Gitup G3 Duo PRO action camera test, photos, videos and more

This camera is very popular with divers because it has a very high quality underwater housing and built-in microphone.

The model also has WiFi, gyroscope and motion sensor. You can also control the camera using the remote control that is attached to your wrist. Commands are transmitted to the camera via Bluetooth.

The “perfect action camera” is probably not available at the best price, but the Gitup G3 Duo Pro’s camera comes very close.

GoPro costs many times more, and the difference in quality between the presented model and the GoPro is small.

Thus, the Gitup G3 Duo PRO is a cheap GoPro alternative.

Technical data and facts

If you want to film regular excursions and create high quality underwater recordings, Gitup G3 Duo PRO is perfect for you.

The model is compact, lightweight and easy to use. In our opinion, the price / quality ratio is also correct!

Compared to GoPro models, you have to make some compromises in terms of image quality, accessories and apps, but in our opinion, it’s still worth buying.

Also integrated is a 10X GPS processor that records and updates your location in very short periods of time.

With real-time WiFi transmission, you can also use the camera perfectly for FPV flying.


The model features a 1 / 2.3-type back-illuminated Sony “Exmor R” CMOS sensor that records video at 170 degrees through an F2.8 lens.

You can record photos at 12 MP (4032 x 3024 pixels) or 8 MP (3264 x 2448 pixels). You can select the appropriate resolution formats in the menu.

The camera model also has a video output. On the side there is both a micro HDMI cable and a mini USB cable for the TV, which also requires a dedicated cable.


There is no big difference in optics from other action cameras. The coating is black on both top and bottom, the surface is especially comfortable to grip, so that the model does not easily fall out of the hands.

The confirmation button is located at the top right. On the left are various connectors for HDMI, SD card slot, and TV-out.

The delivery set includes 2 security seals. One of them only serves as a normal everyday protective case, it is not waterproof. The other cover can also be immersed in water and remains sealed!

Advantages and disadvantages of an action camera


  • Ease of handling
  • Waterproof protective case
  • Extensive scope of supply
  • High quality camera with many different modes and settings
  • Extra high image quality at a very affordable price


  • We did not notice any significant disadvantages with the Gitup G3 Duo PRO action camera.


This action camera is perfect for everyday life, for bikers, skiers or divers.

We can warmly recommend the model also because of the low price.

You can buy Gitup G3 Duo PRO here in the store! *

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