Intempo EE1553STK 3D virtual reality headset

Intempo EE1553STK 3D virtual reality headset is ideal for proper shutdown. Immerse yourself in breathtaking realistic adventures and enjoy true 3D.

In this article, we will briefly introduce you to the Intempo EE1553STK 3D glasses. It’s pretty cheap and all you need is a smartphone and these virtual reality glasses. There are countless VR games on the app store, including roller coaster rides, diving games, and more. So I wonder what you can expect.

Short description, technical data and commissioning

Not much can be said about the technology, because the headset is quite simple. At the front, there is a flip cover, into which you need to insert your smartphone, and you can dive into a new world.

Smartphone holder

All virtual images are created on a smartphone and then displayed correctly for you through the built-in lenses. This is also the reason VR glasses don’t have a rechargeable battery or any other batteries, since most of the work is done by your smartphone.

To ensure the headset fits well, it has an adjustable T-bar arm that can be adjusted to suit almost all head sizes. At the same time, the material provides a breathable atmosphere inside. Thus, the PU safety goggles provide maximum comfort.

The actual conversion work for proper 3D viewing is done by aspherical polymer lenses that can be adjusted to a focal angle of 1-2%. The lens distance is 65mm and the field of view (FOV) is 90 to 120 degrees. They have been processed very accurately and with high quality. You can also set eye relief and adjust direct focus to create perfectly sharp 3D video for you. The assembled VR glasses themselves weigh about 350g.

As mentioned, you must use your smartphone in front of the cabin. For this, a secure internal holder with several clips is provided, which ensures a secure hold of the mobile phone.

Opening the package reveals the Intempo EE1553STK 3D virtual reality headset and user manual. At first glance, the design makes a very high-quality impression. In terms of optical processing quality, VR glasses don’t seem cheap, although the price is really low. You might think it costs 4-5 times more.

Above the VR headset, you can adjust the aspherical lenses using 2 wheels. This is pretty good because with some other glasses the focal length and interpupillary distance are standardized and can no longer be individually adjusted.


The T-shaped rubber strap can also be adjusted at all 3 ends and even replaced if it breaks. A clear advantage over other VR goggles where you often don’t need to replace the strap and throw away the headset if it breaks.

Of course, the upholstery can also be changed. If you don’t like this one, you can also order a better one and use it.

strong grip

The VR headset from Intempo is also very suitable for people who wear glasses. There is enough room for glasses inside. Please note that very wide glasses can cause more problems when donning than narrow glasses.

If the bezel is very wide, the VR headset may crush a little. In this case, it is recommended to loosen the belt slightly above the head.

There is a flap on the front, which serves for ventilation so that the smartphone does not overheat. There are several connectors on the front side through which you can connect headphones, because, as already mentioned, the VR headset does not work on battery power and the audio signals go directly from the smartphone.

You are probably wondering which cell phones can now be used in VR glasses.

Just remove the compartment provided for this, you can simply pull it out and insert your smartphone.

As an information for you: before buying a headset, check the dimensions of your smartphone, because the box can accommodate cell phones up to 155 mm high and 75 mm wide. Most of the devices should fit, however, because the compartment is quite large.

One of the drawbacks is that the “power button” works when using large smartphones. So make sure it’s free.

Pros and cons


The spare part costs only 8-10 € and, in our opinion, is definitely worth the money. In the review, we will briefly show you the main advantages and disadvantages.


  • Ingenious craftsmanship at a ridiculous price
  • Large drawer – also suitable for very large smartphones (max. Size: 155mm x 75mm)
  • Adjustable focal length
  • Also suitable for people who wear glasses
  • Has an adjustable and replaceable T-shaped headband.
  • Soft, breathable padding – can be replaced too
  • Very good value for money


  • The power button sometimes works on very large smartphones


We were completely convinced by the quality of the Intempo EE1553STK 3D virtual reality headset. For this price, you probably won’t buy a better VR headset.

Even glasses wearers can experience the virtual 3D world in great detail.

Sure, there are expensive models that are even better, but for the price you have a really good role to play here. We have a clear purchase recommendation!

You can order the Intempo EE1553STK 3D Virtual Reality Headset here on Amazon! *