Elenker 509G test, range, flight time, camera, FPV

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.2 / 5

Various online retailers advertise a cool drone called the Elenker 509g. The model is suitable for both beginners and advanced and professionals. Taking a closer look at the drone, we disagree.


The technical data alone is enough to say the drone is also suitable for experienced and professional drone pilots. However, it is perfect for beginners!

Size, design and weight

The weight is about 120 g with dimensions 316 mm x 316 mm x 106 mm. The design is somewhat similar to the Yuneec Typhoon drone, but it is much more expensive.

All rotor blades are equipped with a rotor guard, so they are optimally protected against collisions or falls.

Thanks to LED illumination, the quadcopter can fly even at night.

Camera, memory and FPV live image transmission

A 2-megapixel camera is built in for recording videos and photos.

The model also has an FPV screen and live image transmission. This occurs in a band around 5.8 GHz. Images can be viewed on an FPV screen protected from light.

However, in our opinion, the video recordings are clandestine, which could be done much better in this price segment.

Battery, range and flight time

It uses a 3.7V, 600mA Li-ion battery.

Unfortunately, it does not provide a particularly long flight time, it is a maximum of 6 minutes, which is too damn short for a model of this size.

You can fly about 60 meters, after which the transmitter can no longer transmit a live image without interference. In our opinion, this is an extremely weak transmission power, there are even many mini-drones that can do much more, sometimes even doubled!

Flight stabilization

A technical detail that is quite common with drones is the 6-axis gyro system. This has also been integrated into the ELENKER 509G drone system.

So it will be quite easy for beginners to control the drone, because the gyroscope balances the model completely independently.

At the touch of a button, you can perform different stunts and roles in all directions.

Flight modes

Another feature that makes flying easier for beginners is headless mode. The drone is controlled so that it flies towards you regardless of its orientation when you pull the control stick towards you. The system, so to speak, determines the location of the remote control and focuses not on the head of the quadcopter, but on the transmitter.

In One Key Back mode, the aircraft returns by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control once. No matter where he is, he will fly towards you.

Pros and cons


  • Cool design with LED lighting – you can fly at night
  • Good for beginners
  • Safe 6-axis gyro system
  • Live camera and FPV
  • Headless mode for better flight control
  • Cool 3D stunts (forward, backward, right and left)


  • Only a maximum of 6 minutes of flight
  • Short range (unfortunately only 60 meters)


In our opinion, purchase is impractical for advanced users. However, a beginner can very quickly and inexpensively gain experience with this model and expand his skill set.

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