Graupner S5012 Quadcopter Alpha 110, Flight Times, FPV Camera and More

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Another cool mini drone model is the Graupner S5012 Quadcopter Alpha 110. It has a very sturdy frame, weighs only 43g and is ideal for flight training for novice and inexperienced drone pilots.

You get the model fully assembled, you just need to charge the battery and fly right away.

The quadcopter is especially suitable for flying within your four walls. While the drone can fly over this area quite quickly, it does have important safety features such as propeller protection.


Mini drone with camera

Especially cool is the built-in FPV camera with a 5.8 GHz 25 mW transmitter, which is quite rare for such models. The FPV model allows you to control the drone from the first person. This makes the flight even more realistic for you.

The Graupner S5012 Alpha 110 quadcopter is particularly popular for its robust construction. Even if you hit something in the living room, the ceiling or a lamp, the drone will simply collapse and in almost all cases remain intact. This is simply due to the materials from which the model is made and the compact size.

The big advantage of the Graupner S5012 Alpha 110 is that it is a fully assembled model. The propeller, LiPo battery and FPV camera are fully installed and the quadcopter is ready to take off.


As a training quadcopter, the model is suitable not only because of its robust design, but also due to the fact that the drone is very small. It is so small that it even fits in a large pocket.

The Graupner Kopter is available in a variety of colors including red / white and gray / white.

There is a small antenna at the top in the middle, a camera in front, and a solid propeller guard on each of the propeller drives.

The drone stands on 4 pointed legs, they are permanently installed and cannot be removed. The battery is located at the bottom. In general, the small drone does not differ much from other quadcopter models.

Live camera and FPV transmission

Unlike many other miniature drone models, the Graupner S5012 drone has an HD camera with live FPV transmission. This system is very reliable and stable.

The drone can switch between 4 video channels through the HoTT transmitter. This ensures uninterrupted transmission of video to the goggles or FPV monitor.

Of course, the video quality cannot be compared to that of drones with a larger camera caliber. The fact that the mini quadcopter has such a function is a real trick.

Battery and flight time

Drone Graupner with battery

The model has a rechargeable lipo battery with a capacity of 350 mAh, which can be replaced without any problems.

Unfortunately, the flight time is poor, the drone is in the air for about 5 minutes, after which it is necessary to replace the battery or recharge it.

Flight stabilization

Another interesting feature is the 360-degree rotation function, which ensures that the pilot can perform spectacular stunts at the push of a button in all directions around his axis. It matters and you don’t need any special additional skills. The drone is constantly balancing in flight.

If you are already a slightly more experienced pilot, you can also switch to roll speed mode, in which the aircraft can be controlled even more versatile.

Pros and cons


  • Replace battery
  • Auto flip function for spectacular stunts
  • Built-in switchable LEDs for better visibility
  • Ideal for beginners and inexperienced drone pilots.


  • Unfortunately, only 5 minutes of flight
  • Slightly susceptible to wind


Drone Graupner with FPV goggles

The fully assembled mini quadcopter has a wide range of features and is generally ideal for beginners and people who want to become real drone pilots but have no flying experience.

In particular, the FPV kit and stunt function are some interesting features that are relatively rare in combination between drone models.

We can definitely recommend the mini drone to anyone still looking for a mini drone with camera and FPV.The price is quite balanced and the price / quality ratio is normal.

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