GoolRC Mini Drone T700: test, battery, range and flight time

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Overall rating 3.9 / 5

You can purchase an FPV drone for a small budget and beginners should focus on a product with a good value for money. Thus, the GoolRC Mini Drone T700 is especially suitable for anyone who is still at the very beginning of their drone pilot career.

Not only does it have a cool FPV camera and Wi-Fi interface, but it also has a headless mode, automatic altitude hold, and a one-touch takeoff and landing function.

The flight model is controlled by an app that you have to install on your smartphone, and it can also be controlled using a remote control.

In this post, we will go into more detail on the technical details, flight modes and features.

Technical details

This model is ideal as a man’s toy, as well as for children and beginners. With a built-in altitude barometer, the drone maintains a constant flight altitude. You can keep your hands away from the controller and the drone will always hover. In addition to the altitude barometer, there is also a 6-axis gyroscope.

The aircraft can be steered forward, backward, sideways, up / down and rotation around its own axis.

The main material of the drone body is ABS plastic. It is amorphous, thermoplastic and has particularly good properties. For example, the material is very durable and does not break. So the quadrocopter forgives this or that accident.


The GoolRC Mini Drone T700 has a 720P camera with FPV function. This means you receive images sent directly to your smartphone in real time and can be manipulated in first person.

We understand that the quality of the recording is incomparable with a camera from DJI models. Keep in mind, however, that this drone is in a price range where many drones don’t have a camera at all.

Case design and construction

Unfortunately, the wings of the drone do not fold. However, the drone model is also not very large and lightweight.

Dimensions are 145mm x 130mm x 40mm and the weight of the drone is about 55g.

This is where the classic colors “black” and “white” come into play. As already mentioned, the ABS plastic from which the case is made is very strong and durable. Propellers could be of higher quality. But in the event of an accident, you can simply replace the damaged propellers.

Propeller guard not included. This is, of course, a big drawback, especially since this model is very well suited for flying in the cabin due to its small size and weight, where collisions occur more often.

Flight time, battery and flight range

The GoolRC Mini Drone T700 has a lithium-ion battery that you can fly with for up to 6 minutes at a time when charged. Then it needs to be charged for about 60 minutes. It is, of course, possible to replace the flight battery and thereby significantly increase the flight time over several stops.

With the remote control, you can cover a distance of up to 50 meters. However, Wi-Fi reaches its maximum transmission power in advance, which can reach 40 meters.

Flight modes and features

Despite its low price, the drone has many excellent flight characteristics. Among other things, a 3D rotation and scrolling function is integrated, which you can easily launch at the touch of a button.

There are also some features that are especially suitable for beginners. These include the return function, automatic takeoff and landing, and flight mode.

In the latter case, you just need to indicate in the application the flight route that the quadcopter should then fly. Of course, this mode does not work as accurately as with a DJI drone, but we were surprised that there is such a feature in this price range!

Pros and cons


  • Great for beginners
  • Safe and stable flight position with 6-axis gyroscope and built-in altitude barometer
  • 720P camera with FPV and Wi-Fi transmission
  • Lots of great features and flight modes
  • 360 degree flip function
  • Small size and weight
  • Stable housing


  • Low flight time

Delivery set – what’s in it?

You get the GoolRC T700 mini drone with all the parts you need to take off immediately with the drone. However, we recommend that you fully charge the battery before the first start.

These parts are included in the kit:

  • 1x T700 quadcopter
  • 1x remote control
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x screwdriver
  • 4x protective ring
  • 4 spare screws
  • 1x instruction manual

Conclusion – is it really worth buying?

In our opinion, the answer to the question whether it is worth buying is a resounding yes!

For this price you get a lot of offers, of course the flight time could be a little longer and the camera a little higher quality, but you have to consider that the overall package is very good in terms of value for money!

Newbies especially benefit from this affordable offering and the many features this model offers.

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