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Overall rating 4.6 / 5

360-degree cameras are in vogue. Recently, we have also picked several models from this category, including the KODAK PIXPR0 4KVR360 VR Camera, which takes incredibly good pictures with 2 fixed focus lenses.

You can take them with you on vacation, concerts or other events and vividly capture the atmosphere for posterity.


The Kodak 4KVR360 is the successor to the Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K camera.

The KODAK PIXPR0 4KVR360 VR Camera consists of a single body and has 2 lenses and 2 image sensors, just like the Samsung Gear 360 Cam. Only the appearance is slightly different.

It is also suitable for outdoor use, weighs 156 grams, is splash-proof and can withstand temperatures down to minus 10 degrees without any problems. According to the protection class IPX5.

The camera weighs only 156 grams.

Image sensor, resolution and memory

Each of the two image sensors has a resolution of about 20 megapixels, which allows you to create high quality photos. Photos in 360 degree spherical mode / VR are 7360 x 3680 pixels in size. The camera records video at a maximum 4K resolution, i.e. 3840 x 1920 pixels, at 24 frames per second.

You can use a microSD card with up to 256GB storage capacity.

Images and videos are very clear, colorful, and highly detailed.

You are probably wondering how to achieve 360-degree perspective with just two cameras. The 4KVR360 camera concept is fundamentally different from other models on the market.

Typically 360-degree cams are constructed in such a way that 2 lenses of the same type are used, each with a viewing angle of just over 180 degrees, which then slightly overlap.

The KODAK PIXPR0 4KVR360 VR Camera uses a different concept. Here the lens is aligned at 155 degrees and the other at 235 degrees.

The manufacturer has already come up with something, because the camera can be used both as a 360-degree camera and as an action camera. The 155 degree lens is suitable for 16: 9 aspect ratio recording and can be used as an action camera when another image sensor is not working.

Once you want to record with a 360-degree perspective, you can easily switch and add another sensor.

When viewed from the side, you can clearly see the different sizes and orientations of the two camera lenses.

The camera software calculates the two viewing angles to be 360 ​​degrees and overlap each other. The two partial images are added together to create a complete 360-degree video. Partial images are combined so that the camera generates 4K video at 15 frames per second.

But you can also set a higher frame rate. However, 2 separate round videos are saved here and the finished video is not saved.

The sound quality is also realized at a high level, the microphone quality is often not very good, the poor quality of the sound track is especially criticized by action cameras, which cannot be said about the 4KVR360 camera. You didn’t have distortion, noise, or other negative elements in the audio track.

Menu navigation and recording modes

Typically, a 360 degree camera can be controlled directly with buttons. But there is also an app provided by the manufacturer with which you can conveniently control the camera after you have connected it to your device.

A remote control is included to take photos or start video recordings without holding the camera in your hand. The remote control is connected to the camera 360 degrees via Bluetooth.

Communication with smartphone / tablet and application operation

With an application that you can easily install on your smartphone, you can view the live image directly on your mobile phone. The menu for further settings of the 360 ​​degree camera can be used quite intuitively and simply.

On a smartphone, you can easily view recordings in 360-degree perspective, when you swipe your finger across the screen, the image moves and you have a great all-round view.

Once captured, the image can be viewed in preview mode, but not in full quality. To view them in the highest resolution, you need to download photos and videos to your device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This may take a few seconds.

scope of delivery

The scope of supply is very extensive, you get a lot of equipment, including a small selfie stick, a remote control that is controlled via Bluetooth, 2 lens caps, a mini tripod, a bag, various cables, attachments and of course a battery + charger …

In addition to the standard package, you also have the option of ordering the adventure package, which is included in the second box, for an additional cost of around € 50.

Pros and cons


  • Very high quality image and video
  • Unique camera concept – can also be used as an action camera
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Can be connected to smartphone
  • In-app preview function
  • Extensive accessories
  • Good tone and sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Intuitive and easy to use


  • Partial stitching errors


In any case, the KODAK PIXPR0 4KVR360 VR Camera can keep up with the competition in recording quality.

Overall, you can expect about 1.5 hours of battery life, which is pretty decent. Also included are many accessories.

In our opinion, the price is unambiguously justified. Here you can buy KODAK PIXPR0 4KVR360 VR Camera on Amazon! *