Fatshark Dominator V2

The successor to the bestselling Fatshark Dominator V1 is the Fatshark Dominator V2. These FPV goggles are also very well received in the FPV racing scene because the many great features, high quality and reliability at an affordable price make the Dominator V2 especially attractive.

It has been specially designed for outdoor flying. The visually beautiful and stable look, as well as the easy-to-use buttons on the top of the headset, show that the manufacturer Fatshark is good at flying. To have fun with FPV goggles effectively you will need a quadcopter, if you don’t already have one, you can buy a drone here.

Fatshark Dominator V2 advantages

The Fatshark Dominator V2 has an SD card slot where you can insert SD cards up to 32GB. Video data that is transmitted from the aircraft transmitter to the goggles can not only be viewed in real time, but also recorded.

It is built in such a way that it does not let in sunlight, so the pilot is not blinded and can fully concentrate on the flight. However, we do not advise you to look directly into the sun. Otherwise, holes may be left on the color filter. You can tell if the glasses are damaged by the white dots on the display as soon as they are used.

The 600 x 480 pixel resolution and 32-degree field of view (FOV) ensure pixel-free flight without severe visual constraints. These values ​​are sufficient for FPV flight.

What we really like is that the Fatshark Dominator V2 can also be equipped with a head tracking module. The head tracker records head movements in the room using the position sensor on the FPV goggles and directs them to the aircraft’s camera.

Thus, the pilot can turn his head during the flight and thus “from the copter” look around. Here the camera’s field of view defines the limits if it is permanently installed. Make sure flying with a head tracker like this takes some practice.

In FPV, analog inputs are generally preferred, which is what the Fatshark Dominator V2 can do. In addition, analog cables are included.

The interpupillary distance is adjustable, so a clear perception of the overall picture is guaranteed.

Eyeglass wearers can also use visual acuity correction (optional lenses) to adjust the sharpness of the image accordingly.

Disadvantages of the Fatshark Dominator V2

Unfortunately, the Fatshark Dominator V2 is not fully available. But if you wish, you can buy and use receiver modules with a frequency of 2.4 or 5.8 GHz for image transmission.

Fatshark offers such modules. For example, a 5.8 GHz FatShark receiver module and a FatShark or ImmersionRC transmitter, also 5.8 GHz.

Technical details

There’s a lot on offer for the price of Dominator V2 FPV goggles. Among other things, you can also adjust the contrast and brightness.

Overview of all properties:

  • Weight: 181 grams
  • Resolution: 600 x 480 pixels for non-pixel flight
  • 32 degree field of view (FOV)
  • Has buttons for adjusting contrast and brightness
  • Built-in volume buttons (for additional headphones)
  • Built-in head tracking slot (optional)
  • Built-in slot for receiver modules (2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz)
  • Safe transport box
  • NTSC / Pal


  • Fatshark Dominator V2 FPV Goggles
  • Battery 1000 mAh
  • Charging cable
  • Pet box
  • Video cable (3 meters) for add. recipient
  • Manual

The package does not include:

  • Head tracking module
  • Receiver module
  • Channel
  • micro SD card

Test conclusion

Compared to the previous model, the Fatshark Dominator V2, the video image now also looks larger and brighter as the Dominator V2 has additional background lighting and a magnified image.

The eyecups are made of soft rubber and do not transmit light.

Dimming guarantees, in combination with additional headphones (optional), complete immersion in flight, without much outside distraction.

The headband also provides a secure fit.Since the glasses are not too heavy – 181 grams, they do not put pressure on the nose even after prolonged use and are ideal for head tracking, since the center of gravity of the head is not shifted as in heavier glasses.

If you have a micro SD card, you can insert it into the SD slot of the video glasses and record the incoming signal. Then the recorded video will be 30 frames per second, that is, 30 frames per second.

We think the Fatshark Dominator V2 is really worth the money. Fatshark is the dominant brand when it comes to FPV goggles, as is the case with DJI in the drone sector. Thus, you get high quality here and you can be sure that the glasses will do their job for a long time, provided they are well treated :).

The price at the moment is around 400 euros. We recommend not to buy goods abroad, otherwise you will have to be prepared for long delivery times and problems with possible returns.

Visiting Amazon or other well-known online retailers is safer and the return processing is very simple and straightforward if you don’t like glasses.

Recommended optional accessories:

  • Fat Shark Diopter Lens Set
  • 5.8 GHz transmitter 25 mW