Fm-electrics fm759 Voyager: tests, range and flight time

Cool mini drone – FM-Electrics FM759 Voyager with attractive design and many different flight modes.

We can especially recommend this model to beginners who still need to gain experience in handling quadcopters. Operation is child’s play, and the stable construction even forgives one fall or another.


You can’t go wrong with the FM Electrics 759 Voyager quadcopter. The model is of very high quality and is comparable in quality to the Mambo and Airborne Night models of the French manufacturer Parrot.

There are some technical differences, but both have tremendous maneuverability and flight stability, allowing the FM Electrics to withstand slightly stronger winds.

Size, design and weight

The drone has the following dimensions: 130mm x 130mm x 15mm. Typical size for mini quadcopters.

What we liked the most about the Voyager was the circular lighting. Overall, the design makes a pretty futuristic impression and looks really cool. Not too greasy, but not too fragile.

The rotor guard rings prevent destruction of the rotor blades in the event of contact or collision with other objects.

In addition, the Voyager drone is extremely durable and virtually indestructible. She survives accidents without any problems!

Camera, memory and FPV live image transmission

Unfortunately, it has no camera and therefore no FPV mode. But you should also keep an eye on the price, this is a mini drone for less than 50 euros. Most models in this price range do not have a camera.

Battery, range and flight time

A LiPo battery with a maximum charge of 300 mAh is installed and operates at a voltage of 3.7 volts.

The flight time that the quadrocopter can handle with such a small charge is amazing, it is as much as 8-10 minutes, which is above the average for this size class.

Since the flight battery is so small, it does not need to be charged for more than half an hour.

The remote control design looks a little cheap, but the transmitter works well and the 70-120 meter range is not a problem.

With such a small drone, you cannot fly further in the USA, because certain laws apply here. From 100 meters it is almost invisible. But the law states that such aircraft can only fly within sight.

Feeling of flight and stability

Thanks to the 6-axis gyro system, the drone is extremely stable in flight. Even beginners will have no problem keeping the Voyager fm759 in the air because the drone stabilizes automatically and balances completely on its own.

With the button, you can set the quadcopter to do various loops and somersaults and then go into auto hover mode.

Various speed modes can also be set on the remote control, with the speed being set through the maximum tilt angle.

In top speed mode, the drone has a tilt angle of up to 60 degrees, so it can be flown in a wind speed of 3, even if it’s so small.

Pros and cons


  • Extremely fast and maneuverable drone
  • Speed ​​levels are easily adjustable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Cool circular lighting
  • Maximum range up to 120 meters
  • Maximum flight time 10 minutes
  • Extremely short charging time (30 minutes)
  • Extended rotor protection
  • The drone is unlikely to be destroyed – despite many collisions and falls
  • Also flies well outdoors in moderate winds.


  • No camera and no FPV system
  • With this drone, professionals will have less


Fast, agile, manoeuvrable, not too expensive and well suited for beginners. There is no better way to describe the FM-Electrics FM759 Voyager drone.

It is very easy to operate, extremely durable, has a lot of gimmicks, flight modes and a huge range.

Therefore, we give a clear buy recommendation.

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