FrSky VANTAC BQ130 test, photos, videos and powerful drives

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.1 / 5

Today we once again present to you a powerful FPV racing drone with a high quality frame and extra powerful brushless motors.

Unfortunately, the package does not include a flight battery. However, it is recommended to use a battery with XT30 connection in 4S mode, such as 650mAh 4S, 800mAh 4S or 1000mAh 4S.

Most of the FrSky VANTAC BQ130 drone parts are already pre-assembled, you actually only need to unscrew the propellers because insert the battery and connect the model to the remote and you are ready to fly.

Both the materials used and the flight characteristics are excellent and make the drone model to model with a very good value for money.

Technical data and facts

Thanks to lightweight construction materials, the weight of the drone is optimal in relation to its size. This greatly improves flight performance and the model can reach extremely high speeds. With drone racing you will have an easy game over the competition.

The flight behavior is quite aggressive, the drone responds instantly and directly to control commands, which is also a huge advantage.

Four Sunnysky 1406 3300KV electric motors are used as drives, which operate in a brushless mode. Brushless motors are commonly used in racing drones as they can generate significantly higher speeds and therefore stronger airflow and drive.

The transmitter is presented as a FrSky VS600 VTX 25/200 / 600 mW transmitter with a frequency of 5.8 GHz and 48 channels. So far, we have not looked at a model that has an element from FrSky. But the VS600 is likely to be the first VTX developed by FrSky. It has not only 48 channels, but also 3 different power levels (25mW, 200mW and 600mW).

You can easily change control bands and channels with 2 buttons. The transmitter also supports pit mode.

Drone design and construction

The design is really not very impressive. Many elements of the drone are made of carbon material, so they are quite lightweight and at the same time guarantee high stability.

The propellers are red and the antenna is attached at the back. It is installed vertically and not as a line current from the back.

Racing drones usually don’t have a cockpit or extra hull. Electronic components are not protected from splashing water, dirt or other environmental influences. Therefore, we recommend that you do not fly the drone outdoors in bad weather conditions.

Compared to other drone models, the FrSky VANTAC BQ130 is distinguished by its design and construction.

Usually the quadcopter is only available in “black” color with red propellers.


The built-in camera is the Runcam Micro Sparrow 2. This is the successor to the famous Swift Micro, which is very often used as an FPV camera in drone racing.

The camera is equipped with a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor and a horizontal resolution of 700 TVL.

A lens with a field of view of about 165 degrees, an aspect ratio of 4 to 3 is used.

The outer cover is a shiny purple color and there are threads on the side to attach the camera.

Pros and cons


  • Fast and agile maneuvers possible
  • 5.8GHz transmitter for stable data transmission
  • High quality camera with good resolution and clear image quality
  • Built-in electric motors (Sunnysky 1406 3300KV) ensure excellent drone performance.
  • High quality propellers (Gemfan 3052 3-blade 3-inch)
  • The camera has a sharp wide-angle lens.
  • State of the art flight controller (stackable F3)


  • Not suitable for professional photos and videos
  • The kit does not include the flight battery

Who is the FrSky VANTAC BQ130 quadcopter suitable for?

Racing drones like the FrSky VANTAC BQ130 are usually not that great for beginners.

Experienced pilots will appreciate the high performance and stable construction of the FrSky VANTAC BQ130. The drone is ideal for fast and risky maneuvers and drone races.

In general, we liked this model very much due to the high-quality material processing, stable but maneuverable flight and an excellent price / quality ratio.

As racing quadcopters become more popular, a careful selection process must be carried out to find the right model for you.

Quality, high speed and acceleration values, stable materials and a good FPV camera should always be available.

Anyone looking for such a product will pay for their money with the FrSky VANTAC BQ130 drone.


In this report, we have compared the most important advantages and disadvantages. Now it’s up to you to decide if you can do anything with the racing drone or should the drone take photos and videos?

The quality and value for money are very good. Therefore, the drone can definitely be recommended.

Here in the store the model is especially inexpensive! *