Electric Helicopter Test: Eachine E160 Flight Behavior, Timing and Quality

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Eachine E160 6CH Brushless 3D6G System Flybarless Brushless RC Helicopter Test Report
Today, the Eachine E160 6CH helicopter is undergoing extensive testing. This is a miniature helicopter that the manufacturer Eachine offers online under the name E160 or RC Helicopter.

The unit price is usually just under $ 250, but in practice, the interested buyer can take advantage of discounts and price reductions of up to 20%. Of course, Eachine also supplies aircraft to the USA. It is very easy to order it, namely via the Internet.

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E160 Specifications and Specifications

During testing, the E160 demonstrated the following features and specifications:
we measured the rotor diameter at 305 mm. The aircraft body is 305 mm long and 98 mm high.

Ready to fly, we were able to determine the total weight of the E160 at 124 grams during the test. We determined the maximum possible flight time of the E160 as 5 minutes. The charging time is 30 to 60 minutes. Here, too, remote control takes place at the known 2.4 GHz frequency. The maximum possible range before signal interruption and loss of control over the aircraft during the test was no more than 120 meters.

The motor that drives the main rotor is a type 1308 brushless motor. On the other hand, the tail rotor is driven by a similar 1104 series brushless motor as we were able to determine during testing.

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The battery has an output voltage of 7.4 V at 600 Ah.

Features and behavior in flight

The manufacturer Eachine advertises the E160 with a claim: simple, reliable and stable. However, other details convinced us in the test. With efficient rotors and a powerful brushless motor for the main and tail rotor, the E160 is easy to maneuver and control in the air.

The six-axis gyroscope contributes to the stable and impressive flight behavior of this model in practice, as does the fairly high capacity of the built-in battery that reliably supplies power to the two rotors.

High quality materials and overall workmanship, which can be described as excellent, justify the good durability of the helicopter, which can also withstand a drop. In addition, during testing, we have found that the simple yet stable design also guarantees easy repairs.

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During the tests, the model proved to be suitable for indoor and outdoor flights. The steady flight behavior also allows the pilot to perform a variety of impressive stunts.

Then the pilot will be able to perform simpler stunts in the so-called 3D mode. Then only a three-axis gyroscope is used. These simpler tricks, which can be performed without problems with the E160 in 3D mode, include, for example, inverted flight, the so-called storm hit, vertical swing of the pendulum, swing of the side swing, and then also swing of the self-rotating pendulum.

Our conclusion on E160

During testing, the E160 proved to be a stable and reliable flight model that delivers a lot of flying pleasure. Whether inside or outside. With it, tricks are as possible as smooth flight. The simple operation and robust construction make this model very suitable in practice, especially as an entry-level model.

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