Jamicy RC Quadcopter test, photo, video, flight range and flight behavior

Entertainment factor
Material quality
Flight behavior
Price quality
Overall rating 4.1 / 5

Today we once again present to you a great drone with a camera for beginners, which has a very good price and a very long flight time.

The dimensions of the model are also compact, the quadcopter can even be folded.

There is also an FPV function. This means that you can use your smartphone under the remote control and get a live image from the drone in real time there. This makes flying so much more fun. In theory, you can even use 3D VR glasses for perfect first-person control of your model.

Also impressive are the numerous LED lights that perfectly complete the design and allow the drone to be operated at night.

Technical details and components

With a 4-channel remote control, you can control the quadcopter remotely in any direction. And up and down, as well as forward, backward and rotation around its own axis. Control is possible at a distance of about 100 meters.

You can also perform impressive 360 ​​degree flips and somersaults with the drone by simply pressing a button.

To stabilize the flight, a gyroscope is installed – a flight gyroscope, which balances the quadcopter along 6 axes.


Despite the inexpensive offer, the drone makes a very high quality and cool impression. The material used is ABS plastic, a thermoplastic ternary copolymer with increased impact strength. This makes the flying object more stable and forgives one fall or another.

Thanks to its compact size, the model can be taken with you wherever you go. Dimensions unfolded: 32.8 cm x 32.8 cm, folded: 10.9 cm x 15 cm.

The dominant color of the drone is black with a few gold decorations and patterns. Compared to other models, the legs are arranged somewhat differently. There is no right and left, but a wide base in front and back.

The propellers, also made of durable material, are located on foldable drives.


At the bottom of the front is a 0.3MP wide-angle HD camera. Although this is a fairly small number of pixels, the feature of a drone in this price segment is even a camera. In addition, camera images can be automatically transmitted in real time to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, there is no gimbal system that automatically balances the camera. However, this should not be expected from a drone in this price segment.

Battery, flight time and range

The flight battery in this drone model is truly amazing. With state of the art Li-Po battery technology and 1800mAh total charge, the drone can fly for up to 20 minutes at a time when fully charged.

This is what makes the drone especially recommended. Beginners especially benefit from this extremely high battery capacity and extended flight time. This gives the inexperienced drone pilot more time to become familiar with the flight characteristics and controls.

As mentioned, the transmission power is greater in the middle range and the drone can be controlled up to 100 meters away.

How do you fly the Jamicy RC drone?

Even though the Jamicy drone is extremely cheap, it has some technical advantages that make it much easier to operate the model.

These include, for example, 3 speed levels. Here, the beginner can gradually get closer to shorter reaction times and higher speed.

Headless mode is also integrated. Which is especially suitable for those of you who quickly have orientation problems while flying the drone.

Thus, the flight model can be moved in all directions, regardless of the orientation of the quadcopter. As soon as you pull the stick towards you, the drone will also fly in your direction, even if it is standing sideways.

Thanks to the gyroscope (6-axis gyroscope), the drone will stabilize over and over again and switch to auto hover mode even after 360 degrees rotation. So keep your hands away from the remote controller and the drone won’t break.

Pros and cons


  • Very good value for money
  • Foldable and modern design
  • Incredibly powerful 1800 mAh battery – up to 20 minutes of flight
  • FPV operation – images are transmitted to your smartphone in real time via Wi-Fi (more realistic in-flight experience)
  • 4-channel remote control and 360-degree rotation at the push of a button
  • Very stable flight position thanks to extensive sensors
  • Built-in automatic altitude control
  • One key return
  • Powerful drives – therefore also well suited for outdoor use


  • The camera resolution is only 0.3 MP.


The Jamicy RC drone is the perfect beginner flying model at the best price.

With a 1800mAh battery, this model can fly for up to 20 minutes. We have never seen a model in this price segment with such endurance that significantly increases the price / performance ratio!

Plus, you can fly the drone even in light gusts of wind, as the motors for this price are quite powerful and also bristle with stronger wind resistance.

FPV live image transmission goes even better and gives the pilot an even more realistic flying experience.

In general, there is nothing to complain about, there are many advantages, except that the camera could be slightly better in resolution. For a model that can be bought for less than € 50, the quality and features are pretty darn good, which is why the Jamicy RC drone is highly recommended!

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