IceFox Action Cam 4k + WIFI Waterproof Action Cam

We were looking again for a new action camera that is also suitable for diving. We stumbled upon IceFox Action Cam.

This camera combines advanced technology with intelligent design and extremely high comfort. Included is a 2.4GHz wireless remote control that can be worn like a watch on your wrist and control various functions of the Action Cam.

Thanks to the high 4K resolution and high-tech photo sensor, you can crop recordings with very high pixel counts. This technologically advanced camera ensures that you can capture your surroundings in dynamic situations with utmost precision and precision down to the smallest detail.

Technical details


A 16MP photo sensor is installed, which can generate about 24 images per second during 4K video recording. In addition, you have a choice in the menu to only shoot at 2.7K, but 30fps is available.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can set on this action camera to set the frame rate, resolution and pixel count:

  • 4K @ 24fps
  • 2.7K @ 30fps
  • 1080P @ 60fps
  • 720P at 120fps (120fps)

You can also set the following megapixels for photos: 5 MP, 8 MP, 10 MP and 16 MP.

a high resolution

The 170 degree wide angle lens is also very convenient. With it, you will not miss a single important detail. The camera’s wide angle lens also ensures that enough light enters in at dusk or in low light conditions to record clearly visible objects.

The kit also includes 2 x 1050mAh batteries for the action camera. This allows for longer charging times, and the maximum runtime can be extended by using any number of batteries, since they can be replaced. The device lasts up to 60 minutes on a single battery when recording 4K and even up to 90 minutes at 1080P @ 30fps. You can multiply that by two if you bring both batteries with you on your adventure.

An app for IceFox Action Cam is also available, which can be installed on various end devices and connected to the camera. The app you install is called iSmart DV.

built-in WIFI

For communication between the camera and a smartphone or tablet, you have an available Wi-Fi signal with a maximum range of up to 15 meters. How long the Wi-Fi connection will last also ultimately depends on what objects are between the ActionCam and the end device. Android and IOS operating systems are supported.

In addition, you can control the camera with buttons and monitor menu navigation and live images on the 2-inch LCD on the back of the camera.

The kit also includes an underwater housing in which you can dive to a depth of 30 meters without breaking the action camera.

ideal for divers

The water protection at this depth should be adequate for most divers and snorkelers.

In the menu, you have many different options for setting up your camera. This includes many features that are usually only used by professional photographers and are not really typical of an action camera. One feature is the ability to set the exposure time.

This can be especially important for high quality and well-taken underwater photographs. Of course, other dynamic adjustment features are also important, such as ISO value, motion detection, image stabilization, improved sharpness and white balance. All parameters are integrated into the camera software and can either be active or automatically run in the background to be able to create the best photos.

We find it especially great that the small ActionCam, which is very cheap, even has 4x digital zoom. The following modes are also available for stills and movies: single shot / burst / slow motion.In still image mode, you can record single and burst images / self-timer at 2s / 3s / 5s / 10s / 20s / 30s / 60s.

The IceFox Action Cam has a built-in good microphone to be able to record noise as best as possible. Usually the sound quality of action cameras is poor, but this model is fine. However, don’t expect too much from audio tracks. It has a WAV file format and a bit rate of at least 176 kbps.

The compact dimensions of the action camera are 59 * 41 * 32 mm, the weight is 64 g, including the battery.

The photos taken are saved in JPG format. Unfortunately, there is no RAW format available as a storage option so that you can process your images even better later. You will find the generated video files in MOV format. Unfortunately, the memory card is not included in the package. So you urgently need a Micro SDHC class memory card up to 64GB.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, replace or insert the memory card only after the camera has been completely turned off and off to prevent possible loss of data.

Pros and cons

In our opinion, the biggest advantage of the IceFox Action Cam is the unbeatable value for money. For less than 50 euros, you get a technologically very high quality action camera, the features and specifications of which are the same as those of cameras that usually cost at least twice the price.

Below is an overview of the most important positive and negative facts for you.


  • Water resistant up to 30 meters – especially suitable for diving and snorkelling
  • High quality 4K action camera with multiple customization options
  • Includes a remote control that you can wear on your wrist and control the action camera
  • You can use memory cards up to 64 GB
  • Replaceable battery – 2 battery packs included
  • Long battery life (60-90 minutes per cycle)
  • App available – it can be controlled via Wi-Fi from a smartphone
  • Incredibly detailed footage of action-packed adventures
  • Perfect ActionCam with excellent value for money at an extremely low price


  • Unfortunately, the kit does not include a user manual in German.
  • Not very suitable for experienced photographers and videographers.
  • It may happen that pixel errors occur (rare)
  • Batteries do not have such a large number of cycles – accordingly, the battery life is gradually decreasing, so you have to buy new batteries


universal use

Our conclusion in a nutshell: if you want a cheap action camera for about 50 euros and have the highest quality possible, IceFox is the best choice. However, there are much better cams.

You also have a warranty of up to 5 years, so you can replace the camera at any time if something doesn’t fit or the ActionCam fails, which can happen after a few years of use.

For the professional of you or very experienced photographers, this camera is probably not as well suited as this product is not comparable to GoPro cameras, which are in the three-figure price segment.

They deliver much higher quality recordings, without the noise and pixel errors that can definitely happen with this camera. Overall the price is still very good and we can highly recommend IceFox to you.

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