GDU O2 Wifi Drone test, photo, video, range and more

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In today’s report, we introduce you to the GDU O2 drone with 4K camera and 3-axis stabilization system.

This is a slightly more expensive quadcopter model with various great features. The drone is very suitable for beginners and perfectly stands in the air without active pilot intervention.

A particularly unique ability of the drone is the ability to remove its hands. We have never seen this feature in any other quadcopter. This capability provides, among other things, a very high level of comfort and portability.

A binocular obstacle avoidance system is integrated, which helps the drone recognize objects in its path and stop them in time.

Technical data and facts

The GDU O2 Wifi drone has many technical advantages. Among other things, there is a GPS / GLONASS system, thanks to which the quadcopter is especially stable in the air.

The flight characteristics of the model are also convincing. The maximum flight speed is 15 meters per second, the maximum climb speed is 5 m / s, the drone is distinguished by its special maneuverability. Combined with security systems, this makes the GDU O2 a good candidate for beginners, but experienced users will also enjoy drones.

The motors are very powerful, 1806/2080 kV brushless motors are used here.

The recorded media files can be saved through the app and shared on various social networks.


Installed 4K camera with FPV function. It sends FPV image up to 1 kilometer. The lens has a focal length of F / 2.2 and an angle of view of 79.8 degrees.

The cam also has a suspension system that works in 3 axes. Pitch (-90 to 30 degrees), roll (-30 to 30 degrees) and yaw (-30 to 30 degrees) are possible.

A 1/3-inch CMOS with a pixel density of 13 MP is used as a photo sensor. Photos are in JPG format and videos are in MP4 format.

For video, you have a choice between the following resolutions, which you can easily select from the menu:

  • 4K: 3840 x 2160 @ 30fps
  • 1080P: 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps
  • 720P: 1280 x 720 pixels @ 30fps

The memory of the GDU O2 Wifi drone has 16GB, all records are saved here.


The design is somewhat similar to the DJI Mavic Pro, but differs, in particular, in that the Mavic can be easily folded, and the GDU O2 handles can be removed.

There is a small blue LED on the front above the camera, which however makes the look better than the lighting.

There is a latch on the side with which you can insert or remove the battery.

You will definitely need a drone license plate for the GDU O2 because the weight is over 250 grams and with the battery it is about 708 grams.

The dimensions here are 185.5 mm x 52 mm x 93 mm.

Drone battery and flight time

It uses a 1200mAh battery that powers the drone for 15 minutes in the air, but you can increase the maximum flight time by removing the propeller guard. This gives you a maximum flight time of 20 minutes.

Flight modes

The GDU O2 Wifi drone features many flight modes, which are the ideal way to use the model for different purposes.

Among other things, there is the Vision Circle flight. Here you can use the camera preview to mark a target with the cursor. Once logged in, the drone’s visual system maintains focus on the subject. And it keeps altitude, distance and speed while moving around an object.

Then there is the rocket mode, in which the current position is used as the starting point for starting vertical flight. A certain ascent speed of about 2 meters per second and a certain height are set. Once the drone has taken off and gained altitude, the drone will hover automatically.

The gimbal and therefore the camera automatically rotates downward.

There are also several flight modes such as Dronie mode, Return-To-Home and Follow-Me.

Due to the many modes and flight characteristics, we recommend in any case to read the operating instructions.

Pros and cons of the drone


  • Simple and uncomplicated control
  • Very suitable for beginners
  • Provides up to 20 minutes of flight without propeller protection
  • Compact dimensions
  • Integrated security systems – including GPS / GLONASS
  • High quality photos and videos
  • Transmission distance 1 km
  • App is suitable for Android and IOS
  • High quality battery
  • Vision sensor – adjustment range from 0.5 to 15 meters
  • Gesture control + other great features and modes


  • No high frame rates available


With the GDU O2, you will receive an extremely valuable drone with an incredible amount of excellent flight performance and modes, sent home.

As a beginner, you might be overwhelmed by all of these features at first, but newbies should focus more on management rather than all add-ons.

The drone is quite stable in the air, features cool sliding arm technology and can be used in a variety of ways, whether on vacation, for vlogging, or otherwise.

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