JJRC X7 SMART Test Double GPS Drone with 5G WiFi and Gimbal Camera

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Flight behavior
Material quality
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Overall rating 4.1 / 5

JJRC X7 Smart is a true killer drone with high quality 1080P gimbal camera, significant flight time and unbeatable price.

We especially love the design and stability of this model’s flight. The sleek appearance makes the quadcopter quite modern.

You get the JJRC X7 drone incredibly cheap, while at the same time it offers many great features that are very beneficial for newbies. These include headless mode, automatic altitude control and return to home function.

In the store, you can choose from two colors: black and white. There are also 3 different delivery kits, for example with one, two or three flight batteries.

Technical data and facts

With the supplied remote controller, you can control your quadcopter comfortably and reliably. The communication between the flight model and the radio remote control is reliable and particularly stable in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

It also has a small holder on top where you can use your smartphone. The WiFi FPV image is transmitted to the smartphone and displayed in 720P as soon as you connect the device to the drone.

In addition, there are brushless motors that run very quietly while driving the drone very powerfully. If one of the drives fails, the motor can be easily replaced. However, as a rule, such cases do not occur for many years.


In principle, the appearance is very simple, nondescript, but at the same time it looks a little aggressive.

In appearance, it also flies: fast, agile and maneuverable.

On the front, there is a 1080P wide-angle camera with a 120-degree field of view, which can be set at a 90-degree angle with the remote control.

Quadcopter dimensions: 237 mm x 271 mm x 76 mm. Weight is about 480 grams.

The design of the remote is also simple, elegant, with all the important buttons located in the middle or top right and left.


The included camera has a resolution of about 1080P and a gimbal. You can use the remote control to adjust it up and down the vertical axis.

With the center right button on the remote control, you can take photos or start video recording.

Videos are transmitted to your smartphone in real time, and you can control the drone in first person view.

The 5G WiFi connection only extends up to 300 meters. If the image signal drops out, you can return the aircraft using the Return To Home function. However, we recommend that you not only fly the drone in FPV mode, but also keep an eye on the flying object at all times. This is also required by the drone law (effective October 2017).

Range, battery and flight time

You can control the drone with a powerful remote control at a distance of up to 800 meters, but it is illogical to exhaust such a long distance. Because the WiFi FPV signal only extends 300 meters. At a distance of 800 meters, the drone will no longer be recognizable and, therefore, you will not be able to control it.

The long flight time, which is about 25 minutes, is great. This is achieved with a 2600mAh battery. The flight battery runs at about 7.6 volts, which is the usual lipo battery. The charging time is enormous, but it takes a whopping 3 hours to recharge the flight battery. Since the battery charges slowly and gently, it also lasts longer, since the charging cycles do not place too much stress on the battery cells and therefore wear them out less.

Various flight modes

The JJRC X7 drone has multiple modes that work passively in the background and provide a more stable flight position. This includes, for example, the automatic altitude hold mode.

Then you also have other features that you can use to fly your quadcopter better and safer. Flight modes such as return function, headless mode and FPV live image transmission are important here.

The headless mode for beginners is especially very interesting, here you can control the drone so that it flies towards you or away from you, regardless of the position of the model’s head. For example, if you pull the right stick towards you, the drone will also fly towards you, even if it is sideways towards you.

Another great feature is the customizable trajectory. With the app, you just need to specify the airline that the quadcopter should fly.

In orbit mode, you can fly the model in a radius of your choice around a specified waypoint. Here the drone will fly on a perfect circular path that you can never do manually. These videos look especially professional.

Flight behavior and feeling

The flight position of the JJRC X7 drone is very safe and stable. So you will not have any special problems with this model in this regard, even with weak gusts of wind.

Therefore, we recommend this model to every beginner. Experienced drone pilots will also enjoy this drone.

GPS and Return to Home Mode also work very reliably. What would be interesting is the ability to do 360-degree flips with this model. Unfortunately, this feature is not available.

Pros and cons


  • Excellent value for money and quality
  • Many safety features for a comfortable flight
  • Good camera resolution with rich colors
  • Ideal for beginners and newbies
  • Convenient size and light weight
  • Very long flight time
  • Interesting flight modes
  • Large range
  • Great design
  • The angle of the camera can be adjusted with the remote control.


  • Can’t do 360 flips
  • WiFi range for FPV transmission is shorter than the range of the transmitter


We especially love the JJRC X7 drone. Flight modes like Headless Mode or Return to Home are very suitable for beginners. At the same time, there are also features for experienced pilots such as an orbit mode and the ability to determine waypoints.

Plus, the price is unmatched. Here in the store you can choose between different delivery options and colors and buy a quadcopter! *