Holy Stone drone in practical test: flight characteristics, range, photo and video quality

Entertainment factor
Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4.5 / 5

Holy Stone launches new HS100 GPS personal drone in the mid-range. Holy Stone, better known as a cheap manufacturer from China, wants to set new quality standards with its HS100 GPS.

Data sheet:

  • Wingspan: 50 x 55 x 17.5 cm
  • Weight: 750g
  • Flight time: 10-12 min.
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
  • Charging time: about 4-6 hours
  • Working frequency: 2.5GHz
  • Range 150 meters
  • Camera resolution: 720p (HDReady)

Battery power and flight time

We can start the test after a relatively long charging time (about 3.5 hours in our test). In the first practical test, the battery showed a flight time of about 11.5 minutes in fairly mild weather conditions; further tests showed an average flight time of 10 to 11 minutes.

The big advantage of the battery is that it can be charged with the included USB cable in the car or from a charger, so you can go hiking more often. To compensate for the relatively long charging times, we recommend ordering a replacement battery at the same time, which can be purchased from Amazon for a very affordable 35 €.

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When the battery is on, green LEDs indicate how high the battery level is at the moment.

Operation of the quadcopter

The smartphone acts like a remote control via an app; the drone can be fully controlled from the app.

But, of course, only the supplied remote control, which connects to the smartphone via USB cable, provides the right ‘pilot feel’.

In the app we find all flight-relevant values ​​such as altitude, battery level, remote control + drone, GPS signal strength and speed.

Also in the app we find Follow-Me mode, in which the drone automatically follows you, VR mode, as well as automatic takeoff and landing.

I was especially impressed by the VR mode, which is best used while sitting (editorial recommendation).

Operation with the remote control is easy to understand and the remote control itself is very clearly designed.

At the latest after the first flight, you will get used to the operation and can start working. The image transmission from the drone to the smartphone works for us without interruption, even at flight distances of more than 100 m and with good image quality (720p transmission).

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Flight behavior and functions

At this stage, at the latest, the drone is finally convincing, despite the moderate wind, the drone is stable in the air thanks to GPS and can be controlled very accurately, the sensitivity of the remote control is adjustable so that it can be perfectly adapted between smooth landscape films and dynamic shots. motocross.

Likewise, a drone can be equally interesting for beginners and advanced users alike, because with less sensitive settings, you can learn very well to get used to the drone’s in-flight behavior, and you can fly with very uneven turns on sensitive settings.

Follow-Me is also handy when the drone is following you on GPS at the push of a button. So you can fully concentrate on yourself and your mission, and at the same time be sure that you will not fall out of sight, in theory it even works hands-free.

The One-Touch Takeoff and Landing feature is especially interesting for beginners as it avoids starting difficulties and costly crash landings, but you have to make sure the ground is level and unobstructed.

Last but not least, the headless mode is as practical for newbies as the mode in which the drone can always be “pointed in the direction of view”, regardless of its position in the air.

With symmetrical drones, it is difficult to tell where the front and back are, especially in bright sunlight, and when the sun shines in front of the camera lens, it is also very difficult for one or the other to control the live image, thanks to this mode, no matter how often you let the drone rotate on its axis when you look forward and you can control it.

Drone camera

Thanks to the built-in 720p HDReady camera, thanks to the 120 ° wide-angle lens, beautiful scenes can be captured, but you shouldn’t pay too much attention to detail, if you expect to be able to count ladybugs in a meadow from 100m, you should prefer the (much more expensive) 4K model. Take your camera.

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But the resolution is good enough for landscape shots or movie buffs, colors are vivid and nothing is lost thanks to the built-in wide-angle lens.

The drone has a small slot on the back of the camera where you can insert an SD card.

Cards up to 64 GB are supported.

Design and quality of materials

In a simple black color, the drone makes a very chic impression, the rounded shapes and curved lines playfully remind some editions of the Jaguar D-Type.

It makes a very stable impression on everyone, with rotor protection and sturdy feet. The camera is somewhat oddly packed in a ball shape, but it goes very well with the rest of the design.

Overall, the design is very similar to the Typhoon Q500 4k, our price-performance winner in the drone tests.

Conclusion on the entry-level drone

With the HS100 GPS, the Holy Stone has definitely made a breakthrough in the high-end mid-range segment.

The drone has a huge feature set, solid construction, very good flight characteristics and a chic design, the only drawbacks are a slightly lower camera resolution compared to competitors and a long battery charging time, which can in fact be compensated for by very cheap battery replacement.

Drone is currently very cheap to buy on Amazon (click!).

The drone is especially recommended for beginners or amateur pilots. However, if you want to fly weekly and schedule professional videos, you should take a look at the Spark, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, or Phantom 4.

In conclusion, the drone is heavier than 250g, so it must have your name and address on it, and check before purchasing if your liability insurance covers damage caused by drones.

P.S.: Video with test drone coming soon!