L109-S MATAVISH3 5G drone test: flight characteristics, range and more

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Flight behavior
Material quality
Recording quality
Price quality
Overall rating 4/5

There are many cheap drones on the market right now that are worth the price. We especially liked the L109-S MATAVISH3 5G drone. We’ve already read some information about features and unbeatable low prices on the Internet.

Of course, you shouldn’t immediately believe everything you read on the net, so we tested this quadcopter for you. In this review, we will introduce you to the features of the model, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, and at the end we will give you a conclusion if we can recommend this model to others.

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The L109-S MATAVISH3 5G drone is, by and large, a very decent drone. It does its job and we cannot complain about this value for money.

Of course, this model cannot be compared with a DJI drone, but for a hobby it is enough!


One of the reasons we find this drone so attractive is its design. In the meantime, many drones are being mass-produced that are very similar to the DJI design, especially the DJI Mavic with foldable wings.

The foldable design that the L109-S MATAVISH3 5G drone offers, of course, has many advantages. This makes the quadcopter much more compact and you can easily fit it into a small backpack. So ideal if you want to travel more often. In addition, a nice gray carrying bag is included in the package.

When open, it measures 24.5 x 23.5 x 7.5 cm. So it’s a pretty small drone in and of itself. The weight is 320g, so before traveling to another country you should check if you have to comply with certain laws and regulations. This is mainly due to the weight of the drone.

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Of course, the L109-S MATAVISH3 5G drone drives are particularly powerful brushless motors. They work particularly efficiently and have a longer service life.

The drone can fly faster and this model can reach an incredible 40 kilometers per hour. When we flew with the drone, we were not bad at seeing its speed, even though it is so cheap.

There is great power behind this. Please note that the L109-S MATAVISH3 5G is not a racing drone.

Flight stabilization

To be honest, we didn’t expect this model to be equipped with GPS for under 100 euros. But this quadcopter has 2 GPS modules integrated, which allows you to use some intelligent flight modes and equip the drone with accurate flight positioning.

There is also an optical sensor that attaches to the bottom of the model. This is used to balance the quadcopter when the GPS signal is currently very weak.

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Battery and flight time

The drone is powered by an 11.1V Lipo battery with a maximum storage capacity of 1600mAh. Flight time is maximum 23 minutes. However, in our test, in most cases the limit was 20 to 22 minutes.

How long you can actually fly depends, among other things, on your flying style. We recommend that you buy additional batteries so that you can shorten your flight time by changing batteries as you see fit.

Remote control and application

There are many remote controls in the drone market that don’t look very good. We loved the design of the L109-S MATAVISH3 controller. However, the remote control requires 3xAA batteries, they are not included in the package.

The appearance is very aesthetic and resembles a DJI drone controller. It fits really well in the hand and the color matches the design of the drone as well. In the middle is a screen with the most important data about the drone.

Underneath is a smartphone holder that can be pulled out from below. The buttons are easy to use and easily accessible.

Of course, there is also an app for the L109-S drone. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

There is a version for Android and iOS. We really liked the user interface of the app. It is very clearly structured and intuitive.

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We didn’t really like the camera, and the 4K camera is not installed as advertised in most stores.

Images are not as clear as 4K recordings should normally be. It’s actually a 1080p camera and the footage is pretty good for that. Absolutely enough for a hobby.

You should always keep in mind that this model is available for less than € 100, many drones in this price segment do not even have a 1080p camera, but due to the misleading advertisements for the missing 4K camera, a point will be charged.

Pros and cons


  • 20 to 23 minutes flight
  • Folding design
  • Very good value for money
  • GPS
  • Interesting application


  • No 4K camera as advertised – only 1080p resolution


Overall, we find this model to be very affordable and highly recommended. In the store at the link you can get the L109-S MATAVISH3 5G drone for less than 100 €.

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