves to be a testament to the quality of the EHANG Ghost drone’s battery system.

High speed, excellent maneuverability and unrivaled flight stability

Avatar mode can be compared to the sport mode of DJI drones.If the mode is active, you can accelerate the drone to 60 kilometers per hour at horizontal speed. If the EHANG Ghost is in GPS mode, it can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h, or at this speed it is practically “isolated”. If you want to climb quickly, the quadcopter can pick up a speed of about 2.5 m / s, and when descending, it can reach 1.5 m / s.

The EHANG Ghost is definitely suitable for newbies as it has a system that automatically adjusts the flight path, in GPS mode it also holds the position quite accurately when hovering, then you can release all the control sticks and the drone will stand up like nailed air.

If you’re used to very fast drones, the EHANG Ghost may seem a little awkward. However, this is not due to insufficient speed (at least up to 60 km / h), but due to its heavy weight. Weighing 1150 grams, it is one of the heaviest flying models in its size class. Flight maneuverability is good but not outstanding, which can be a big advantage for beginners, but for professionals it can be criticized.

Flight modes and other features

Application and features

Various flight modes, functions and customization options are available to you.

As with other models (Parrot Bebop 2, DJI drones, etc.), this drone can also be launched and landed by pressing the takeoff / landing button as soon as the drone hovers at a given altitude.

In avatar mode, the aircraft can be controlled using the tilt angle of the smartphone. If the cell phone is tilted forward, the drone moves forward; if tilted backward, it flies backward.

Another mode is touch-to-go mode, in which you can determine where the quadcopter should fly by simply touching the map, after which the EHANG Ghost flies independently to the selected destination.

Of course, the drone also has a Follow-Me mode, where the drone follows you wherever you go. It maintains a constant distance to you, so you can take a bird’s eye view of yourself while climbing, biking, or other leisure activities wherever you move.

Return Home: If the EHANG Ghost drone is suddenly discharged, it will automatically return to its starting point. You can also start your return flight at any time by clicking on the button. This feature is especially useful for beginners.

In the app, which has been perfectly designed for this quadcopter, you can start the training program and “run dry”.

Is the EHANG Ghost drone worth the price?

You are probably wondering what justifies the high purchase price.

Well, on the one hand, this drone has a lot of special features that are not found in other drones in the same price range. VR glasses are a feature that otherwise only exists in the Parrot Bebop 2. It’s a bit cheaper, but VR glasses are significantly worse.

VR headset

If you buy a DJI drone and matching VR glasses from DJI, you’ll pay another € 300-600 more. Suppose you get a DJI Mavic Air for 750 Euros and cheap matching VR glasses from DJI (around 300 Euros), then the price is expressed in a four-digit range (1050 Euros). You pay for the EHANG Ghost in full, and with the drone and goggles a little less than 700 euros!

EHANG Ghost drone advantages and disadvantages

Now we come to the most important positive and negative facts about the overall configuration of the drone.


  • High quality 12MP 4K bulletproof camera for perfect photo and video recording
  • Has a variety of flight modes including Takeoff / Landing, Avatar Mode, Touch-to-Go, Follow-Me, Return to Home Mode, and Flight Training.
  • VR glasses with position sensor included – head tilt controls the drone’s camera
  • Intelligent 3-axis gimbal for perfect video recording without blur
  • Range up to 1000 meters without VR glasses
  • Has an intelligent high performance flight battery
  • Long flight time (20-25 minutes)
  • Very suitable for beginners


  • Unfortunately, the range of the VR glasses is only 500 meters.
  • Relatively heavy for this size class

scope of delivery

Accessories and delivery set

Almost everything is included in the package so that you can get started with the EHANG Ghost drone right away.All you need is a compatible smartphone, which almost everyone now has. Otherwise, the EHANG Ghost drone is ready to fly. All you have to do is unscrew the propellers, paying attention to the black and silver markings. Before starting, we recommend that you fully charge the battery once, after which you can take off.

The kit includes the following parts:

1x drone EHANG Ghostdrone 2.0
1x VR glasses with 5.8 and 2.4 GHz transmitter
1x 3-axis gimbal
1x bulletproof 4K camera including 16GB micro SD card
1x 4500mAh Intelligent Flight Battery
1x USB charging cable
1x charger
8x propellers
4x propeller guard
1x tool set


Ehang Ghost drone

Compared to other drones in the same price and size class, the EHANG Ghost does a pretty good job. The drone leaves quite a positive impression on many drone pilots.

There are several reviews here and there, but this is also a matter of taste and subjective feeling, whether you like the quadcopter or not. In the end, this drone is built in a rather unusual way, and not everyone likes the downward-facing propeller drive design.

Some of you may be angry with the high price (around 700 euros), but you have to say that there are 2 models, this is the EHANG Ghost 2.0 VR version. There is also a model without VR glasses which is much cheaper.

As with many other quadcopter models in this price range, the camera is pretty good, but also not outstanding enough to impress a professional videographer with its recordings. Professional filmmakers may be better off using DJI’s Inspire or Mavic drone, but the recording quality of the EHANG Ghost is good enough for personal use!

Overall, you will get a good drone for a reasonable price. They are, of course, more expensive with VR glasses than without them.

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