Hubsan Zino drone test, photo, video, flight time and flight range

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One of the fairly new models on the market is the Hubsan Zino drone.

It has 4 propeller drives, a sophisticated 4K camera and, according to the factory, offers a flight time of up to 23 minutes.

In this report, you will find out what else to expect from this quadcopter model and what features are integrated.

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Hubsan Zino is a great deal that has tons of great features. Their flight performance is very stable and therefore suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots.

Even pilots with some flying experience will have a lot of fun with the Zino because it has image tracking, waypoint mode, and the ability to create panoramic images. Thus, an experienced drone pilot can access a wide range of functions and capabilities. Beginners benefit from a low starting price, good flight behavior and a good 4k camera.

Size, design and weight

Zino Hubsan drone

A particularly cool feature of the Hubsan Zino drone is the ability to fold the drone to fit comfortably in a large pocket or small backpack.

In its normal unfolded state, the drone is 306.4 mm long, 252.4 mm wide and about 95 mm high. When folded, the Zino is 190mm long, 112mm and 95mm high.

The design is somewhat reminiscent of the DJI Mavic series of drones. We’ve noticed that many manufacturers are focusing on the appearance of this drone, which speaks volumes to the Mavic’s success.

The appearance of the remote control is also very similar to the DJI remote control. The smartphone can be conveniently clamped from the bottom.

The Hubsan Zino drone also weighs around 700g, which is average for this size.

Camera, memory and FPV live image transmission

The photosensor is an Ultra HD 4K camera with the state-of-the-art Ambarella sports image processor. At 3840 x 2160 pixels, this creates 30 images per second.

Videos look pretty good and look very detailed, with a wide range of colors and depth of field. With this camera you can truly capture the most beautiful scenes and adventures.

The following video shows Hubsan Zino 4k footage from our last vacation. The videos are absolutely excellent for the price, only the quality of the images could have been slightly better. But see for yourself:

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Unfortunately, photos can only be saved in JPG format, RAW is not supported (yet). In low light conditions, image noise quickly appears, but the drone’s camera captures beautiful images that will not satisfy demanding photographers. Amateur pilots will be satisfied with the quality. Here are three shots:

The Hubsan camera also offers several options for manually adjusting your photography. These include 4 different color modes: normal, sunny, cloudy, and black and white. You can also adjust the ISO value up to 3200. The resolution of photos is 4k, that is, 3840 × 2160 pixels in pure photo format.

The panoramic shot is also very practical. The camera captures everything around 360 degrees. You can activate the function provided for this by simply pressing a button, after which the drone begins to rotate in a circle and records a 360-degree panoramic video. The camera lens itself has a FOV (field of view) of about 89 degrees.

Pictures and especially videos are not blurred. This is provided by a built-in 3-axis gimbal that almost “softens” every movement of the drone that can no longer be recognized in video recordings.

All photos and videos are saved to a micro SD card. Unfortunately, this is not included in the scope of delivery. But you can use cards up to 64 GB and class 10.We recommend that you format them before using.

Of course, a good drone shouldn’t miss out on FPV functionality. Hubsan Zino has a stable camera and FPV video transmission, namely broadcasting video to the console at 5.8GHz. The console connects to a smartphone, data is transmitted and displayed on the smartphone screen.

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Battery, range and flight time

A rather powerful battery is built into this model. It has a total charging capacity of around 3000mAh and operates at an operating voltage of 11.4V.

The flight battery can also be replaced. Only one battery is included in the package, but a kit with 2 flight batteries is available in some stores.

You get about 21 minutes of flight time on a single battery charge. It will take about 180 minutes to fully charge it later.

Remote control

In our range test, we were able to achieve ideal results within the acceptable range. The signal is completely stable, there are no image transmission delays. Plus, the Return to Home feature works great.

If you want to fly a quadcopter in the USA, you must make sure that the country has strict laws regarding drone flying. You can only fly such a model within sight, and you will also need a drone license plate with your name and address, because the model has a maximum takeoff weight of over 250g.

Modes and functions

Although the camera is reasonably priced, it has many interesting features, modes and capabilities. We have summarized the most important ones for you.

Active track

The Active-Track function works very easily and reliably. The person is recognized and monitored, and the drone automatically and independently takes pictures and follows the person. You can also customize the gimbal and take photos and videos.


In this mode, you can determine the exact flight paths using the various waypoints that the quadcopter should fly along.

Waypoint mode

Waypoints are digitized through the app. We recommend using this mode only in large open spaces.

Panoramic shot

As already mentioned, it is still possible to start recording a panorama, here the camera shoots everything in a circle, and then stops again.

Takeoff and landing automatically

With the takeoff / landing function, the drone can both take off and land completely automatically and independently.

Guidance function

To keep drone flying enjoyable and especially beginner friendly, the Hubsan Zino drone has both a GPS and an altitude barometer. This allows the aircraft to perfectly maintain its hovering position, even if you release the control stick and do not actively intervene.

Pros and cons


  • High Definition Ultra HD 4K Camera
  • Range up to 1 kilometer
  • Good value for money
  • Many cool features like image tracking and panoramic photography
  • Return to home mode and other security features are also integrated.
  • Reliable 3-axis image stabilization
  • The maximum flight time is approximately 23 minutes.
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced
  • The drone folds easily
  • GPS available


  • This model requires a drone license plate.


Conclusion on the Zino Hubsan drone

The price for the Hubsan Zino drone is now less than 400 euros. It’s quite rare to buy a drone with a 4K camera for this. In addition, the material is very high quality, the drone has a wide range of functions, and is also great for beginners.

The remote control and foldable design is somewhat reminiscent of the DJI Mavic, and we can well imagine that drone manufacturer Zino took this model as a model because several manufacturers have done so recently, because th
e Mavic is pretty well received. The scope of delivery is also quite large and impressive.

Ultimately, the flight time and battery power of the Hubsan Zino drone were not ignored. You can fly for 21 minutes on a single battery charge, which is pretty good for the price. An additional flight battery can be purchased for 30-40 euros.

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The Hubsan Zino is not a high-end drone for discerning photographers, but hobby pilots looking to capture beautiful vacation photos and videos will find what they are looking for with this model.

Should you upgrade to Hubsan Zino Pro? You can find out from the following video: