Jamara Skip 3D test, range, flight time, photo and video

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Today we bring you a really fast subcompact for the living room. This is a 3D model of Jamara Skip. The quadrocopter flies at speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour and convinces with its excellent flight characteristics.

Technical details

We have already tested a lot in the field of mini drones, including the Parrot Airborne drone. In this area, as with large drones, there are good and bad models, price is not always the deciding factor. In this report, we bring you all the technical details of the Jamara Skip 3D drone and clarify whether it is worth buying.

Size, design and weight

The drone looks a bit like an insect, it is really tiny and has a diameter of only 18.5 cm.At the same time, it weighs only 30.4 grams, so this model is slightly sensitive to wind, which is typical for almost all mini drones.

The rotors are reliably protected from collisions thanks to a small propeller guard located on each of the rotors. In general, the mini-drone also makes a very stable impression, the processed plastic is somewhat elastic. All these design features make the Jamara Skip 3D drone an ideal flying machine for beginners.

Battery, range and flight time

Skip 3D

At high speed, the drone should shine with a decent range, and it does. In general, the maximum transmission range is about 100 meters, and this also depends on whether there are any objects between the transmitter and the receiver.

The maximum flight time is only 10 minutes. Unfortunately, if you go full throttle all the time, the battery can run out in 8 or 7 minutes. Therefore, it is recommended to buy several flight batteries that can then be recharged.

Flight stabilization

An integrated gyroscopic system is installed, which independently stabilizes the quadcopter. This makes it easier to fly and control the drone because you can release the control sticks without crashing Kamara Skip 3D.

However, this model does not have a barometer to accurately adjust the altitude, and there is no GPS module for the Jamara to determine its position even more accurately.

Special tricks and flight maneuvers

At the push of a button, the Jamara Skip 3D drone can perform various flips, after which it stabilizes again.

Of course, many other mini drones can do this too, but they cannot fly in the opposite direction. After you give the command by pressing a button, the Jamara will automatically go into inverted flight mode, but the drone flips upside down and remains in that position. The system receives control commands as always. So you can fly on your back without special skills.

Pros and cons


  • Can perform many 3D tricks and fly inverted.
  • Extremely fast and maneuverable mini drone (up to 40 km / h)
  • Budget
  • Cool insect-like design
  • Ideal for beginners
  • The battery is replaceable – so you can extend the flight time as you wish.


  • Has no camera or FPV transmission system
  • Very vulnerable in strong winds – we recommend flying only in calm weather or indoors.
  • The maximum flight time is only 7-10 minutes on a single battery charge.

scope of delivery

scope of delivery

The package consists of the following parts:

  • Mini drone Jamara Skip 3D
  • Remote control
  • Accumulator battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Replacing the rotor blades


Jamara Skip 3D mini drone is ideal for beginners. It doesn’t have a camera, of course, but it can do a lot of tricks at the touch of a button and gain great speed.

It’s just fun and crashing isn’t a problem! The parts are extremely stable and flexible.

We recommend Jamara Skip 3D here on Amazon! *