FIMI PALM in the test: photos, videos, battery life, price comparison

New camera – handheld gimbal with 1080p or 4K resolution and 128 ° wide-angle lens coming soon to the market.

I was able to pre-test the manufacturer’s product and show you why it is useful in practice.

Firstly, the lightweight and compact design gives the impression of very high quality, the 3-axis gimbal is stable and great for helping you to take pictures as smoothly as possible.

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In addition, the FIMI PDA has wireless connectivity. Wireless data transfer using the app is possible via Bluetooth or WLAN.

The app is installed on your own smartphone and, in addition to controlling and transmitting the FIMI PALM, it also allows for simple preview and even editing of the movie material.

You can watch the full video review here:

Camera and image quality

With a 128 ° wide-angle lens, images are created with a larger field of view, which in turn better matches the perspective of the human eye.

Thanks to the wider field of view, the camera can display much more in one shot than conventional cameras (about 80 °) and is incredibly stable thanks to the gimbal stabilization of the camera.

This allows you to take pictures like a tripod, even on bumpy journeys.
The FIMI Palm, as the name suggests, is quite compact and lightweight. The product weighs only 119 grams, which roughly corresponds to the dimensions of a smartphone:

Length: 3.05cm
Width: 2.27 cm
Height: 12.70 cm

The device looks very high quality and, in addition to a pleasant feel, it also has intelligently distributed keys with a pleasant pressure point.

The display is at least 1.2 inches, so it takes up about a third of the space on your camera.

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The camera is held on a mechanical gimbal using a three-axis gimbal, and even with dynamic real-time recording, the recordings are significantly more stable than optical or electronic image stabilization.

However, the camera itself can record video in 1080p at 120fps or 4K at 30fps. Unfortunately, Fimi Palm does not support 4k 60fps. This is a disadvantage, especially in very dynamic shooting conditions. If you absolutely need it, you should go back to DJI Osmo Action.

The portable gimbal also features a 12MP 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS sensor as the camera lens. On the other hand, the picture quality is impressive at 100Mbps video bit rate at 4K resolution and in this respect is on the same wavelength as the competition.

Due to the small size of the lens, shooting in the dark is difficult and should be viewed with caution.

The microphones are placed a little awkwardly, one microphone is on the right, relatively in the middle, and the other microphone is close to the controller, so when you hold the device it can easily happen that the microphones are covered.

Annoying, but a number of other heroes have made this mistake.

On the other hand, FIMI Palm offers an external 3.5mm port for connecting to the microphone jack. This expands your audio recording capabilities and you no longer need expensive adapters. More recently with the DJI Osmo Action for just under twenty euros, or with a Go Pro for over seventy euros. For me, one more argument in favor of the new FIMI Palm.

Gimbal recording modes

FIMI Palm does not need to hide in different photo modes.

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Besides the “normal” mode, there are four gimbal modes:

  • FPV mode for very dynamic and fast recording
  • Tracking mode, which uses the camera’s active tracking function and is essentially nothing more than face recognition.
  • Pitch lock, designed for horizontal shots, this mode completely prevents only vertical camera movement, which is great for, for example, panning images in space.
  • Full Lock, like Pitch Lock, is just Full, and therefore the perspective does not change due to adjusted camera tilt, etc.

Story mode also has a variety of effects and transitions. In story mode, effects such as transition or fisheye.

In practice, I tried Active Track and FPV modes, both of which worked very well. However, there is room for improvement in active tracking, as the camera’s active tracking function often loses sight of the target when moving quickly. It was really bad. Otherwise, I am personally pleasantly surprised by the ready-made filters and effects from the scene mode.

The finished filters look surprisingly good and the effects are impressive too. Don’t expect too much, but this is a very useful gadget for a beginner and his friends to directly and fully automatically transform photo data into moments.

Battery and interfaces

The battery capacity is pretty average at 1000 mAh. That’s about four hours of 1080p footage or two hours of 4K footage. Battery life is at the top of the middle margin thanks to the FIMI Palm’s power saving features.

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It is controlled by a 5-way joystick located directly below the display. To the right of the joystick is only the power button.

For the best

The FIMI Palm can be charged via USB-C and has a simple Micro SD card slot for data storage. However, SD card is not included.

In addition to USB C and Mirco SD, FIMI Palm also offers the ability to “pair” with a mobile phone. It works through an app from FIMI. The connection between the PDA and the smartphone is established via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Without comparison with DJI Osmo does not work. The FIMI Palm offers features for about half the price the DJI Osmo cannot imagine.

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The FIMI Palm is a strong competitor to the DJI Osmo, and for some it’s definitely an inexpensive alternative.