Emax Tinyhawk Indoor FPV Racing Drone Test, Range & Flight Time

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.2 / 5

We were looking for a racing drone with FPV mode for you again. We came across Emax Tinyhawk. A damn small mini drone for indoor use.

Despite its small size, this model can reach a maximum speed of 15 kilometers per hour. However, the disadvantage is the short flight time, which is only 4 minutes.

For around € 90, you will receive a set consisting of an FPV racing drone, remote control and FPV goggles.

Technical data and facts

4 brushless 08025 electric motors with extra stable ball bearings are installed. This improves performance and quality as well as extends service life. We really like the design of the inverted motor itself, even if the motors were slightly larger, which would give them more power.

54 kilometers per hour is a significant speed that a copter can reach. Please note that the model is more suitable for indoor use, ideally in a large hall.

To make the motors better serviced, these are plug-in motors.

Thanks to the built-in MPU6000 gyroscope, which ensures low vibration operation, and the fast F4 processor, it guarantees a particularly stable and calm flying position of the quadcopter.


Compactness, compactness and convenience are what is especially important when looking at a quadcopter.

You cannot fold the drone either, there is no need to do this, because its small size fits even in a trouser pocket.

The base frame is around 75mm, which is pretty small for a racing drone. The mini camera is located above. In addition, the propeller blades are carefully protected, so even beginners will have no problem getting their first flight experience with this model. The stable design allows the camera to forgive one fall or another.


The built-in camera has 37 channels in total. It is a 600 TVL CMOS sensor with a transmitter power of 25 mW.

These cameras are very popular with racing drones because they are cheap. At the same time, the image and video quality is good, but it could be better.


The EMAX E6 transmitter with 6 channels and a 2.4 GHz ISM band serves as a transmitter, that is, 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz.

Battery power and flight time

The flight battery is only 450 mAh. This is a 1S battery of 4.35V and a capacity of 80c / 160c.

In our opinion, the battery charge is too low, as the maximum flight time that results from this is about 4 minutes. Ultimately, however, the drone is just darn small, and the best battery would have to be larger in order to be able to store more charge capacity and significantly increase flight time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Emax Tinyhawk Indoor FPV Racing Quadcopter


  • An inexpensive model that is well suited for beginners.
  • High quality electric drive
  • Ideal for indoor flying
  • Reaches a maximum speed of 54 kilometers per hour.
  • FPV goggles included


  • The camera could be a little better, but for the price it’s ok
  • Low flight time (4 minutes on a fully charged battery)


Despite some drawbacks, the Emax Tinyhawk Indoor FPV Racing drone is definitely recommended. We were particularly surprised by the high speed this drone can achieve, but the short flight times also worried us.

The model is definitely perfect for newbies and we can recommend it to anyone who still wants to save some money when buying a drone and still want a quality model.

Here in the store you can buy the Emax Tinyhawk indoor racing drone for FPV racing! *