FPV drone

The FPV Racing trend came from America and has established itself there in recent years.
FPV drones are becoming more popular in the USA as well.

Top 3 FPV Drone Bundles

Parrot Bebop 2 Parrot DiscoWalkera 15004480
FPV goggles Parrot FPV Goggles Parrot FPV Goggles Video glasses Goggle V4
Flight time 24 minutes 45 minutes 8 minutes
Flight behavior Very good Very good Well
camera 14 megapixels
Video Resolution: Full HD
1080p Full HD camera Front camera HD
Range 2 km (with controller) 2 km (with controller) n / a
Weight 500 g 500 g 200 g
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What is FPV drone?

FPV stands for First Person View. With FPV goggles, you can see what the drone “sees” and you are right in the middle of the action.

Imagine sitting in a drone and performing impressive, unique flight maneuvers, reaching speeds of up to 120 km / h.

Generally, FPV drones are small racing quadcopters that you need to practice a little with as they don’t stabilize in the air and don’t have GPS.

They are available pre-assembled and as a kit with good value for money. However, first of all, you should get a lot of replacement propellers ;-).

Besides FPV racing drones, there are also FPV and GPS models that are slightly larger, stable in the air and easy to fly.

For example, we tested the Parrot Beboop 2, which usually comes with an FPV package.

This model is “ready to fly”, all you need is a smartphone and you are ready to go.

FPV Accessories

Probably one or the other is wondering, “What do I need to fly FPV?”

Let’s take a closer look at this now.

Basically, you can choose the drone with FPV goggles or FPV screen. For example, the Parrot Beebop 2 can be flown with or without a screen / glasses.

For beginners, an LCD display is enough at first, which is either permanently installed in the remote control or on the device of your choice. Smartphones and tablets are often used in conventional drones.

Just flying across the screen won’t give you the right FPV feel. Then, to continue the experience, you need the appropriate glasses.

FPV drone with goggles?

In order to fulfill your dream of your own flight deck, you will of course need an FPV drone with glasses!

Then you should still know if you want to take part in FPV races or prefer to enjoy the immersive live video that is provided by the goggles.

Below you will find a few drones that are suitable for FPV racing. Next, we will introduce you to several common quadcopters.

Parrot Beeboop 2 FPV drone with glasses

The Parrot Beeboop 2 was a positive surprise in the test.

In fact, we’re used to DJI drones that no other manufacturer has been able to compete with. However, Beeboop 2 not only stands in the air, the feeling of flying an FPV drone with glasses is simply breathtaking.

The Parrot Beeboop 2 is easy and convenient to fly:

Just download the Parrot App, connect your smartphone to the Skycontroller, align and place it in the goggle slot, connect the drone to the controller, launch the drone and enjoy a unique FPV flight.

You can read more about the Parrot Beeboop 2 here in our Parrot Beeboop 2 review.

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Drone Parrot Disco FPV with glasses

The Parrot Disco FPV drone with which you can experience exceptionally real flying, from the same manufacturer.

This drone is not a typical quadcopter, but rather resembles a propeller-driven aircraft.

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FPV racing

For FPV racing, in addition to a suitable racing drone, you will of course need FPV goggles.

Leading manufacturers include DJI, Fatshark and CamoneTec.

However, these glasses are in the upper price segment and cost several hundred euros.

Correspondingly expensive kits consisting of a racing quadcopter and an FPV goggle system.

You can buy such a set, for example, here on Amazon.

FPV drone laws – what’s allowed?

If you are flying an FPV drone, in addition to the general drone rules, a second person must always be present.

Especially when flying with FPV goggles, you tend to fly much farther from your home point than usual. The second person should always see your quadcopter.

Note: In case of damage, liability insurance will not cover damage if you cannot prove a second person!