GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant drone with FPV test, photos, videos and drives

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4/5

Today we have another great racing drone for you. The coveted quadcopter model is called the GEPRC GEP KHX5 and achieves quite high speeds thanks to its high quality brushless motors.

Racing drones are becoming more and more popular in the USA. More and more quality quadcopter models appear on the market. So you already have a large selection. In our opinion, the GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant drone is one of the best models in this price category.

Weight without batteries and without propeller parts is about 348 grams. This makes the drone definitely one of the heaviest models in the racing sector.

However, the drone makes up for this with quality drivers. These are very powerful, GR2306 2450KV brushless motors are used.

In terms of batteries, the system maintains a range between 2S and 5S battery systems.

Additional technical details and features

The GEPRC Elegant has a KHX5 frame. If you buy a model in a store, it already has all the components to fly with it right away.

The camera is a RunCam Swift 2 FPV that delivers reasonably good quality photos and videos.

The R-XSR is used as a receiver and the drone is compatible with the SPAN F4 Tower AIO remote controller.

The combination of high-efficiency 2450kV motors (GR2306) with GEP5040 propellers also provides increased performance with minimal energy consumption.

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In terms of design, the quadcopter is quite large, 230mm diagonal. This is great for a racing drone!

We also mentioned at the beginning that the drone has an empty weight of 348g, that is, without a battery and without a propeller. Depending on the size, you can get around 500g with one battery!

Thus, in the USA you will also need a sticker with your name and address to be able to sue for liability in the event of a collision. This is governed by drone law from 250g.

There’s a great FPV camera, but you also have plenty of room to mount an action camera. For example, the GoPro Hero 5 makes sense here.

Carbon is used as a frame material. The thickness of the base plate is about 2mm, that of the side plate is 1.5mm, and the thickness of the arm plate is 4mm.


Often the FPV cameras of racing drones are not particularly high quality. But it uses RunCam Swift 2, which, in our opinion, provides a very high quality recording.

In our opinion, the video quality is very good and more than enough for exciting FPV racing flights.

The drone records not only images, but also noises from the environment, the RunCam Swift 2 FPV camera has a built-in microphone. But you can expect that the recording quality will not be very good. A strong hum and something like that is often heard. However, audio recording also plays a secondary role in FPV Racing.

Drone controls and flight characteristics

Once you’ve flown the GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant drone, you won’t want to give it up anymore. It flies very well and the controls are great. The drone responds immediately and without delay. The actuators do their job well.

How powerful a drone really is depends on the battery used. According to the manufacturer, you can even use 5S batteries, but we recommend 4S as they are more compatible with the electronic system.

If you use a 4S 1800 mAh battery, you can really achieve very high speeds. We recommend choosing the highest possible payload to be able to fly for as long as possible. However, the larger battery naturally has the disadvantage that it also carries more weight, although the GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant drone already has a large total weight.

GEPRC Elegant drone advantages and disadvantages


  • High quality drone for fast flying and FPV racing
  • Enough room for another action camera
  • Powerful electric drives
  • Very good FPV camera with excellent video quality (RunCam Swift 2)
  • Reaches high speeds quickly
  • Severe flight behavior – responds directly to control commands
  • Most of the material used is carbon.


  • Quite heavy weight and large dimensions
  • The package does not include battery and remote control

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Who is this drone for?

The drone is especially well suited for those looking to gain racing experience or already have some racing experience. Both newbies and experienced users benefit from the purchase. Therefore, the GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant drone is also recommended to everyone.

With a little practice, you will learn to perform great tricks and daring maneuvers.


You can still use other settings and modes in Betaflight configuration.

Overall, we find this quadcopter to be excellent. There are many great features at a super affordable price. Parts and accessories are very high quality and are included in the kit.

The price / performance ratio is really very good and we can recommend the GEPRC GEP KHX5 Elegant drone!

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