Hexo + test: photo, video, flight behavior, flight time and functional test

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Today we will introduce you to a special type of drones – the hexacopter. In most cases, the presented remotely controlled flying objects are quadcopters. In this post, we will make an exception and show you what the Hexo + drone is capable of.

The price is around 500 euros, depending on the store where you buy the model. The package includes the drone itself, propeller, battery, charger and user manual.

Usually a gimbal system is included. Pay attention to the description in the online store.

What we think is really cool about Hexo + is its autonomous flight capability. You just need to select the movement of the camera on your smartphone and the drone will do everything completely automatically, that is, it launches itself, flies autonomously and lands again without additional assistance. A real highlight, worth it!


Drone in flight

With predictive tracking and high quality image structure logic, Hexo + follows you every step of the way.

The system works very reliably and you can be sure that the drone will not crash. Even if the propeller fails, the other 5 will keep your model in the air.

What is especially noticeable is the huge size of the copter. It may not fit in your backpack, but you can clip it on from the outside. Gimbal, legs and rotors can be removed without problems.

Thanks to its enormous size and the large number of extremely powerful drives, the Hexo + can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. This way, you can easily capture a wide variety of leisure activities, even those in which you move fairly quickly.

Strong gusts of wind or fast movements are also not a problem. The Hexo + has been designed and developed for just such tough operating conditions.

Remote control

It’s also unusual that it doesn’t need a remote control to operate it, just your smartphone. Here you can make the most important settings like camera movement, aircraft position, and so on.

Pros and cons

to pack


  • Fully automatic tracking and autonomous flight without anyone’s intervention
  • Specially designed for Follow-Me by professionals
  • All settings can be made via smartphone
  • Reaches extremely high speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour.
  • Easily film yourself in a wide variety of activities and hobbies
  • This is a high quality hexacopter.


  • Big enough – you need to figure out how to transport it
  • The legal situation in the USA is problematic


Hexo + conclusion

In conclusion, we can say: this quadcopter is really worth its money! However, such a drone has two main drawbacks, and these are US laws. Since the operation of fully autonomous drone models is not yet certified, especially in the USA and Austria, such as in Canada, the operation is in a gray area of ‚Äč‚Äčlegislation.

According to the manufacturer, the Hexo + can be retrofitted with a conventional remote control. In fact, the inability to intervene in flight with a standard remote control causes many problems because this model no longer falls under the air traffic regulations for model flying and needs to be treated differently.

That said, Hexo + is a lot of fun, and the 4K camera, tracking system, and gimbal do a great job. So we can recommend the drone to everyone, but pay attention to our strange legal situation link!

Here you can take a closer look at the drone in the store! *