JJRC X13 test: photo, video, range, flight behavior

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Overall rating 4.1 / 5

In this test report, I would like to introduce you to my experience with JJRC X13 5G GPS WiFi FPV RC and introduce some of the aircraft’s features. In fact, this device is the successor to the JJRC X12 GPS 5G WiFi drone, which was also very popular in the market.

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At this stage, the pleasure of the general handling of the drone should be examined in more detail, the quality of the various materials used and installed, the nature of the images or video sequences that can be created, and, of course, the famous value for money.

Some features and differences from the previous model

First of all, it should be noted that the JJRC X13 5G GPS WiFi FPV RC drone presented here is no longer a so-called travel drone.

An essential feature and characteristic of every touring drone is the foldable rotor blades, which are supposed to allow folding and thus a hassle-free and compact transport, i.e. travel, with the aircraft.

JJRC X12 previous model

Thus, this is already a striking contrast to the previous model, the JJRC X12 drone, which still had the typical foldable 4 rotor blades, which he identified as a classic touring drone.

The second feature of the new JJRC X13 drone is the gimbal that this model has. Drones with GPS and gimbal functions are known and appreciated in the market primarily because of the very high quality of the video sequences they can use.

However, commercially available GPS and gimbal drones today always come at a price. Usually manufacturers install a stabilizer for at least € 200. A suspension is a technical device also known as a so-called gimbal suspension that originated in shipbuilding technology.

Measuring instruments, cameras and other equipment are placed in the cart. Two spherical bearings at right angles to each other ensure optimum video quality. The technology guarantees smooth and optically crystal clear photo and video quality.

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Against the background of such technology and the usual market prices for drones with built-in stabilizers, it is somewhat surprising that the JJRC X13 drone costs just over € 100.

Thus, in addition to other properties of the product that will be indicated later, it can be described as a bargain. So value for money is no doubt that this model makes you sit down and pay attention.

There is no other comparable model on the market that is offered at such a reasonable price and therefore comes equipped with the latest technologies, i.e. GPS and stabilizer, from the manufacturer’s side.

The first flight with the drone was easy, and due to its good flight characteristics, the drone stood as if carved in the air. The drone instantly responds to commands that we give the copter through the remote control.

JJRC X13 drone salient technical features

The charging time for a fashionable aircraft is stated by the manufacturer as 300 minutes. The drone is then fully charged and equipped with the resources for the longest possible flight duration and deployment times.

Overall, the user can expect to fly this plane for 19 minutes. Of course, we also checked the maximum speed and in practice were able to reach the 8 km / h specified by the manufacturer.

It was already noted at the beginning that the JJRC X13 drone no longer has foldable rotor arms and therefore can no longer be classified and designated as a classic touring drone.

If you still want to travel with it, you must inevitably adapt your transport capabilities to the size of the aircraft. These are dimensions 17 cm x 7 cm x 17 cm. The plane weighs 0.46 kg, the whole package is 1.28 kg.

The new JJRC X13 drone requires only 4 AA lithium batteries (1.5V) to operate. It is important that they are not included in the standard scope of delivery of the package, but must be purchased separately from retailers, even before the device is initially put into service.

The possible flight range before loss of control is indicated by the manufacturer as 500 meters. Basically, a range of up to 300 meters is considered completely hassle-free because the app is very stable.

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With the built-in 4K Esc camera, you can capture 4k photos at 3840 x 2160 pixels and 2048 x 1152 pixels video at 25 frames per second.

Captured photos can be transferred almost immediately to the user’s smartphone thanks to 5G HD image transmission. Thanks to 4K technology, the captured photos and video sequences are significantly more detailed and dynamic than other drones on the market.

This model also allows wide-angle settings from 0 to 120 degrees.

Other specifications and features that the JJRC X13 drone has to offer include APP and GPS, gesture recognition, tracking me, and some other intelligent flight modes. Overall, the JJRC X13 drone has already convinced us from a technical point of view.

JJRC X13 drone flight characteristics

In practical flights, the aircraft can be used to perform: forward and backward flight, gesture mode, takeoff and loading with one button, side flight, leftward rotation, rightward, up and downward rotation, and much more. Thus, in general, features and functions that can bring a ton of fun flying.

In addition, other interesting flight modes can be practically realized with this model. These include, for example, Follow Me, Circle and waypoints. Follow-Me flight mode is the standard on most DJI drones today.

The drone can automatically track people or objects after activating the mode. The circle is also one of the new flight modes of the so-called smart drones. Here, the drone rotates in a circle around the object in focus, while the camera lens remains rigidly attached to it.

Waypoints or Waypoints is a flight mode available for almost all DJI drones. Here, the flight path is determined in advance, taking into account the flight altitude and the flight speed to be achieved using different waypoints using the flight map. The aircraft then reaches these waypoints in terms of altitude and speed.

JJRC X13 Drone Additional Features

This new aircraft is a typical quadcopter, but with rigid non-removable rotors. It consists mainly of modern and lightweight, but always durable materials, ABS and PS.

The model marketed by JJRC under the serial designation X13 is driven by a so-called brushless motor. The demand for management competence and operator level can be characterized and classified here as mediocre. The drone is suitable for users aged 14 and over.

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The remote control is wireless, at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, for 4 channels. The contents of the commercial package are indicated by the manufacturer: drone, remote control, USB charging cable, 4 fans, 1 mobile phone holder, 1 screwdriver, 1 propeller guard.

Our conclusion

The JJRC X13 drone is undoubtedly an aircraft that can guarantee not only the amazing flight stability known from the previous model, but also a lot of fun flying.

The materials and quality of the product also convinced us and were on par with the well-known and popular previous model. The same goes for the quality of individual photos and video sequences that can be created with the drone. With GPS and gimbal, 4K HD comes out on top here.

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When it comes to value for money, given the built-in technical characteristics and the absolutely unbeatable cost price – just over 100 euros, the user is unlikely to have an
y wishes left.

From our side, after testing, we can give a clear recommendation for the purchase of the JJRC X13 drone.